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  1. Calradia’s Next Butterlord

    Garios' title is 'General'
  2. What do you think about population?

    Hmm. I very rarely play games on mobile, especially the complex ones with anyone else. But had played couple of them for a short time. What game it was?
    Can't remember the name, it was something on the lines of Rise of Kingdoms. I was your second in command in a guild you found, and we managed to stay in the top ten for a while
  3. What do you think about population?

    Totally agree
    Oh, my! Is that really you? We knew in a mobile game a couple of years ago, I lived in the friary at that time. It's good to see you, hope you are ok
  4. Mountain fishing village ?

    there are aven trees that grow fish

    Ledro has quite a lake to support fishing

    Sure, and there are a lot in the mountains 'round here. Ledro's lake is not even the biggest, maybe is in the top 10 but I'm not sure about that. Your question was about fishing as main source of food, anyway, and it is well documented at least in this area, but I'm quite confident that other areas with mountain lakes have developed a similar economy
  5. Mountain fishing village ?

    i know you can fish in mountain lakes and rivers ..
    is it the main source of income ?
    im fine with it if its intended by the devs
    Well, were I come from (northern Italy, just south of Austria) it's quite common. Fisher's villages in the mountains are well documented since the Bronze Age (Ledro, for example, but there are others)
  6. Dual wielding combat

    I can disprove that chart with one simple concept. The sample size is incredibly small.

    The chart documents the casualties of ~1500 soldiers. That's not even the results of a medium-sized battle, more like a large skirmish.
    You can't base the trends of an era on the results of a skirmish, or even 5/10/20 battles.
    You need long-term data for accurate long-term understanding.

    There are things that, if they could be understood, there would be non need for you to explain
  7. Why are character traits so bad?

    I forgot that one, but what I was thinking off is that stat that tells how unpopular a lord is in his faction... Controversy? Something like that.
    If my memory is good enough, that represented disputes between two AI lords, such as fighting over fief assignment and so on
  8. Performance issues on older rigs + Win10

    good to know thanks

    Yeah, that's the source. I didn't actually read it, though, I had the suggestion from a friend which did
  9. Performance issues on older rigs + Win10

    1080 p downscaled 15% on min settings, @45-70 fps depending on the situation. Even lower on particularly crowded sieges
  10. Performance issues on older rigs + Win10

    Hi all, for those having perfomance issues on older configurations and Windows 10 may improve their fps by disabling Windows Game mode (you can find it in settings under xbox icon, then game mode, toggle switch off). This helped me on my laptop with i7 4750 HQ cpu, 16GB RAM, Samsung Evo 850...
  11. Taleworlds please fix it :(

    isn't there a mod that prevents lords from escaping?
    Yep. It's "Prevent Nobility Escape"

    -EDIT- Also, to OP, TW is aware that the end game needs heavy balancing. They already fixed the most damaging issues, but currently end game is lackluster at most, with indepent kingdoms struggling to survive as the most obvious issue. This heavily depends on main quest being incomplete; with you being unable to stop the conspiracy you end up being at war with 3/4 factions at one time. So yeah, you are right, end game is currently frustrating. This is a known issue which developers are very aware of.

    If this is a blocking issue for you, I strongly recommend you to try the aforementioned mod, which helps a lot by reducing the number of parties at enemies' disposal, but is balanced out by the fact that requires you to actually track down and defeat enemy leaders.
  12. More things to do

    Same apply as per your other post
  13. Arerai teir two need upgrade

    Please your spelling is pointless must upgrade and have better than this
  14. Why are character traits so bad?

    As I understand it, the traits are exactly meant to describe your personality. It is not just some small fun tags depending on what you do, they are actually the new and improved version of the diplomacy system, which in Warband only really had 2 parameters(honor and ... I forget the other one). The traits influence how well other lords respond to your propositions, based on which tags they have. Like, an honorable lord will be more likely to listen to you if you are also honourable, and less so if dishonourable.
    RtR. The second one was Right to Rule, but it did matter only if you did plan to raise your own kingdom. Or to take over someone else's in VC. Or whatever it did in other exps/mods

    -EDIT- Oh, and I completely agree with you. It's an improvement over what Warband's diplomacy was. To OP, also keep in mind that the trait system we currently have is very incomplete. It lacks traits leveling and more, so what you see is just a sketch of what it should become, therefore it may feel poorly designed atm, but it really just needs a couple of tweaks and it should be nice
  15. Taleworlds please fix it :(

    This. Really impressive and smart move, actually.
    I mean, they are literally half your power and still managed to be a pain in the a**. AI is really good. Plus, never seen such an active Aserai faction until now
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