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  1. Resolved any idea how to fix module mismatch after latest patch update?

    after my mismatch - i continue on to the game and then the game crashes within 30 seconds of time moving forward
  2. Need More Info open 172316284 save file - do nothing but advance time 30 secs to crash

    Summary: How to Reproduce: open 172316284 save file - do nothing but advance time 30 secs to crash/also tried saving and advancing - also tried safe mode - never loaded a mod for this game - error report 2022-08-22_00.46.03_731fa31a206a8158d6840f5645f6e804 Have you used cheats and if so which...
  3. Sieges got worst?

    I think some of these battle scenes were rushed together for the early access release. Someone at Taleworlds needs to go back and revise all of the sieges that fail to work correctly.
    doesn't everyone think this? the real question is why dont the devs think this?

    why on earth are they not removing the castles/cities seiges that dont work and put a generic one that DOES work until they can actually address the issue?
  4. Undead Minor Faction Leaders

    When a clan leader dies, the replacements seems to come into charge on a regular basis. in my long term game, the one problem that stands out in the same ballpark as seige problems is the dead minor faction leaders remaining in charge. can the devs, put a check once a week or once a month to...
  5. What is the next major content after Rebellions?

    re:making your own castles
    Is there a reason why it's not going to happen? It would be fun for everyone else to see this kind of innovations
    they literally can't solve the pathfinding in maps that they have had for the last X number of years of development (x=4,5,6?)

    if they can't solve pathfinding in the maps they create themselves, it wouldn't seem likely they could solve pathfinding in the maps you create

    ps - though i suppose it might be interesting to try and make maps that are designed as job 1 to not have pathfinding issues - i guess they haven't tried that yet on their side
  6. How long does it take for a child to grow up?

    I always start a new game with a new beta, the late game is not that interesting right now anyway...
    how do people plan to test the late game when the time comes that this is needed? start a new game from scratch and play through to the end?
  7. Mexxico, I'd value and appreciate your opinion on implementing Casus Belli in Bannerlord

    Have you or the company defined what a "just war" is for this gameworld?
  8. Mexxico, I'd value and appreciate your opinion on implementing Casus Belli in Bannerlord

    I like the Cassius Belli system and prefer it but having lords vote for actual reasons to go to war is even more necessary than Cassius Belli.
    I think first a definition of "just war" needs to be made

    what is a justified reason to go to war in this world? culture differences, whether its an empire faction or not? whether it holds a previously owned city? has the culture changed for that city? should the former holder lose a just cause of war if the culture changed?

    culture differences pre-dispose the hate at the start of the game or are all cultures starting at zero hate? what moves the hate/love scale?

    will there be a summary of incoming and outgoing trade?
    will a trade imbalance be a reason for just war? (queue south park - they stole our jobs)
  9. Mexxico, I'd value and appreciate your opinion on implementing Casus Belli in Bannerlord

    You guys are being naive. "We're stronger", "enemy is weak", "we can expand" are not casus belli. It's a result of npc power calculation, whereas what the player base wants is - clan stole daughter, villagers stole cattle and got massacred, merchants attacked, lord was insulted, lord lost a game of dice - kind of casus belli. Something a player can help provoke, or avert.
    this is kind of the way

    this is belli -

    Yeah. Its almost like both are right. "Were stronger and can expand our territory" is the actual reason why you go to war.
    it is A reason to go to war

    edit - an alliance reason would be casus foederis

    casus belli in the paradox games were used iirc to prevent unchecked constant war - and part of the reason they implemented limits on territory acquisition was for game balance reasons. in other words, it would not allow an unjust war at all in the older games iirc... and/or it put a large rep hit on someone declaring unjust war.

    if we are going to have aggressive reasons to cause wars (we want that border city) and aggrieved reasons to cause war (we need to get our city back)... then that might be better handled via a rep system of some sort... a badboy rating if you will (preferably with a leaky bucket)

    what needs to be defined is... what is a JUST war in this universe/game world? Is a just war any empire faction attacking another empire faction? if so, why so? Is it just war when a kingdom attacks any other kingdom? if not, why not?

    also in my humble opinion - the empires should be almost always at war with each other. Their reasoning for starting a war should have additional options when it comes to other empires. Should they be able to press for peace? sure! but why would the other side accept it when the reasons for the empires to be at war is to put them all under one crown again?

    Yes, but why do we always have to resort to the modder community to obtain mechanics and features with depth and complexity?
    i agree - especially in a war game - where the reasons (good or bad) for going to war or not should be part of the game itself

    right now wars start any time for any reason (as a player)... you can recruit people to your kingdom but people leave with no notice (i throw money at them and give them cities from victories with no apparent effect). I am looking forward to them adding some more visibility to war reasoning (as well as other relations issues)

    if you are going to have marriages and potential alliances that result from that - then there should be a system that takes that into account during war decision making
    (and preferably a screen that we can look at to see the relations with each power and the entanglements that affect those relations)

    also - if they don't want something complex - put a button in the game options to remove relations (or whatever part of it that affects the complexity that they are concerned about)
  10. Patch Notes e.1.5.5


    child rearing active yet?
    rebellions active yet?
    gift cities yet?
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    Yes, the real deal will be 1.5.6, I still don´t understand why they "delay" those important fixes so we are not able to test them.

    Instead we get whatever stuff (if any) with 1.5.5 and can wait again for about 2-3+ weeks to get the real important stuff and start testing it. I don´t get it.
    fyi - i am playing 1.53 right now

    looking forward to 1.54

    if you want them to wait until it is all fixed - you will be waiting a long time. I am happy to receive the incremental changes in EA - while i am annoyed at some things that haven't been fixed - they are making progress and making more patches than some games i have seen

    ps - I am also now looking forward to 1.56 more than any of the other patches at this point - i am thinking of reloading warband for a month or play some other games and set a reminder in my calendar to check back.
  12. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    There is also another mechanic maybe lots of players are unaware. If a clan’s all fiefs are surroundered by fiefs of another kingdom and if these fiefs are left a bit further to current kingdom’s other fiefs it is easier for that clan to defect to surroundering kingdom.
    before the clan flips, the player or AI should have the opportunity to either pay them not to flip or trade out holdings so they are not surrounded
  13. Do ladders work better right now than siege towers?

    i there any reason that the new default ladders be far enough apart to let a seige tower go in the middle? then if its ladders only they can be used... and if seige tower is built the ladders and the tower can be used (assuming the ai will eventually be fixed such that it can go another route if they are not moving on the current route)

    the only way i have been able to make ai use the other ladder in the current game is to ride my horse through the crowd and spin in circles to stir the pot

    maybe the devs could designate sergeants/commanders as pot stir-ers if they can't fix the pathing (have the sergeants spread their arms out and spin in circles near bottom of ladders)
  14. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    because rebellions will happen in mostly captured towns with low loyality and new rebel clans will want to join previous kingdom (which has same culture with settlement) mostly.
    will rebellions ever choose to go independent and create a "new" kingdom instead of joining old kingdom or joining another kingdom?
    will rebellions occur if they hate the current leader of their own faction without the interference of another kingdom?
  15. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    I like the direction you are going, but shouldn't the empire factions be trying to kill each other (to unify the empire?) Would it make sense to have each of the empire factions to be more aggro toward each other and less likely to make peace with each other?

    Also are you using leaky buckets for any of your ai attitude adjustments over time?

    Also, whenever possible (except for difficulty adjustments - that should be most of the time), PLEASE have the player have the options of the ai (and vice versa)
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