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    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    Hm, that might have been because they have been locked. I unlocked them now, please try again.
    Yes, I can edit them now, thank you! :smile:
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    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    You can still edit your own old posts by yourself. Beside the suggestion thread all other threads are owned by you yourself. So I don't see an issue here which should hinder you at updating them. If you could please elaborate on that.

    The permission has not been redacted based on your own activity alone but also on the general activity on the subboards. You don't need to be able to moderate the posts of users within the subboard when there is rarely any activity anyway. The few cases which might come up can be reported and will be handled by the respective subforum moderator, in your case by me.
    We did this at the other subboards too, for example at the modding section alone more than 170 non-moderator subboard owners got their moderator rights redacted out of the same reasons.
    I can't edit the pinned topics at the top, like the main download or strategy guide threads.
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    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    It is more of an issue of not being able to alter the board-moderated topics in there anymore. I have not stopped development of this mod, and most of the activity for it is in the Discord, but I still use the forums as my point of information, with links to my Nexus downloads and my Discord server. I still modify the topics whenever new versions are available. I really would hate to have to condense all of that down to a single thread, after nine years of development...

    If it is possible, I would like to have it returned to normal, and I would also like to know how often I need to login and/or post in it to keep my permissions active enough. I would be much obliged. :smile:
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    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    I currently seem to be unable to alter the posts in my Solid and Shade M&B mod forum. Curious this is specific, or if this is a systemwide issue?
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    SOLVED: Bugslaying: Errors That Crash The Game But Do Not Show In Compile?

    Well, this is for my mod for M&B 1.011, but most of that all still applies. CTD's are a big problem indeed, if you don't know exactly what you did since the crash started happening.

    The model i posted in this thread:,375579.0.html

    This model. and one other seem to be the culprits, as when i add them the crash happens, and when I remove them they do not. Now what I am trying to figure out is: Why? This helmet, while hefty, poly-wise has even less polys than others that work fine in the mod.

    When I was playing around in in the BRF it said something about the model having tangential directions, and that only Warband models support that. Thing is, Blastermaster is from my first mod, and after putting it in Solid & Shade, I can even go look at him wearing the models in Barter Town in my mod... but combat crashes unless I remove both of the models. The model is in the other thread for download, if anyone feels like giving it a look.

    All help is much appreciated, again. :mrgreen:

    I will still be plugging away at the troubleshooting...
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    Model Crashing The Game At Arena

    Could anybody tell me why this model is crashing the game in the arena? I have helms with more polys that work fine, so its not that. :?
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    SOLVED: Bugslaying: Errors That Crash The Game But Do Not Show In Compile?

    Solved, mostly. It wasnt a module system error, it was two 3d models i had added.
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    SOLVED: Bugslaying: Errors That Crash The Game But Do Not Show In Compile?

    Starting new log file.
    Module_name =  Calradia
    Setting Map Min X =  -105.000000
    Setting Map Max X =  105.000000
    Setting Map Min Y =  -105.000000
    Setting Map Max Y =  105.000000
    Num Hints =  15
    Setting Time Multiplier =  0.250000
    Setting Seeing Range Multiplier =  6.500000
    Setting Track Spotting Multiplier =  0.800000
    Setting Blood Multiplier =  100.000000
    Setting player_wounded_treshold =  5.000000
    Setting hero_wounded_treshold =  15.000000
    Setting Skill Prisoner Management Bonus =  5
    Setting Skill Leadership Bonus =  3
    Setting Base Companion Limit =  20
    Setting player_xp_multiplier =  2.000000
    Setting hero_xp_multiplier =  2.000000
    Setting regulars_xp_multiplier =  3.000000
    Setting damage_interrupt_attack_treshold =  3.000000
    Setting armor_soak_factor_against_cut =  0.650000
    Setting armor_soak_factor_against_pierce =  0.350000
    Setting armor_soak_factor_against_blunt =  0.300000
    Setting armor_reduction_factor_against_cut =  1.000000
    Setting armor_reduction_factor_against_pierce =  0.650000
    Setting armor_reduction_factor_against_blunt =  0.650000
    Setting horse_charge_damage_multiplier =  1.000000
    Setting couched_lance_damage_multiplier =  0.750000
    Setting missile_damage_speed_power =  2.000000
    Setting melee_damage_speed_power =  2.000000
    Scan Module Textures =  1
    Scan Module Sounds =  1
    Loading Resource  test
    Loading Resource  textures_face_gen
    Loading Resource  shaders
    Loading Module Resource  my_textures
    Loading Resource  textures
    Loading Module Resource  my_materials
    Loading Resource  materials
    Loading Resource  materials_face_gen
    Loading Resource  uimeshes
    Loading Resource  meshes_face_gen
    Loading Resource  helpers
    Loading Resource  map_tree_meshes
    Loading Resource  map_icon_meshes
    Loading Resource  particle_meshes
    Loading Resource  skeletons
    Loading Resource  tree_meshes
    Loading Resource  xtree_meshes
    Loading Resource  grass_meshes
    Loading Resource  plant_meshes
    Loading Resource  body_meshes
    Loading Resource  object_meshes
    Loading Resource  object_bodies
    Loading Resource  goods_meshes
    Loading Resource  item_meshes1
    Loading Resource  horse_a
    Loading Resource  food
    Loading Resource  beards
    Loading Resource  armors_b
    Loading Resource  armors_c
    Loading Resource  helmets
    Loading Resource  helmets_b
    Loading Resource  village_houses
    Loading Resource  village_houses_a
    Loading Resource  village_houses_b
    Loading Resource  hair
    Loading Resource  deneme
    Loading Resource  interiors_a
    Loading Resource  interiors_b
    Loading Resource  interiors_c
    Loading Resource  arena
    Loading Resource  map_icons_b
    Loading Resource  castle_a
    Loading Resource  dungeon
    Loading Resource  stone_houses
    Loading Resource  snowy_houses
    Loading Resource  snowy_castle
    Loading Resource  helmets_d
    Loading Resource  castle_b
    Loading Resource  square_keep
    Loading Resource  anim_b
    Loading Resource  shields
    Loading Resource  shields_b
    Loading Resource  weapon_meshes_c
    Loading Resource  xtree_meshes_b
    Loading Resource  map_icons_c
    Loading Resource  pictures
    Loading Resource  scene_encounter_spot
    Loading Resource  interior_thirsty_lion
    Loading Resource  scene_small_tavern
    Loading Resource  weapon_meshes1
    Loading Resource  weapon_meshes_b
    Loading Resource  houses1
    Loading Resource  wall_meshes1
    Loading Resource  town_houses
    Loading Resource  doors
    Loading Resource  churches
    Loading Resource  town_houses_b
    Loading Resource  castle_c
    Loading Resource  castle_d
    Loading Resource  castle_e
    Loading Resource  castle_f
    Loading Resource  castle_g
    Loading Resource  castle_h
    Loading Resource  fake_houses
    Loading Resource  town_houses_c
    Loading Resource  banners
    Loading Resource  map_flags
    Loading Resource  map_flags_b
    Loading Resource  map_flags_c
    Loading Resource  costumes_a
    Loading Resource  particles_2
    Loading Resource  prisons
    Loading Resource  prisons_b
    Loading Resource  interiors_d
    Loading Resource  costumes_b
    Loading Resource  costumes_c
    Loading Resource  arena_costumes
    Loading Resource  boots_a
    Loading Resource  terrain_borders
    Loading Resource  terrain_borders_b
    Loading Resource  skyboxes
    Loading Resource  object_b
    Loading Resource  tree_e_meshes
    Loading Resource  destroy
    Loading Resource  xtree_meshes_c
    Loading Resource  grass_meshes_b
    Loading Resource  interiors_steppe
    Loading Resource  grooming_horse
    Loading Resource  town_houses_d
    Loading Resource  horses_b
    Loading Resource  ani_horse_mounted
    Loading Resource  deneme2
    Loading Resource  horse_skeleton
    Loading Resource  steppe_fake_houses
    Loading Resource  weapon_meshes_d
    Loading Resource  tableau_shields
    Loading Resource  heraldic_armors
    Loading Resource  spear
    Loading Resource  weapons_e
    Loading Resource  custom_banner
    Loading Resource  ani_man_walk
    Loading Resource  ani_twohanded
    Loading Resource  ani_onehanded
    Loading Resource  ani_death
    Loading Resource  ani_stand_guardsman
    Loading Resource  ani_human_mounted
    Loading Resource  ani_lady_stand
    Loading Resource  ani_poses
    Loading Resource  ani_stand_shopkeeper
    Loading Resource  ani_man_cheer
    Loading Resource  ani_stand_onhorse
    Loading Resource  ani_throw_stone
    Loading Resource  ani_strikes
    Loading Resource  ani_equip_arms
    Loading Resource  ani_run_p
    Loading Resource  ani_run_forward_left_right
    Loading Resource  uni_strikes3
    Loading Resource  ani_walk_sideways
    Loading Resource  ani_run_sideways
    Loading Resource  uni_jump
    Loading Resource  uni_stances
    Loading Resource  uni_equip
    Loading Resource  uni_strike
    Loading Resource  uni_throws
    Loading Resource  uni_fistswing
    Loading Resource  uni_lord_stand
    Loading Resource  uni_defence
    Loading Resource  uni_sideways
    Loading Module Resource  solidandshade
    Loading Module Resource  necrogauntlets
    Loading Module Resource  ghoulhands
    Loading Module Resource  hornedgloves
    Loading Module Resource  mypictures
    Loading Module Resource  ghoulhands2
    Loading Module Resource  ghoulhands3
    Loading Module Resource  necrogauntlets2
    Loading Module Resource  necrogauntlets3
    Loading Module Resource  ghoulhands4
    Loading Module Resource  necrogauntlets4
    Loading Module Resource  demonhands
    Loading Module Resource  golemhands
    Loading Module Resource  blackgauntlets
    Loading Module Resource  shadowhands
    Loading Module Resource  necrogauntlets5
    Loading Module Resource  necrogauntlets6
    Loading Module Resource  necrogauntlets7
    Loading Module Resource  banners_b
    Loading Module Resource  map_flags_d
    Loading Module Resource  ghasthands
    Loading Module Resource  myfaces
    Loading Module Resource  medusa
    Loading Module Resource  medusahands
    Loading Module Resource  reddeathhands
    Loading Module Resource  patchworkhands
    Loading Module Resource  ghasthands2
    Loading Module Resource  ghasthands3
    Loading Module Resource  ghasthands4
    Loading Module Resource  partyhands
    Loading Module Resource  destroyerhands
    Loading Module Resource  siegegolemhands
    Loading Module Resource  vampiregauntlets
    Loading Module Resource  wolfgloves
    Loading Module Resource  whitewolfgloves
    Loading Module Resource  catgloves
    Loading Module Resource  woodengloves
    Loading Module Resource  burnedwoodengloves
    Loading Module Resource  putridwoodengloves
    Loading Module Resource  preservedwoodengloves
    Loading Module Resource  greatartificergloves
    Loading Module Resource  diamondgloves
    Loading Module Resource  falconrygloves
    Loading Module Resource  typhongauntlets
    Loading Module Resource  abbygloves
    Loading Module Resource  mrjgloves
    Loading Module Resource  sludgegolemhands
    Loading Module Resource  golemhandsiron
    Loading Module Resource  golemhandsgold
    Loading Module Resource  bdgloves
    Loading Module Resource  skeletonhands
    Loading Module Resource  galateahands
    Loading Module Resource  piratehands
    Loading Module Resource  user_interface_b
    Loading Module Resource  nymphhands
    Loading Music...
    WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE:  game_check_party_sees_party
    WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE:  game_get_party_speed_multiplier
    Loading Module...
    Loading item kinds...
    Loading dialogs...
    Loading mission templates...
    Loading party templates...
    Loading Textures...
    Finished Loading Textures...
    Finished All...
    load_map_data complete.
    Init_map complete.
    init_meta_mission complete.
    map mesh built.
    parties added.
    launch complete.
    Switching to menu window...
    load_map_data complete.
    Init_map complete.
    init_meta_mission complete.
    map mesh built.
    parties added.
    launch complete.
    Switching to menu window...
    You gained 5 renown.
    Saving Game... Creating new savegame file... Saving header... Saving game state... Closing new save game file... Backing up old file name... Removing old backup file. Renaming old savegame to backup file. Renaming new savegame file. Savegame succeded... begin_setup end_setup begin_setup end_setup

    ... That is the log file. It doesn't even log the crash. I saved, and went to the arena, and it crashed as soon as battle engaged.

    I might have to look into some compiling utilities.
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    SOLVED: Bugslaying: Errors That Crash The Game But Do Not Show In Compile?

    Specifically that's the issue I am having right now - the game crashes during combat, and especially at arena, even though everything compiles fine. There can only be a certain number of things that could cause this. But I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, and what the...
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    Module System Objects: Is There a Limit in

    To specify, the issue I am having is: my game seems to crash the same way it does when i reach the item limit, if i add any more menus to "".  So I'm worried I may have hit a limit on menus... :?:
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    Warband Refined & Enhanced Compiler Kit (v1.0.0 @ Mar 01, 2015)

    I apologize if this has been asked anywhere else, but will this compiler work with M&B 1.011 as well? :mrgreen:
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    Module System Objects: Is There a Limit in

    So I am well aware of the Item Limit in the M&B 1.011 module system... But my question is: since all the files contain objects, is there a limit to the number of menus you can have in
  13. N0ught

    Coding Issue; Makes No Sense; Losing Mind A Little Bit...

    Also, if I add one or two apostrophes instead of text, it tells me there is an unexpected end of line in the file. on loading the game, and crashes...

  14. N0ught

    Coding Issue; Makes No Sense; Losing Mind A Little Bit...

    Alright so can someone PLEASE tell me why changing the following causes the arena to crash? Original Code:   ("action_corpsewife2_step",0,   ".\ ^^Perform the ritual of The Silent Step?\ ^^Ingredients: Woolen Hose, Blue Hose.",   "none",   [ ],     [      ...
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    Checking the logic of a Module System file?

    Alright so I cannot figure out why my file is causing the game to crash - I have a backup file from not long ago, and everything works fine with it, but the only real difference is more lines of text. I don't see any commas out of place. So I have two questions: 1: Is there a...
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