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    WB Coding Hello. I need some Help I want to Mod MBWarband Fire and Sword

    Please try using this as your export path: D:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword/Modules/MyMod/ That's MY path to WFAS (plus the module name you selected). I don't think Steam has different folder names for different people so I believe you may habe simply used the...
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    WB Coding Which file of the module system allows me to increase the amount a player can bet in a tournament?

    Assuming you mean bet, search for "tournament_bet" (should be around line 10300 in an unaltered file).
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    WB Coding Joining any side in battle

    This is the first result I find on Google searchiong for "warband join any side in battle". I believe it contains what you're looking for.
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    NW Scening NW Scening and Multiplayer Compatibility Questions

    2. For the modulesystem (ModSys, yes) side of things: in search for ("game_multiplayer_admin_panel". That should lead you to the start of the admin panel presentation, and in the ti_on_presentation_load trigger of it there is a decently long try_begin/else_try/try_end...