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  1. Little to no love for WFAS

    I'm wondering why this expansion has so little love for it. I understand its difficult but so much groundwork has already been laid down by taleworlds regarding firearms and general gameplay. What I don't understand is why there aren't more mods for this? Seems like some of the Napoleonic mods...
  2. I'm having a rough start, any tips?

    I run the trading game. Wine to Warsaw/salzburg/venezia is huge. don't sign with an army and run with 20-30 men and some food. after a dozen or so trips you've got like 10k on you and can go from there. all the above tips work well with this as you can sprinkle them in for extra money
  3. In-game Musket Sounds

    Righto. When i'm wearing headphones and crank up the volume its fairly loud but my ear drums bleed when someone yells next to me in the formation :/ Understandable if its a warband issue in the end, slightly disappointing though
  4. Volley fire

    If you don't tell them to hold fire first they fire at will. if you tell them to hold fire and then only fire once (All men, fire) they reload and then wait for your command to fire again. if at any point you want them to STOP volley fire, just have them fire at will
  5. Official Bug Report Thread. Post all problems here!

    When 'Assessing local prices' no matter what your skill level is at the most common commodity is 'Wine', often when there is none to be bought. Very rarely to I see something else in the list, more often its either Ale or Hides if its not Wine. This is anywhere on the map in every major city...
  6. Volley fire

    They were disciplined shortly after. The Major doesn't take kindly to muddied uniforms.
  7. In-game Musket Sounds

    Thats what I mean, that in my opinion the sounds should be bumped up. The above example was just to show that those old muskets were indeed LOUD and they might not have had a 'crack' sound like modern day firearms do but still, loud is loud. inb4 someone retorts with "this is alpha": Yes, it...
  8. It seems purchasing the rank of major gets me the title but no perks

    I don't think there's a uniform above Lieutenant yet, but the benefit is indeed an increase in troops you can lead. Leadership of 5 and a rank of Major nets about 165 soldiers in total, which is pretty substantial.
  9. Volley fire

    In case you don't know, there's this sweet volley fire command hidden: F7, F6 I start a battle with directing my troops where I want, F3 then F2 (fire commands, hold fire) then F7, F6 (special commands, volley fire) When the enemy is in range just F3, F2 (Fire commands, all troops fire (not...
  10. In-game Musket Sounds

    i was actually thinking about this as well. sometimes the sound of footsteps is louder than a volley fire from a line. Some sounds are super quiet and some are too loud. Just needs some tweaking. I'd really like to see the cannons reworked...I'd love to hear them really BOOMING over the...
  11. MAJOR BUG with Tutorial quest!

    1st page of the bug reports. its been identified already, but thanks
  12. Official Bug Report Thread. Post all problems here!

    1GB might get you by, i'm not entirely sure. you'll probably still have issues with larger battles if you're having problems now with 512. at 2GB you've got a lot more breathing room and you won't have to worry about it. try starting a custom battle and play with the troop counts until you can...
  13. How to set up marching music

    if you haven't seen the other posts: No, not yet. All the equipment and scripts are in place but the music is missing currently
  14. Game balance

    ** As I think about it though it would probably just be easier to wait for Doc to patch it if you aren't capable of doing it yourself. I don't intend for that to sound mean but I don't really feel comfortable messing with someone else's mod by posting changed files, if that makes sense
  15. How has your L'aigle adventures been going?

    we all have to start somewhere training is important!