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    Bannerlord was a grift

    I'm pretty sure no-one has claimed the mod is meant as a co-op campaign to begin with, even the developer has had to clarify his intention to a bunch of small-brains in the past. However, they're getting there, as they're soon to release factions of which players can pledge allegiance to within a few updates, and there's already ''Wildlands'' which is a PvP area in-game, as well as trading between players, making it more of an open-world RPG. Clearly they've had to recode things to work in the multiplayer. I find it funny when people expect this sole modder to have everything complete, plus more on day 1, especially when TW does, per your own rhetorics, obfuscate their code too. Anyway, BO has a rather clear roadmap on their discord compared to other studios.
    TW does not obfuscate their code, you can inspect their code with dnspy or etc. easily. This shows that you do not know what you are talking about. It is Bannerlord Online dev/s that obfuscate their code. My issue is with people who use Bannerlord Online as an example to twist the TaleWorlds' quote on the co-op campaign. Their re-coding includes straight-up removal of vanilla systems and implementation of much more rudimentary ones, so they would work with a server. Bannerlord Online is not a full campaign and it is never going to be one.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    When I see people praising the Bannerlord Online Mod for all the wrong reasons, I just cringe. Bannerlord Online is not a co-op campaign. In fact, most of the campaign behaviours are removed from it for it to work and that is what I can tell from all the obfuscated code that it has. A playable co-op campaign would with all the features of a single-player campaign indeed be hard to develop as the devs claim.
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    Hi Tw, i think you should do something about this scum.

    Hello, if you are a Turkish citizen. You can use this link to report fraudulent ads.
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    Petition for modding tools!

    How about no
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    So I bought a RAM

    Also this

    downloading ram confirmed
    I watched this video a couple days ago. There was a thing related to this, I forgot what it is called.
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    Where's the patch, TW.

    Oh you found a major issue? What was it?
    Are you living in a bubble? There are major crash and performance issues with 1.3. Do you want them to confirm that there are major crash and performance issues with 1.3 that we all know?
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    Where's the patch, TW.

    I am not sure if you are following the announcements from TW. People are not complaining about no patches coming out EVERY OTHER DAY. TW has promised to do weekly updates with beta branches and later alpha branches. Now we don't see any alpha branches, and there had not been an update for more than a week.
    It would be fine if TW comes out and explains what is happening here. Are they enjoying a holiday, which is fine btw? Is there a change of plan? Any new developments that may need more time? Any of these would satisfy a majority of the screaming players. But nothing, radio silent. So I say the complaining sentiments of the community are well justified.
    No, they did not promise absolute weekly patches. They said time frame might change if there are issues, and clearly there are issues with 1.3 patch.
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    Taleworlds, where is the Transparency & Communication? :(

    TaleWorlds should just post daily dev blogs and never update the game Star Citizen style, and then maybe all this whining would cease.
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    How to Form A Kingdom (help, please)

    You can't if you didn't completed the main branch.
    Bet there are ways you can't learn from a Jedi.

    Install the Developer Console Module and the use command campaign.create_player_kingdom

    Also you should probably disable the main quest line with some commands.
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    M&B had peaked with F&S, apparently

    Wat? History is classified as a social science and there are definitely historical facts, and also opinions. The National Research Council classifies history as a social science.
    Don't bother mate, he just uses fallacies and twists your words to fit in his argument.
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    M&B had peaked with F&S, apparently

    Your words are clear. You state there is only one reason it was called the Dark Ages, which has been proven wrong. And then you attacked his education...which was laughable considering how little you knew about the topic. Again, you were proven wrong and cannot hope to prove yourself correct as any single thing that goes against what you said proves you wrong. That happens when you use absolutes.

    But I do thank you for once again NOT posting anything to prove yourself correct with any outside source. No scientific method on your part. I am really chance to use my big gun on you before growing tired with you so I will just end my post with it to slap down any possible post by you later on.

    First historian is nicknamed which of the following "Great finder of truth via evidence" Or, "the Father of LIES".
    What is the correct common expression for history? "Historian is written by the one that finds the evidence first" Or, "History is written by the victor".

    Yeah, scientific method. History and factual evidence has as much to do with each other as your original comment that started this and...facts. Have a great day, thanks for the laughs.
    JSTOR is an outside source is it not? His hand-picked articles do not prove me wrong. That article itself was written because the site which he linked caused outrage among British Historians. I was not wrong with anything I said. And if you read what I wrote correctly, these were the reasons we started the Middle Ages, Dark Ages. from 500CE to 1500 CE, which were then proved wrong, and dropped from usage by majority. This games historical frame of reference is 9th-10th century. That makes his usage again, incorrect.

    And you are using a fallacy, good. I don't need to argue when someone just goes the lengths to use fallacies to disprove what is correct.


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    M&B had peaked with F&S, apparently

    Nope. He must prove that ALL historians no longer use the term Dark Ages for any other reason. All of them. His statement was universal to try to condemn your use of the term. I already have proven that there are 2 other reasons why the term is used and that they still use it for those reasons.
    The majority does not mean ALL, you are twisting my words to fit your own argument. Even the article linked above limits the usage of Dark Ages to the 5-7th century. So, his usage still would be incorrect. And you can go check publications from 2010 to 2020 at JSTOR. Most publications that include Dark Ages, A) Include it to prove dark ages in fact, not dark ages, B) Re-publications of old books, C) Are not talking about Middle Ages.
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    M&B had peaked with F&S, apparently

    History is not science and NO that is NOT how science works. 100% of all scientists rarely ever agree on any one thing. There are even scientists that say Darwin was wrong. The Deniable Darwin is a book of studies done that question it.

    You have this thing called a "all or nothing" attitude.
    History not being a science does not mean we don't use the scientific method in academic studies which history is a part of. For something to get disproven, it needs the majority of a scientific field to agree to it, which is the case with Dark Ages.
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    M&B had peaked with F&S, apparently

    Ignorance of what? Not agreeing with your hand selected list of experts?
    I do not need to hand-select my list of experts, because that includes most of the academic circles. On the other hand you do.

    Except X group of people just can't say "it's disproven" and then pull a Picard and say "Make it so." It's an ongoing debate, nothing is disproven, lol.

    The people you call X group of people are the majority. I believe you know, how majority and minority work, yes?
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    M&B had peaked with F&S, apparently

    So if a thing is not upheld by 100% of all one upholds it and it magically makes everything else other historians say magically disappear and not exist...So long, thanks for placing yourself into the same uneducated category as the person I replied to.
    Yes, that is how science works. If your information is wrong or disproven, which in this case is, we disregard that. There are many historical records from the Middle Ages, there are no LACK OF HISTORICAL RECORDS as you claim.
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