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  1. Need More Info Persuading enemy to join kingdom when engaged by enemy army gets stuck in endless dialog loop.

    Happening to me as well.

    edit: To make matters worse, it kindly autosaves after you convince the lord to join you. Autosaves you right in the loop.
  2. Resolved Children Have No Skill Points When They Grow Up and Can't Get Any!

    Kid finally hit 18. Yep, he's useless.
  3. Make single player sieges like multiplayer sieges

    Lets face it, large single player sieges in their current state are terrible. Absolute garbage. Not worth playing. You just can't have enemy troops spam spawning directly at the gates, on the walls, etc. It just doesn't make any sense. Make the enemies spawn further back, and make it so the...
  4. Unresolved AI goes full retard when called to army

    Every. Single. Time. If you call an army, when the other lords are running to you, once they get in view of you (or maybe before?) they go full **** it mode and just attack anything in sight. A party of 40 people will run off and attack a lord with 200 men, while I'm over here trying to take a...
  5. Anyone had any luck with companions in battle?

    Has anyone found any companions that actually can be a force in battles, like they were able to be in Warband? I have a bunch of high level companions fixed with all the top level gear, a mix of infantry, cavalry, and archers and I'm yet to see one get more than 2 kills in 50+ battles. Maybe...
  6. When you take a castle, you should then be inside the castle

    I'm not really following the logic of my army storming a castle to take it, then marching out of the castle for some reason, turning right back around to ask permission to enter the castle just to be denied entry and get mowed over by the approaching army.
  7. Unresolved Troops abandoning siege towers for ladders

    Every time I siege they get the tower to the wall, then ditch it and run for the ladders instead.
  8. Stop locking me out of castles I just took over.

    As the title says. I know this has been posted a million times, but why not one more.
  9. Lords instantly respawning with armies

    Can this please be fixed? Every time I defeat a lord, he just strolls out of the castle next to me with full health and his army fully rebuilt seconds later. I'm going to have to start executing every lord I beat because that's going to be the only way to gain any grounds on other factions.
  10. Unresolved Lords still defecting like crazy?

    Do I need to start a new game for the patch to take effect or....? Cause we're dropping like flies over here. We were finally starting to mount a comeback, took back 2 castles, then 3 of our lords defect taking 2 of our major cities with them? Working as intended?
  11. Need More Info Still cant load saves

    Alright, ive played about 500 days, got a couple of towns, almost clan tier 4. And ive came across two type of crashes.

    One is a very early, crash. This crash is avoidable, usually this happens early on in the game, if you go around a town and accept a mission, you can get a CTD which corrupts your game. The only way to avoid this, is to do a couple of "SAVE AS" instead of just "Save" Its avoidable. This only affects one save file. This is a type of crash, where you can load into the game, but as soon as you hit one specific date, you crash.

    However, here comes the kicker.
    Theres another crash, the one which OP is experieriencing, and which i just came across. So basically, when you save and then load, something happens to your save file, i dont know excatly, but it seems to grow in size, however if you save and load 45 or 55 times (varies between players), it basically corrupts your save. It doesnt matter if you remove it and take a way earlier save, if you load in to that and save again, and then load back. You crash. Which means its unavoidable. The patch, only fixed one load in, basically it uncorrupted your save, however if you did one more save and load, it corrupts it again. Keep in mind this is a ticking timebomb, as soon as you hit that threshold, it corrupts your save file.

    So my guide, is if you have a lot of save and loads, and you are well into the campaign, stop now and wait. It doesnt matter if you save as, if you do a total of 45 or 55 save and loads, it corrupts your save. Even if it was completely clean. This ****ing atrocious by taleworlds, ever since Warband you have had problems with corrupted save files, and you still ****ing have it.

    Did no one QA this? I mean this is a problem that practically breaks your game and campaign, that has reached a huge portion of your playerbase, and its genuinely kicking me down as a motivated player.

    Yeah it really blows my mind that this somehow made it to the live (albeit, early access) version of the game.

    I mean.. didn't they just have a few months of beta testing? This started happening to people almost immediately.
  12. Need More Info [e1.0.3] Heavy Save Test (with files included)

    Yeah I noticed that on day 1, with each progressive load things would get slower and slower, loading screen times longer and longer. Restart the game and everything is quick again, but it all starts again soon enough when some 300 man army swoops in on me out of nowhere when I'm not really paying attention 2x speed...
  13. How do you enable the Green/Red indicators when comparing weapons

    I noticed this as well, and it seemed to happen right after I took one of first trade perk options. Both options say they mark your profits, which has to do with text color, and i'm wondering if this had anything to do with it. Do you have either of those perks from the trade skill?

    Yeah this seems like it's right. I thought it randomly stopped working for me, but it was probably when I grabbed that perk.
  14. Need More Info Still cant load saves

    Yep, still broken.

    I was able to load a file that was previously broken, but then I tried saving it and loading it before wasting my time and it crashed again.

    Do they even test these things out before or...?
  15. Need More Info Save Corruption- 45 load limit

    Well that would explain why it keeps happening at around the same point when I'm going back to my one save that does work....
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