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  1. [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    Great General Cavujancha can only laugh and smirk at the poor display of combat ability of those who refused to surrender to his great kingdom. Xaratanga blesses us with a victory once more just as she did to my forefathers. In order to celebrate this victory and the birth of my first son, Terazi. I will organize a feast in our capital and the rulers of the Chumbia, Acoliman, Tzintzuntzan, Yuzu Dzaa and Yopitzinco are invited to this feast. To share our food and drink, if for some reason you can't come directly. Then we will gladly receive with the same hospitality a representative from your nation into our own.
  2. [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    1.- Zacatollan
    2.- Kingdom of Nicoya
    3.- Diria

    Previous BoP Experience: Lots, mostly from other forums. Never played in taleworlds, because I saw most of the rp's dead and quite slow to my taste. I have been playing Nation Roleplays for quite a while now and I am quite interested in this game. Interested enough to make an account to play :v

    Previous Mesoamerican Experience: Well little being honest, I am more acquainted with the Andean cultures given that I am Peruvian.

    *Pss gib discord
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