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  1. How would you imagine a reworked economy should be like? Fun Discussion.

    +1 All this discussion. @Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James , would love to play a mod that expresses your ideas about non-traditional currency themes such as relationships, "lances" etc.
  2. Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Good patch TW. I am having lot of fun, but I am playing without births and deaths. After you guys bring a lot of the proposed content online, ill give it a try.

    Recently installed Realistic Battle Mod and playing only the AI module. Please look at it when you have a chance. Makes battles much more interesting.
  3. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    If it hasn't been said before this update turns Mount and Blade into Game of Thrones literally because of the many surprise deaths. The game has that George R.R. Martin feel to it because you don't know who is going to last to the next book or episode. I hope the devs will introduce new ways for clan's to replenish members and for new clans to be created in the place of eliminated clans.

    The map is so politically unstable that this has happened.
    I have never seen Sturgia take Jaculan but seeing the Battanians take Makeb is very strange.
    Yea, I hope they introduce good mechanics to replenish members for clans and new clans, but it is pretty dope to see all the changes happening. I hope they don't tone it down way too much.
  4. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    Khada still got the long glaive and noble bow....and now they're mine!
    lol name of char
  5. What needs to be changed

    if you fix armor, a lot of the ranged units op issues get resolved.
  6. On Crafting Orders

    @SadShogun Please, less clicks to refine/smell my man!
  7. What's your favourite weapon?

    Always goal of my playthrough is to craft a beautiful, long, pimped out 2h sword, then a nice 1h battle axe (like the sturgian hcav have) and shield and finally a long thin and deadly catacraph lance.
  8. The logic for this game

    I don't like the thing of defeating and releasing lords to gain relation as the most viable way to progress either and haven't liked it since Warband. It's weird that you can attack someone when they say "I don't want to come to blows", then kill their thousand man strong army, kill their family members, and take their fief in a siege, and they end up liking you more than they did before, solely because you let them go.

    It should work more like this:
    * Attacking a lord instantly reduces your relation by -5. Being attacked by a lord, and defending yourself, does not change your relation.
    * When you win, if the lord is Cowardly or Calculating, you gain +3 relations (to indicate that they become afraid of you, and wish to be on good terms with a superior fighter). If they are Foolhardy then you lose -1 extra relations for beating them (holding the grudge). Then, if you choose to release them, you get +4 relations. This is not enough to cover the relation loss if you attacked a lord who is not Cowardly or Calculating, so you will end up with net -1 relations. However, if they attacked you, and you show mercy by releasing them, you do gain net +5 relations.
    * Imprisoning is -10 relations.
    * Releasing after attacking is kept as a viable option by the fact that even though you end up with net negative relations (-1) against most lords, you'll get much less relation penalty than if you imprisoned them (-15, which can add up). You also gain Mercy, of course.

    And in order for the player to be able recruit clans if/when they decide to secede from their faction:
    * Traits have more influence in generating relation, so that having an Honorable reputation makes Honorable lords from every faction like you a lot more, having a reputation for winning lots of battles makes Brave lords like you a lot more, etc. If you are known to be Honorable, Brave, Generous, Merciful and Renowned by the time you leave your faction to start a new kingdom, and have also built up just a little relation with various nobles, you should have no difficulty in finding clans willing to join you. (Or if you're roleplaying a bad guy who's an ******* to everyone you should be rich enough to buy them off)

    So even if you're defeating enemy clans in battle and dropping relations with most of them by -1 each time, if you're cultivating a good reputation for being honest, generous, brave, merciful etc., which is also boosted from the very battles you beat them in, that should be enough to offset the small losses and make it possible to recruit them without massive cost; and it also will be easy as it is now to recruit clans if you're beating up the Cowardly/Calculating lords who are a part of them, because they will tell their clan "if you can't beat em, join em".
    hmmm, but when you are high level, high skills, then it is more satisfying to kill high tier troops, not just looters
    you can try to kill 30+ enemy in big battle, battle tattic, fiefs management, control influence

    The later stage of game is more fun than early stage of game, isn't it?
    In theory it should be, because larger battles means more fun (should last a bit longer, thus more chances for you to bathe your sword in blood), and participation in siege and subsequent keep battles. Also dungeon break out.
  9. Cultivation, lack thereof.

    Since you're referring to me here, let me just say that it isn't a Security penalty that hurts them but the direct Loyalty penalty for starving, which is more than ten times as strong and reliably makes settlements riot. I made it clear in my post -- and it is clear in-game as well -- so I'm not sure how you missed that part or thought I meant Security.
    I don't how he referred to you @Apocal , but I do not see a tooltip in-game that tells me that information. When the red fisted hand is on the settlement that is in danger to rebel, the flashing red indicator is on the overall Loyalty icon, but does not pinpoint that it is the hunger effect that "reliably makes (the) settlements riot". It is not abundantly clear to the player.
  10. How disappointed are you in % about the current state of developement of Bannerlord?

    Communication has dropped off quite a bit recently. However, if it's because they have their heads down working on the patch that's understandable, though they could still at least indicate what's progressing well thus far.

    I'm pleased by some of the features that have been implemented in the last half a year, and their Future Plans statement which commits to a decent amount of good features people were asking for, but disappointed in the inability to commit to promised features (the criminal enterprises in alleys) or features that were a part of the series which people expected when they bought Bannerlord (the group of missing Warband features). Instead, we see a long term trend of committing to features which apparently very few people expected or asked for. It's nice to have those things, but surely they should be second priority after stuff TW literally advertises on their Steam store page.

    Development has been, as always, too slow for most people's tastes including my own. A lot of major and medium problems which have been with the game since launch a year and a half ago (on top of an eight year development) remain unresolved, and changes in most patches are small to medium. Obviously working from home makes things harder, but the long development even pre-covid makes it clear that's not the whole issue. Maybe TW are holding off certain changes because they'll brick saves- reasonable, but shouldn't be allowed to get in the way too much. Maybe they're perfectionists and want to make the minor details of each system work perfectly before moving onto the next one. There could be an explanation, but either way the game is well overdue for major fixes, and the fix to siege ladders in 1.6.1 and mentioned further fixes to sieges is a big step in the right direction.

    Though not yet enough to make up for the flaws, there's also a lot of good things about Bannerlord. TW's time dedicated to making this game work for modders is unusually good compared to other gamedevs. Bannerlord is a major graphical upgrade to M&B, has added many quality of life improvements, and the environments in particular are still stunning even now. The themes for factions, music for taverns and world travel is also top tier amazingly made stuff, though I'm getting a bit sick of the combat music. The UI guy also gets a shoutout for his constant engagement with the community and changes tailored to feedback. Duh communicates directly with us sometimes even though it isn't his job, and does seem to want to please the community, but tempering that with a strong desire to be honest. Overall, you can definitely say that many employees at TW are putting their heart into trying to make a really good game. (One less now though, RIP mexxico)

    If I was more interested in multiplayer I'd probably add about 20% to my disappointment. As it is, I'm selfishly glad it isn't being prioritised over SP but feel bad for them.

    I have Hope™ that even though progress is slow, if they keep working at their current rate, the game might be a good sequel to Warband in roughly one more year. Something we will then have been waiting a literal decade for.

    TL;DR: there's a lot TW is doing that I like, and a lot that I dislike. 50%.

    Of course, if 1.6.3 is good, most of us will be very pleased with TW. But it will need to be really good to change my long-term satisfaction with the state of the game.
  11. Cultivation, lack thereof.

    Agreed with the OP. The game looks promising even after the parade of disappointments we all had here, yet there's really almost NO way to directly affect anything in the world.

    There is low loyalty in enemy town? Maybe you could sneak into it, bribe some notables/gang leaders, so things might go even worse and the riot will start in it? Nah, you just sit and wait, MAYBE there will be a riot. Some might say something like: hey, you can raid their villages and the security will go down, and so the city's loyalty. Have you seen the impact, that looted villages give to the security? -0,2!!

    An ongoing war goes the wrong direction, it makes your faction weak, yet the AI can't really see it? Maybe you'd like to end this war by persuading/capturing some lords who gain profits from this war and preventing its end (as we could in Warband, by the way)?? No, the only way you can end the war is through voting, yet your vote means nothing if no other AI lord backs you up.

    Maybe you'd like to give an advice to the party, that there are badly defended settlement which can be easily captured and direct the party to it? Hah, bad luck for you, pal. The only way you can do this is to create your own party which is impossible without having influence points and a large amount of food in your pockets. So, at the beginning you're fully dependant on AI stupid descisions (they will prefer a castle with 20 defenders at the other side of the map over a city with 40 defenders, having about 90-men themselves.

    Are you being trapped in a besieged settlement with only 200 defenders, while the attackers have 2000+ men? Wanna send a message to your allies, call for help? Haha, no, just admit that your castle aint yours anymore.

    Maybe, you'd like to make some friends in your faction, so they will back you up in votings? 2 things: first - there are so FEW ways to rise the relations with other lords, and second - your friends WON'T back you up anyway. Relationship means almost nothing.

    And so on. That's a big problem. You're not the man who can direct this sandbox somehow, influence on it. You're more like a piece of timber, thrown into the river, going whatever the water takes you to, having no opportunity to change that somehow.
    +1 I agree with the specific and sentiment of your words. I do enjoy the game but yes, those specific instances, and more, that you mentioned are too insulated from player's choice and effect.
  12. Ambush And Camp Mechanic ( with demo )

    Actually, this is one of the few examples where handcrafted maps can work out better. Currently, I'm picking camp positions and "transit"positions procedurally since there are no "handmade" camp position indicators or path for armies to move. If they can add spawn positions for ambushers and defenders, along with camp/path positions , overall implementation would be x3 times easier. And it would feel better because now you would have more logical moving paths for armies and camps.
    If you can see my last video, you would expect army to move in the open path where there are no mountains and/or no forests, but I'm simply drawing a direct line and it's leading them to go to forest path even though map isn't designed for direct paths but more curved path. If this was added in map making process, it would look way better.
    you got it! Hopefully, in your heart of hearts, you would be inclined to mod the idea after battle terrain system is done, thus making your job easier and spreading your goodwill with us, simple people if TW doesn't implement it. Have a great rest of your Sunday!
  13. Ambush And Camp Mechanic ( with demo )

    +1 Bloc. You are great man. I will say this, now that TW is doing the Battle Terrains for all areas of the map, maybe they can spend some time, after finishing them all, adding props to the scenes to make them ambush friendly, thus easily putting in the map-wise infrastructure and then adding the relevant code to make it happen.
  14. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    First the crashes happened after the 1.6.2 hotfix, which this is what this thread is for, things related to the beta branch. A bug report can help but that is the purpose of this thread. Also the devs are busy, so busy they can't take 2 or 3 minutes to make a one sentence post. Nice to you got inside knowledge and know their schedule. With your inside knowledge of their schedule, when is 1.6.3 coming out? Who needs a dev, we got you with all the knowledge
    I love you bro, you know that. Just saying that we are all busy, including them. They will figure **** out, with our help it will go faster but don't think doing a lot the @ will speed up the process. Like apocal said, there are multiple ways of being productive. Stay beautiful Flesson.
  15. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    I haven't had any crashes.

    Maybe instead of having a moan, why don't you guys who are having crashes compare notes - perhaps you share a similar setup that might be causing it. Graphics cards, drivers, OS version... SD type etc etc. Maybe it's a particular configuration that the devs need to look at. I.e. be productive.

    Then you can go over to the actual support forum and post a thread about it in a format that TW can triage. Random posts in the middle of a thread with hundreds of posts isn't a very good way of triaging support queries, and just going @ a dev doesn't add it to the triaged support list, whereas a support query with details does.
    +1 folks. The devs are busy at work, flesson et al.
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