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    Pelataas! Jurassic Park: Trespasser

    Aika huvittavia bugeja kyllä on. Muutamat naurut sai näistä.  :razz:
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    Best face in warband?

    Name: Hande
    Nationality: Finland
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    Server list slow to update/stays empty

    This happens to me randomly. Mostly this works for me if go back to main menu and then try to load list again.
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    Character list

    I have only two Characters in my game. One for Native and one for Mod.
    That is all I need.

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    Character list

    Golradir said:
    Sammurai & Ninja !  :mad:
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    Kysymys pelin tilaamiseen liittyen !

    Et joudu odottamaan. Voit alkaa latamaan peliä samantien kun maksusi on hyväksytty.
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    Apua tartteen.

    Ne haluu sun rahat.
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    Nations Cup 2012 - Suomen maajoukkue

    Zoltanus said:
    JAAKKO ME NÄHÄÄN SUT! Ilmouttaudu mukaan! :razz:

    Edit: Alatzy ja myname myös  :!:

    Muuten kyllä mutta ei oikein jouda kun pitää puuhastella NI modin parissa.
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    [M] NordInvasion

    This is very nice update, I like.  :razz:
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    Map needed

    Could you show that your blueprint from map ?
    If it looks interresting, I might make if for you.
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    Mount&Blade-kysymykset sekä muu tilpehööri

    Kokeileppa tehdä tämä ensin.
    Fatwalrus said:
    Fixed mine without reinstall:

    1) Go here: C:\Users\Name\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband
    2) Open up : rgl_config.txt
    3) Find: "use_secure_connection = 1"
    4) Change it to: "use_secure_connection = 0"

    Save and close.. problem solved.
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    Real Warfare 2 Northern Crusades

    Yes this game is very good. I suggest to give this a try if you are looking for good Medieval strategy game.
    That real-time strategy map is very nice if you have got enough of turn based ones.
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    Public Teamspeak 3 Server

    Thanks Barny and Mahud.  :razz:
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