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    Yet Another Smithing Suggestion (YASS?)

    Stamina: I'm fine with stamina requiring that you stop and rest. The idea that you replenish stamina by exerting yourself is a bit unrealistic -- it works the opposite in reality. This is actually the only limit on what is currently a reasonably unbalanced aspect of the game, so I don't think we should aim to make it less balanced by making it less realistic.You can easily rest outside of the towns, though, out in the field or in villages or in castles too.
    I fail to understand any of the points here.
    Is marching with an army so exerting that your arms can't recover from all the hammer swinging? If that's the case, why is your stamina not getting depleted from fighting? Why is your fighting performance not affected if you have 0 smithing stamina?
    What is so unbalanced in allowing the smithing stamina to replenish at a reduced rate while you're playing the rest of the game?
    Standing still outside of a town doesn't replenish your stamina. Waiting in a village doesn't replenish your stamina. Waiting while your siege equipment is being placed doesn't replenish your stamina.
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    Yet Another Smithing Suggestion (YASS?)

    I've seen several suggestions to smithing going around since EA launch, but some things that I'd like modified I haven't seen yet. So here we are... Stamina This is the obvious one - locking stamina replenishment to staying in cities is not fun. You're basically asking the player to stop...
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    Resolved 1.5.7 Deserter Extortion Quest - hungry deserters

    I've only noticed in the recent playthrough, but whenever the deserter party is spawned, it looks like it has no food, so by the time they get to the village, they lose a lot of people (more than a dozen from what I saw) Not sure if that's intended behavior
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    Resolved [e1.5.7 beta] Crashes when interacting with Looters (multiple causes explained).

    After the hotfix it got worse - now it's crashing 100% of the time when I catch looters if I have a crafted weapon in my inventory. If I smelt all of those, then everything is fine.
    2021-01-18_21.02.09_3f692c584d458bd7a0a629109fff5222 (Copied to clipboard)
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    Resolved [e1.5.7 beta] Crashes when interacting with Looters (multiple causes explained).

    For me this crash is 100% reproducible
    You load the savefile in the town, go to the smithy and craft any weapon (tried two-handed or one-handed swords, daggers), then exit on the global map, and try catching any looter party.
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    Resolved [e1.5.7 beta] Crashes when interacting with Looters (multiple causes explained).

    Very similar crashes for me, sent a few reports about it

    What I noticed: it does seem to happen after I play for roughly 30 minutes and indeed, most of the time after I use a smithy in a town. However, if I save in between, loading that save and going after the same group of looters doesn't trigger the crash.
    Also, once it happened with the Steppe Bandits instead of looters.

    What I think might be the problem - when you are crafting, the new weapons generate their ID, which maybe is not fully propagating through all the databases? But if you load a save file that has the ID, it would be correctly accounted for everywhere else?
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    Resolved Gang Leader need Weapons bugs

    [1.5.0] Still an issue - requested 40 one-handed axes, but takes first all my other gear in weapons and shields/ranged tab (two-handed swords, one-handed swords, shields, javelin and a bow)
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    Need More Info Weird graphic glitch

    I was having these issues already for a while, I kind of think even before the beta branch...

    It happens normally once I launch the game and pretty soon after I get into a fight, be it tournament, or a normal looter battle.

    I've tried pausing and going to the options to see if one of those causes this, but was kind of unable to identify it. What does always help is if I switch the overall graphics quality to either medium or high. I still think it's some combination of the options I normally change (I tend to reduce shadow quality, make them static only, turn down AA and disable DOF/Motion Blur/Film grain)
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    Leveling system and level caps

    Oh man, I completely misunderstood the patch details... This
    Changed Skill XP increase formula to 10 + skill level.
    means that the amount of XP one needs to advance from level N-1 to level N is N+10 higher than the previous level... So, if at level 0 we need 30 XP to get to level 1, the formula is
    XP(N-1,N) = 20+N*10 + (N-1)*N/2

    That changes nothing for the level caps, and I don't even know the formula that was used before that...
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    Leveling system and level caps

    Thanks, guys! Though as Bellicosity pointed out, the cap listed as "training limit" is not actually a limit, so theoretically we can still level till probably lvl30-ish. However, between the dropping leveling multiplier, growing XP requirements to gain the next skill point and taking into account that normal people will not be trying to level all the available skills, I think the general point of my post still stands. Hopefully the devs will come around to balancing it at some point.
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    Leveling system and level caps

    Limit is where how far your learning limit is maxxed out.
    Could you please elaborate on this? What does it mean? Is it something explained in the game to any extend?
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    Leveling system and level caps

    I have seen the changes made to the leveling system, and while it looked like it went down a bit, there was still something I found fishy about the level caps... After playing one campaign on the main branch and starting a new one, I've noticed that the overall leveling requirements gets really...
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