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    Development after EA

    Seems like it because they probably ran out of mojo for this one lol and that some updates fix stuff but break something else in the process.
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    Development after EA

    NIPPON dlc pl0x or gunpowder era. Maybe we will see WFAS or Caribbean ported. Who knows lol.
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    Taleworlds please get to work

    Inb4 game is done lol
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    Taleworlds: Is this all we can expect?...

    Inb4 game is done lol don't expect anything new.
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    Inb4 they are done with game lol
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    DLC appears on SteamDB

    Lol it's going to be Caribbean 2.0.
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    (Please Contribute!) What kind of Mods do you want to see?

    Winds of the War, WWII China, 17th Century, Japan.
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    Dear Callum

    Pretty much lol and new content will probably be DLC
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    Next patch when.

    When it's ready lol. Hoping for modding tools.
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    When is the next patch coming out? We need report feature ASAP

    Inb4 next week if they don't run into any bugs.
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    Petition for modding tools!

    They said in a week if they don't find any more bugs. lol you are impatient.