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  1. Siege Castle of fen Altai

    As attacker is the left sieg tower useless. The archers can shot you in the back, if you climb it up. You have to redesign the siege tower or let him docking on a wall, where archers can't shoot you in the back. I have possibilities come into the castle, after B and A is taken. I just miss one more on the right side. There is just one ladder to climb, which archers can easy defend. I think a tunnel or double doors would be to much, but some other solution would be nice.
    Like the idea with tower in the middle for the archers. Is something different to other maps which I know in other games.

    As defender I see a lot possibilties to defend the castle. Just on B sometimes it's hard to defend, if attackers are already there. They can easy kill you, if you jump down and falter. It would better to have a little bit more faster and easier way to come down.
    After F is taken by defenders, I have never seen a game, there the defenders could held G. 100% of all match up this point attackers won here. The way from the respawn point of the attackers to G is to easy. Also the attackers can come from different sides, where the defenders can build up a tactic againts this. It's ends up that defenders run to G and try to kill some many attackers as possible, before they die. I would prefere to put the flag more to the back walls and just let some ways to reach here, so that defenders have the chance to defend it.
  2. Siege Baravenos Encirclement

    As attacker I love the tunnel. I feel fine here to attack. A lot of possibilites to come into the castle. Nothing to complain, just that some ladders and ways up don't work correctly.

    As defender you have the problem, if the attackers sneak to G and you are outsite the castle, you can go inside again, if nobody open the gates. Also I tried to die and respwan in castle, but I respawn everytime infront of the castle (No flag was taken by attackers).
    I have the feeling, if the attacker are already in the castle (After A is taken), i have the possibilities to defend all points inside. Can't complain.
  3. Siege Skala Landings

    As attacker I miss possibilities to go inside the castle, after you got A. Like two doors in row, which I have to destroy with weapons, no ram.

    As defender I feel fine here. But after A and B is down, I played maybe 30 games, the defenders lost the 29 games up this point here. I think it's to hard to cover all the points. Maybe more/better walls or other spwanpoints for defenders are needed here.
  4. Poll: Class System vs. Warband Loadout Customization

    My Opinion about the class system:

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