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    On the Strength of Cavalry

    Docm30 said:
    What do you propose to balance them out? The only thing mods can really do is give infantry heavier armour or longer weapons, neither of which are options here.

    And don't say reduce the amount of cavalry.

    How about very slightly reducing the health of all horses? Instead of 2 or 3 cavalry getting knocked down by a volley and the rest being unscathed you would see a good 10 to 15 getting gunned down at least possibly, would give infantry a better fighting chance.
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    On the Strength of Cavalry

    Docm30 said:
    The reason cavalry is overpowered is because Taleworlds made it that way. Cavalry absolutely destroys infantry in the native game, even spear infantry.

    Yes they do, hence why modifications out there balance cavalry more, I don't mean this in an offensive way at all but whats stopping you doing the same? Or are you happy leaving cavalry as they are?
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    On the Strength of Cavalry

    How about just simply reducing the HP on horses or increasing the damage muskets due to them?

    A lot of my volleys seem to hit the rider for a kill or hit the horse and cause damage but no kill, maybe giving infantry better firepower would work.
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    79th (Cameron) Highlanders skin

    Oh fairplay, I don't personally mind because these forums aren't exactly packed full of busy threads but still :razz:

    Whats your next move?
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    On the Strength of Cavalry

    I think it will be better once infantry have proper melee animations, on Napoleonic Wars Commander Battles (bots vs bots with player commanders) Infantry don't stand a chance on an open field in a line, however if they are bunched up in a square (if you're lucky) or better yet sitting on a hill the cavalry don't stand a chance, hopefully this mod will be like that at some point.
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    79th (Cameron) Highlanders skin

    I'm liking your mods and I have them both installed, but maybe keep them all in one topic labelled "Darian's mods" maybe? I can just see a couple of people getting annoyed, especially if you have 5 or 6 separate topics.

    Just an idea, but keep up the good work :smile:
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    Legendarian's L'Aigle Skin Shack (other skins in comment section)

    solthas said:
    This looks great!

    Someone needs to add ol Obadiah Hakeswill as a companion.  Says so in the scriptures it does. :wink:

    Give him an insanely high surgery skill so he only gets knocked unconscious and never killed? Would probably cause low morale in the party though, especially if you have any female party members >.>
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    L'Aigle Patch 1.3 Released! Changelog inside.

    I tend to use around 200, nice mix of performance and battle scale without being too overwhelming.

    Its personal preference, just play around and see what mix you find just right.
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    Some questions

    When a battle starts, make sure you always click the "Take the field" option if its there, your troops will hold position by default instead of charging off.
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    What I would like to see/modified in L'Aigle [IMPORTANT]

    What is up with all the hostility in this thread? We're all here because we love and enjoy the same mod, so if everybody could stop being so condescending and outright hostile to each other that would be great, thanks.
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    Cavalery Armies

    I tend to get some grenadiers at the front to absorb the initial charge, light infantry or even better riflemen standing just behind them on fire at will can do the rest.

    Or like Doc said, get to the high ground and just unload everything on them.
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    My 500 man army! With more pictures, including closeups, than before!

    MrMundy said:
    Awesomeblader said:
    Yeah, the current square currently brings more losses to your men, as I have tested.

    The current Square is much more like a loose March Formation, I realy hope they add a Proper Collum and a March feature (Like in ^Jacobhinds amazing Sayazn mod). Just Imagine how epic it would be to march towards the enemy position, under fire, seeing your men falling besides you and that all while the Drummers marching with you play "British Grenadiers".


    Oh and I assume it will be this kind of Square?

    Is that second screenshot from Warband?
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    L'Aigle Patch 1.3 Released! Changelog inside.

    Didn't realise 1.3 was out! What a lovely pre-birthday surprise :grin:
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    The problem with the L'Aigle.

    Sounds like you didn't install the mod properly, did you just literally put the L'Aigle foldier into modules and then run the program as administrator?

    What version of warband do you have?
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    Troop differences?

    At the moment the animations are bugged, so there isn't really much difference in the melee skills between Line and Light Infantry.

    Pick Rifles if you want to kill everything before it gets close.
    Pick Line Infantry if you want a good rate of fire.
    Pick Cavalry if you want to utterly dominate every single military force in europe and become the God Emperor of Napoleonic Kind!

    The OP cavalry will be sorted once a new update comes out that fixes the animations however, and rifles are absolutely awesome at gunning them down before they can close.
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