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  1. Ping and Packet-Loss Fix for German Players When?

    Check your privileges son.
    (Cuz we paid the same amount of money and I have half the game you have).
  2. I'm no longer enjoying this game

    You are right about all of it.
    But your privileges as North American blinds you from seeing that while you are asking devs to add or change the multiplayer system or servers, to allow you to play not with 90ms, but lower; Here in Latin America we struggle to find the best server, the less laggy is West NA servers with the smooth and fluid connection of 190 ms.
    It's just great shooting an arrow and seeing that you missed because you are "poor people who can't and won't play this game because they are too busy trying to eat and not starve. They do not have internet, and surely they can't afford 60 bucks".
    Well, let me tell you that I and everyone who paid for this game, paid the full price as North Americans did, as Europeans did and everybody who bought this game. BUT.... we don't get the same game as you my darlings, oh no no no. We only got the single-player. That it's ok... for EA.
    And what about the multiplayer? you may ask... And the answer is " **** you, I won't give you any server even that we expanded our current "VIP servers for 1st world country", and if you want to play go ahead, you can. But forget about going in without a shield boi. Cuz you are going down. Down like the hopes that I had on this game T.T

    I don't want to rest importance on your complaint. But everything that you are pointing just don't care to me and a lot of people that can't play this game because the devs won't give us any server to play it :sad:
    Seems like a joke right?
    But it is actually true.

    Greetings from Argentina and I hope to play this game online someday. Or that T.W. gives me back half of my money (and of course that will never happen) because I can only play half of the game I bought.
  3. Latin Americans also deserve their server

    Hello, my name is Nicolas and I have a really important request for you guys. I actually don't know where to ask for this, but I think it is absolutly necesery to ask for it.
    I'm from Argentina, south America (the southest country on America along with Chile). And even though I had to pay the full price for the game (let's say that down here it is not a cheap game at all) now (8 months after the early access release) we have no servers in latin America yet. Making the multiplayer kind of unplayable. With 180 ms at best in North America servers and when they are empty (like right now when I'm writing this down) I have to go to Europe servers where I suffer the 250 ms. I have to literally predict and guess where to shoot arrows (my favorite troop to play with) and when I get to meele combat it is the same but worse, because the timing has to be much quicker, and also, I have to predict where my enemy's next blow will be comming from.
    All this make's me don't want to even open the multiplayer. I only do it to see if you added the servers down here.
    In short, I payed a full game price to play only the half of it.
    I can wait until full realese. But I don't want you to rush. So the wait can be wether 2 or 3 years easely.
    I beg you to consider putting servers on latin america during early access. At least 1 of them, so all of we who payed the full price of the game can acced the full game, and not only the main campaing.
    With that said. I have to add that I love the game and I loved the original. But this needs to be fixed because we accually feel like you are ****ting on us, our money and our love for this franchise.
    I send to all of you my bests and my love. Hope you see this and actually talk about it between you.
    Greetings from Argentina. And I expect your responde.
  4. South america needs servers

    Well.. I can tell that actually they do not care at all about latin america. EVEN THAT WE PAID THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT THE REST OF THE WORLD TO ONLY GET THE HALF OF THE GAME THAT THE REST OF THE WORLD HAS...
    Pls Pls.....PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!
    Add at least 1 server to latin America and we will shut up and be happy.
    We are not asking for much... are we???
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