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    [BoM] Bastards of Men [NA]

    Media: BoM Vs KoB
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    Bannerlord Clan list

    Clan name: Bastards of Men
    Clan tag: [BoM]
    Clan region: NA
    Clan's TW thread or TW group link: TW Group Link
    Contact's info (links to TW & Steam profiles): TW Thread Steam Contact Link
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    NA Skirmish Completed [BSL] Bannerlord Skirmish League(EA)*Old Guard Wins!* (NA)

    Clan Name: Bastards of Men
    Clan Tags: [BoM]
    Clan Leader's Steam:
    Main Roster of 6:
    [BoM] Nutkilla
    [BoM] Tyler
    [BoM] Drakanen
    [BoM] CANTON
    [BoM] Vsolid
    Three Substitute Players:

    [BoM] RussianSoviet92
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    [BoM] Bastards of Men [NA]

    You join by joining the discord here current age group is 18+
  5. [BoM] Bastards of Men [NA]

    [BoM] Bastards of Men [NA]

    ABOUT US Bastards of men is a Multiplayer clan for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Formed from a experienced group of Napoleonic wars players, friends and people who wanted to win games as a cohesive unit. Formed on April 9th 2020. Our members are new and...
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    A Sad Day for Persistent Frontier

    What i think is that a new admin was on the server and some player who did not like you or is a noob told a admin and unfortunately u got perma banned and in game u should of told that admin where is the proof they got to have picture proof of what u were doing not some idiot saying to ban you because when i tell the admin who randomer is killing everybody they got to have proof any way so they should do that to everybody not just me.And yes u should buy a mic and get on teamspeak and tell them your mind 
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