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    Thank you Taleworlds

    A red sun rises, blood has been spilled this night​

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    Bannerlord was a grift

    I hate how TW are developping the game, we cant get normal update in already 2 month. The only big feature is a RETURNING one with companions - nobles
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    For those who still think, that the skins wouldn't be monetized

    I don't mind micro-transactions as long as all that money goes into multiplayer growth.
    But it doesnt...
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    For those who still think, that the skins wouldn't be monetized


    If they monetize the skins, it's your optional choice to pay for that. Your choice alone. You will have to accept that other people throw money at the devs for burning bastard swords, pink helmets or anime nekopara skins is beyond your control. I don't care at this point. It's the trend at the moment and the consumer's choice. If people have spare coin to throw, who are we to judge? Gambling is a very strong urge deeply rooted into the human being. As long as it is not modifying the combat by payable perks which grant you buffs...
    Artorias sword pls pls
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    For those who still think, that the skins wouldn't be monetized

    I really couldn't care less if TW monetized skins as long as they were just that, no boosts, stats etc with real money.

    Monetization of skins is one the best ways to keep earning some money from the multiplayer community without making a game unfair in reality, i've never once in my life bought a skin and don't plan to do for any game but as long as they don't make it P2W i'm fine :razz:
    It is not a good thing, if a game is in EA with barely no improvements, moreover an indie one.
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    For those who still think, that the skins wouldn't be monetized

    Guys, guys... Listen... Now, open google and type "Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010)" and find out about progression of this awesome game. Here you also have been able to purchase everything linked with progression for a game currency. Skins, weapon modules, outfits etc. But it was the last CoD...
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    Congratulations TW

    Sadly you and your ilk aren't the only players on this game. There are many Warband Vets, like myself, who just expected so much more from the successor of one of their favorite games.
    This is bait bro, chill. I am playing M&B since 2009 so I am more veteran than you :grin:
    I hate what TW did with Bannerlord.
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    Congratulations TW

    Thanks for the laugh.
    You are welcome ;D
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    Congratulations TW

    Omg, what are you talking about? This game is perfect, me and 2 other remaining players love it! This game is still in Early Access and devs doing their best to improve it! Shame on you!!!!! :xf-mad:
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    Lol I don't even feel bad for saying you cannot read if you don't understand you are the one who created a toxic atmosphere. Classic
    Lmao, stop being such a ridiculous fanboy. Cavalry is OP in this game and multiple threads during BL lifespan confirm that fact. You can't counter cavalry with current class system, when you are forced to play with pre-made classes and majority of time you will play as a peasant unit, which doesn't have spears or other counter-cav weapons (besides Battanian one, idk, haven't played that corpse for half a year). That's not because of the individual skill, but because of a abysmal gamedesign. Nothing stopping you from playing Bannerlord, but please, don't expect others to accept this vision. Just accept the fact, that ignoring accomplishments of Warband made Bannerlord unplayable, unbalanced and killed all the fun in this "game". That is why that "game" is dead (please don't tell me about ~150 players and active clans, in comparison yesterday on 2 a.m.!!!!! around 400 players played NW)
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    Finally decent optimization (1.6.0) Thoughts about latest patch.

    Thank you TW, finally I can play with comfort on my 1050. Finally you've fixed stutters with first kill in battle and sieges performance. There are still problems, but it is decent. Good job. I suppose, bad performance as in latest 1.5.X will not be repeated further and we will see only...
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