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  1. Noble long bow not spawning in my game?

    Please no more suggestions to install mods to fix this problem I might as well use cheats at that point. GIVE US THE BOWS!!!
  2. Noble long bow not spawning in my game?

    GIVE US THE BOWS!!!!!!!!
  3. Noble long bow not spawning in my game?

    Using mods feels like cheating.
  4. Noble long bow not spawning in my game?

    In my 1st play through there were noble long bows in every shop but in my second play through they are not spawning at all. No noble bows any where. Is there a special condition I am not meeting? The only thing I can think of was that my 1st play trade skill was higher. Any insight on this...
  5. [Suggestion] We REALLY NEED a better trainer ability

    We need the ability to train masses of recruits instead of grinding recruit XP by killing looters for hundreds of hours. Bring back the Warband trainer skill. Recruits in real life train in boot camp to become soldiers. They do NOT go out and beat up looters in order to level up to marines or...
  6. Too big focus on leveling your troops

    Replying to the 1st post and not the replies derailing the thread from the main issue that we all face which is training troops. Yes it's a pain to level troops and I will abstain from playing until we get a proper trainer skill. I hope that update comes ASAP. I must add, making troops more...