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    is hitler back?

    Like seriously we were fighting it for ages. Now he finds his way through native players. Enough is enough. Can we do something about this guy?


    just archive ..move along


    NOVICIUS said:
    Those who know me know that I love to make lists..  Yes another is coming... new/old list of @[email protected] players of M&B (PW & native):

    [old guys, not really just those who I will always remember]

    - Hapu (footman/EU)
    - ...damn again I forget...what is wrong with me and ppl names?

    ... this is starting from today as my memory is just horrible...
    {this list is not bias in anyway yet it is personal, basically it is "thank you" to those who I remember and "sorry" to those whom I do not}

    {some space}


    - link  :roll:

    ..the rest is rather ancient but you can still find some useful things (maybe)  :twisted:

    Usefull links:
    var2 in stockpile and buy prop :,167059.msg6449277.html#msg6449277


    AND MOVIE MAKING guide for nob:,269055.msg6438853.html#msg6438853


    Dark_Hamlet said:
      So many servers, so little options.

    To stop my self from starting new thread [I can almost hear it - NOT AGAIN NOV!!!] anytime I have some idea I decide to stick to one thread.
    I will try to navigate it in the same way like Hall of Fame thread - linking topics to OP.

    THIS IS OLDish THREAD. DO not read everything here cause some of this is really outdated. Most of it is not...ideas never are.
    new..ish idea:

    to is all here:​

    New thread:,259667.msg6229513.html#msg6229513
    link to finnal project,237665.msg5682714.html#msg5682714
    I take my right in this thread to double/triple/multiply posting.  :oops: :oops: :oops:

    I hope I can be helpfull and inspire others.

    just to remember:
    Vornne said:
    N0body said:
    11 would equal 100 stockpile limit, 10 starting stock. So the 10 = stockpile limit, while the 1 = the starting stockpile.
    Correct. As said in the F2 information window:
    value 1 = faction + multiplier
    value 2 = 01 - 09: initial and target count / 10;  10 - 120: stock limit / 100 10
    So the ones column is not really the starting stock (that can be changed with the scale_squad server setting) but the target count for sell price calculations (up towards the buy price with less stock). Each of the split value 2 parts is multiplied by 10 to get the final number (I just noticed a mistake in the editing info).

    EDITING in process....pls do not wait. :lol:

    Questions Week  :grin:
    While I was MUTE (deservedly so, do not ask about it please) there was few question posted. I decide to reply to them. If you have any other questions I am more than happy to answer it here. This is what I have got so far:

    Serann said:
    After all this time I have to ask:
    how can it be that Nov is 34, lives in the UK and yet still has such awful grammar?
    1.I do not live in UK all my life
    2.Polish grammar is so different from English one that even if something is right in English it just does not sounds right to me. Learning English grammar is like forgetting your natural way of expression and change that to something weird. Most of the time I see that what looks weird to me is correct. If I spend some time on editing and trying to think in English then most of the time I got it right. On other hand, if I react quickly and write "how I feel" it come out as mish mash of Polish and English grammar constructions. Saying that I was never good with grammar. Polish grammar is hell without rules (almost).
    Deserath said:
    This is stupid..Nov will come back and make a Million more threads at any rate and he'll make them spur of the moment when he gets upset while playing PW.
    1.I made THIS thread to not create million more...
    2.Yes.Anytime something upseting me I think about it. I ask my self about reasons, causes and solutions. I post if I see the answer. This is only perpouce for forum existance, I believe.
    Splintert said:
    Do you even play PW anymore?
    Yes I do. Not as often as I use to and not as often as I would wish to play. I am usually busy in REAL during the day. If I play I usually play at night(UK). Times of really united server (RCC) has gone. US playing on other servers and ping difference annoys me to much to go there. I see PW as fighting game so ping is importand to me. I get bored with wandering around and chatting to people = RP. Anytime I start to enjoy PW again something puts me off: admins,fighting issue, false players who call me randomer if they loose fight they started, lack of common sence, lack of real medieval reality,random faction, etc,etc.
    I spend more time in native TDM polishing my fighting skills. It is simple and relaxing fun. PW use to be the same for me....
    MousePad said:
    Do you ever stop to think before you post?
    I post because I think, not opposite. I post to see if others thought about something I have missed.
    Dark_Hamlet said:
    Are you alright NOVICIUS?  :???:
    Verry well. Thank You. How do you do sir?  :wink:
    Legolan said:
    hmmm, could rally a few of my gay friends and ask them to invade as the rainbow brigade...
    would that be enough color for you my friend?
    The gay soldiers were the best in history (probably are :wink:)
    Colors are definnetly more neutral and less personal than national faction. I did enjoy color faction of previous version. The fact that I could wear my own banner on the shield was great and truly medieval. Uniforms like we have now are much later (or ealier) practice.
    Matthieu said:
    NOVICIUS's ingame roleplaying name was Marvin_The_Bird/Raven ( I do not remember, there were 2 xD )
    IIRC ofcourse.
    I was always playing as sir-Red-de-Mon. It is one of oldest and the most persistent character ever created in PW. I have other "avatars" of sir Red: The Monk - is sir Red who lost everything and hiding from his enemies while trying to make fortune and bring glory of House de Mon back. He is also sir Red as Templar. There is few more - all with the same banner and somehow related to House de Mon.

    BTW: What IIRC stand for? I really do not know. :oops:
    Matthieu said:
    Hm, then it might've been someone else with that avatar...
    My avatar is as old as sir Red. It represents DE/MON nature of NOVICIUS. NOVICIUS is somebody who wants to learn,always. DE/MON wants to dominate and conquer. My personal internal division as I am gemini..(4 of june). I always have to faces, to forces who drugs me in different directions.


    New thread !!!:
    HALL OF FAME[second edition]




    To create PWTDM*[* - look for definitions] based on persistant faction/clans, which would fight over game world.
    This factions will have own playerbase, structure, ideology, ethics, "religion", etc....all based on M&B CFW*

    Reasons [Why Novi, Why?]:

    I play native TDM to relax/chill out/you name it...I use to play PW from the same reasons. It [PW] does not work anymore in that way. It works but it need focus, attention to details, blah, blah...= work/Real life/ blah blah...
    I want to play PW as MY RELAXING GAME AGAIN...This is why.

    *PWTDM - Persistent World Team Death Match - Play based on basic rules of Team Death Match (like "endless life" for example) used in PW mod.
    Basic Example:
    native TDM - default teams, default arms, default battle field
    PW TDM - nothing default and everything to be organised dipend on faction strategy 

    *M&B CFW - ... Calradia Fantasy World - Game World which include all maps created. It is alternative reality in which most of Real World [RW] nations,ideas, religions, structures, societies do not exist. CFW use English as common language. CFW accepted some of RW concepts like, for example, "templars" and "assassins" [hashashin] as well as "Holy War".


    Serann said:
    Even if you don't get banned for w/e reasons (and I am really asking for an example here)
    1.To create territorial kingdom you need "clear" the area you claim:
    player: "Why?"
    you: "because I can and I want to"[brute force]
    player: "ADMIN!!!"
    admin: "this is randoming" => BAN
    2.To control kingdom territory you have to keep it "clear":
    player: "Why?"
    you: "because I can and I want to"[brute force]
    player: "ADMIN!!!"
    admin: "this is randoming" => BAN
    "Clear"- removing all players you do not like, do not trust or players who do not like you - limiting kingdom population to players who like to participate and in the same time will fallow YOUR LAWS.

    Serann said:
    .., nothing would change in my opinion. The power of a faction would still only go as far as their troops'
    weapons, and it does take a huge amount of players to maintain a faction, especially since if they
    start leaving because of their timezone, their faction would get easily taken over or simply abandoned
    and renamed by someone else, and you would have to start all over again.
    There is no true persistence in PW, other than that the map just keeps going.
    Everything else dies and changes quickly.

    I agree in general on the base how things stand now. It would have to start from "persistent clan event", which would have to be allowed by server administration or would need PWTDM server.

    - clan claim particular castle and surroundings ["Lordship"] in forum were all laws and structure is allready defined
    - clan claim "Lordship" in game [with brute force] and try to deffend it against "angry" population of the server [with brute force]
    - clan recruit while playing and give other players alternative way to progress in game.
    - when clan members do not have time to carry on they "call the day" - splitting money from the chest and leaving server
    - clan come back next time and carry on in the same way
    If clan is successfull and its reputation* grows then we have persistent world with persistent faction.
    *Reputation is absolutely essential as Splintert said here:
    Splintert said:
    ... the only thing persistent is the reputation. Building your reputation is the only thing that makes a persistent kingdom, not necessarily holding land on a server for a long time.
    ...what I am adding to that is only idea of "persistant clan event"
    Serann said:
    Well, except those (mostly) commoner RPers, who keep their characters
    (those you are condeming so much) and remember the events that happen to them.
    Most of the faction lords don't even bother doing that.

    I condemn RPers who do not like to be bothered. - this players stay on the way of creating territorial kingdom as they will be first to complain that they can not do "their" staff, or if they do they have been "randomly" killed. This players dressed like outlaws because it suits their RP story and then have issue that somebody see them as outlaws and deal with them as such. This players play "their RP" with total ignorance of world they are "leaving" in. {more on that soon}

    I love players who keep their characters. - and this is absolutely right to say that faction lords HAVE TO DO THAT to build persistent faction, which (as it was said) is based on reputation.{more on that soon}

    NOVICIUS said:
    Aldric said:
    Yes but it's mainly to avoid cheap tactics like people blocking armory and declaring war with someone camping at the banner flag.
    Ok. I got it.
    We may want to do a test this weekend, depending if i come back or not on sunday.
    You make me happy, but to make more players happy is hard. What we(I mean You) have to deal with now is years of complaining culture. To give everybody indication of what you planning to do you should have strong and clear "start massage"

    Something like:

    Welcome in United PW server. This is brutal world. Prepere for the worst. Watch your back. ..(..and my favorite) "In medieval times nobody would listen to your cries"
    - this is just a suggestion, but I remember how players react when they getting confuse about server rules and server reality.

    I would also suggest to start new map with new(almost no) rules. You need map which clearly divide game world. There is big difference beatwen RP-rules-controled-map and almost-no-rules-map. In RP map admins provide relative safety for player. With almost no rules map should help players to protect them selves. How?

    - easy to deffend castles - 1 maximum 2 ways to enter
    - parts(corners) of map should be separated by destructable river crossings or high mountains - this helps deffend territorial faction against "randoming"  nomadic factions and give you chance to control population of your lordship.
    - alternative ways to make money and getting resources - one or distant mine is not an option as few (morons) can stop many from playing. The best way I can think off is making castles(lordships) almost independent with own (could be small and with limited resources) mine and forest
    - hideouts and other areas with difficult access - for clever players who will try survive on its own
    - no town - it would be just source of all problems you can imagine. You can justify lack of towns when you think about it as something developed by advance civilisation where trade is reasonably safe and people do not act like savages. Most of towns started from castles with villages around them. It needed long time of peace to reach bigger population or a lot of attention from monarch to protect it (like capital).
    - no soldier training for commoners - if you have commoner soldiers running around you will never have clear view what is going on and who fight with who. Knowledge is control. Gray areas means chaos.

    - no money lost on death for commoners (Vornne give that option to server owners) - it will be serf who die the most in almost no rules environment. If player loosing some of money anytime he is killed then his time to make money extend from 30min (which I believe is OK from fun point of view) to impossible to predict eternity. This alone make players quit. This is also main reason for whining and refund complains.
    - admins IN GAME - only by playing it like everybody else you really know what is going on [how You(Aldric) have done recently] from player perspective. Listen to players whinings after something happend brings just frustrations on players and admins side. Let it go and try to pick up the worst players who simply do not get this game. The best admining I saw was when admins blend with server population.

    Thanks for reading :wink:
    I am not trying to say that I know everything about it. This were just things I thought of for a long time. Perfect solution did not exist.

    Good Luck with testing.


    This map looks almost perfect..almost because castles seams to lack of own resources...easy fix.

    Anyway this is how PWTDM or "almost-no-rule-map" looks like:

    NOVICIUS said:
    EDITING.... PLS DO NOT WAIT [I mean it..if you have some valuable comment to create this project with me (or against me) feel free to post. Every constructive criticism can help me to re-think or re-define general points of this project.


    Previous topic:


    NOVICIUS (common sense) RULES:

    1.STOP AND TALK - this is the beginning of any RP interaction:
    - DO NOT HIT PERSON YOU WANT TO TALK TO - every hit take some health points. This days it means a lot as it is not so easy [you need food] to rest. Something which for you is just a joke make player quit as he will be forced to look for doctor [we all know how hard is to find one] after to much initial damage.
    - do not aim, swing, point your weapon if you like to talk
    - do not ride or run around
    - do not talk while waiting unless you have some emergency
    All this actions are really intimidating. They make person you talk to feel insecure and potentially dangerous. A lot of unnecessary randoming start in this very moment.
    I do understand that you are bored while waiting for answear but typing take time. If you like proper RP it is even more typing. Be patient.Please.[funny and very real part... some players are playing at night: lights off and so on...they have to look at keyboard while typing. This mean they do not look at you :roll:]

    - L[Log] if you missed some part of conversation.


    2.TRESSPASSING [I am not sure about spelling here and spell check ignores it]
    - I strongly believe that whatever are rules on the server every player or group of players has right to deffend they play [role play] against those who try to interrupt, destroy it or ignore it.
    Important: it is down to server if [HC RP] it is forced by admins or ["REAL" RP] by players
    - this can be happening on big scale [faction which control territory = RP KINGDOM] or small one [serf who start to work on wheat field]
    = it can be understand as forcing entry to area with limited access or forcing player personal space
    - this mean that you can stop other player if he break your own rule based on your RP. The rule has to be within "reality of the game":
    example 1: serf who start working on wheat field can protest against other serf joining him without permission - in the same situation he can not stop soldiers who want to tax him or rob him.
    example 2: group of soldiers [Faction] can deny access to [what they think is] their territory. This example is very open as this particular action can cause a lot of random effects. On negative I would say that 3 soldiers who deny access to "army" of 10 is a bit stupid. On other hand they can be more than capeable to protect them self dipend on their ability to fight.
    - reaction of other players should be based on theirs capeabilities. If somebody deny you access you can force it or just let everybody know that there is a problem there.
    Important: this rule can be implemented ONLY if first rule (stop and talk) is in place allready. From other side tresspassing somehow force stop and talk rule.


    - still to be tried


    - ideas and development:

    "Settlers" -developed
    key point: Faction=soldiers; commoners=civilians
    - tavern=exchange point
    - Doctor room/Assassins=Doctor idea

    GARDEN OF SOULS - dropped
    NOVICIUS MAP - 80% finished [in v3.5] but outdated - open source - also called Cross and Crescent map


    The Statue - competition - THIS IS STILL TO BE MADE
    Money and RP



    Hall of Fame - locked​
    High Nobles - locked​
    Nobles - locked​

    C&C PWMOD v.35B Server - NO RULES - one day..I say :roll: - locked

    PW MOD REVOLUTION - Novicius prophesy :lol:


    Coat of Arms






    PW Renaissance NA 2.0. Its back!

    good to know


    this has made final difference:

    this has change it for me...



    plain and simple: 1: M&B is designed and created for killing... IMO: TDM is the best as you can jump in and out/hang out with friends and move on. 2: any mode of M&B will be outdated and outrun by what is already on the market. - yet still attractive for few upgradable players or new comers...

    The King is back

    I have meant THE KING
    LE ROY
    or just Leroy...

    I was ever vassal only to two royalties: The Queen: Azrayel and The King: Leroy..
    [look at my coat of arm for clues}

    Keep going however as it is quite interesting who rule the PW now or who try to do so.

    The King is back

    I meant the king of pw, my seniour...  :roll:

    The King is back

    There are glimpse of hope. We do not know it for certain. However all signs in the sky and on the earth show us... The King is back...

    Kicked from server help

    I do not like sounds of it: ever more.. far to cleaver for random player..perfect for non reason/stupid/bored/moron/hacker who just want to hear all this comments and a reaction..

    I may be wrong, but I am not wrong very often.. actually, most of the times i am right.


    your replies as useless as they expected to be, lets survive this and see if something of quality will come through

    Brain storm 2: What do you need to survive?

    what for.. killing one troll will not solve the problem


    This forum use to be full of posts which were worth to read... There was plenty of useless as well. Think before post and do not waste time of others to read what you have spammed. How difficult is to focus on subject/topic and carry on with what subject/topic is about? You believe you gaming so you can go back to 6/7 years old stage.. suprise suprise.. 6/7 has more focus in them than stupid reply.. they know it is waste of time..> do you?

    Brain storm 2: What do you need to survive?

    Just move on and ignore it..shall we..

    so.. that was last post ON TOPIC:

    NOVICIUS said:
    Scorpia said:
    What do I do...

    I gather my group of internet chums, small enough to avoid attracting attention, and get out of trouble quickly. But big enough to survive if we get in a fight.

    Then we wing it :razz:

    We'll never kill without toying with them, or unless they are either carrying something we need, or they shoot on us. Would be fun, a medieval version of DayZ.

    This is what i am talking about... It is not my way yet it is a way..more please.

    +Scorpia.. can you imagine something which would help you at the beginning (seriously ok?)

    Brain storm 2: What do you need to survive?


    Froi said:
    Just stop opening threads.

    AND BTW.. what is your problem? cause by my reading of forum, and believe i read it, forum has nothing to offer apart of old/new argumants.. i guess you have nothing to..or do you..come on say something.. meaningful.. or can not you?


    this is precisely why this forum/mod/game has so many issues...

    THERE IS TO MANY DUCHES who cries ... hello I am a ****!!! Well done ****!
    There is not enough players who want to just play... If your **** is to big show it to somebody else. This game/community needs (damn desperate) cleaver folks.

    RULE NO 1.. not only this forum btw.. ALL FORUMS HAS THIS RULE daah!!!
    "Do not reply if you do not intend to help or if you do not have something new to bring on"

    GOT IT?
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