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    TW is looking for software engineers, that will work on Bannerlord.. and on an UNANNOUNCED PROJECT

    Mount & Blade 3. They realized Bannerlord is an iredeemable pile of junk and decided to start from scratch. I'd bet money on it. This time they might even make a good game.
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    Why is attack delay still in the game?

    I'm not the guy you were responding to, but for a lot of us it's just force of habit. I think we all have the faintest glimmer of hope that some day, Bannerlord might become a game worth playing. Until then, I'm just visiting this forum out of habit from one year of beta.
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    Why is attack delay still in the game?

    I think you're insinuating that Taleworlds have cynically released a product only to take the money and run? I won't bother explaining why that's blatantly untrue, since I don't believe you've said what you did in good faith. Bottom line is that the slow (and often non-existent, for some...
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    Iron Chieftain: Simulated RTS and Citybuilder

    Been reading through this wonderful thread. - If I'm understanding correctly, trees don't cast shadows past 300m, but rather only create ambient occlusion shadows? If it's not too much to ask, could you give us comparison screenshots between two versions of the same spot in summertime? One with...
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    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    I don't know about Jimmy's vision, but this game doesn't really appeal to me and it sorts of rubs me the wrong way. Instead of being a game that simulates medieval economics, politics, and so on, which is what it appears to do on the surface, it seems like the kind of game where you 'race'...
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    Why is attack delay still in the game?

    Uninstall the game and forget it exists. Edit: I now realize that your reply was most likely a genuine question. In short, it's not an error, it's a design decision. There's no getting around it. The community has been asking for the removal of this God-forsaken mechanic for over a year, but...
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    Iron Chieftain: Simulated RTS and Citybuilder

    I don't think there's a single bit of actual 'gameplay' in this trailer. It's utter nonsense from start to finish. - "Generic Name Game" - Horrible stock audio effect right at the start. - "Viking" "city" builder where huge manly viking dudes decide to live on rocks, because vikings thought...
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    Iron Chieftain: Simulated RTS and Citybuilder

    Move aside Jum, somebody's got you beat. They have ray-traced reflections while you have to do maths. Laughable.
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    Iron Chieftain: Simulated RTS and Citybuilder

    Cubemaps? I'm sure the answer to this second question is somewhere in here, but I don't feel like going through 12 pages to find it. Do you have predefined maps, or do you use procedural generation?
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    Why is attack delay still in the game?

    I would genuinely like to know.
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    Looters are fine, yay or nay?

    A genuinely great idea.
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    Unofficial Bannerlord Community Survey

    I agree. The discussion around classes and balance is too complex to be reduced to simple 'overpowered/underpowered' checks. I don't think these questions can yield any meaningful information.
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    Block Delay

    An integral and essential part of the physics-based combat system. Removing block delay would water down the combat into boring shallowness. It could never function in a satisfactory and enjoyable manner. Not that block """"delay"""" actually exists in the first place, since it only simulates...