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    CEO Statement regarding the release

    lmao, its been 3 years since EA and you're still mad. I have known what's going on two years ago. Its awesome that Bannerlord is coming and we don't have to wait for patches, that can break down performance etc. I am glad, because modders can finally work on their mods in full scale and not rely on updates.
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    Just give up and start over at this point

    you really think that the new game would be better than Bannerlord? lmao
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    Patch Notes e1.7.2

    I expect a new patch to be the biggest one, more than 2 month without new patch. Also TW said that full release will be on the Q2 of 2022, 4 days remaining. So the next update is full release, or the game will be delayed?
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    Ukrainian localization

    Games don't tend to include languages based on the political sensibilities of the time but the relevance of its speaker player base. Ukrainian may have 40-80mil native speakers but if that doesn't translate into the size of the Ukrainian customer base, it just doesn't make fiscal sense to bother. Besides, "just learn English" is never an inadequate reason. If you don't already have an acceptable grasp of the language in your adulthood in the 21th century, video games are an optimal place to start.
    That being said, Delando est Russia
    Ukrainian fanbase of M&B is big, Fire and Sword was developed by Ukrainian modders from Sich too.
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    Ukrainian localization

    Can X language be added? Ofc it can, doesn't mean that it will. I can think of a dozen other languages that could be added instead of Ukrainian by population.

    Thread is stupid
    Thread is not stupid, just asking if it can be added, considering big fanbase in Ukraine
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    Ukrainian localization

    I, as a fine Ukrainian specimen, think that's the biggest joke I've seen in a while
    What exactly is joke to you?

    I agree with you, dude
    Ukraine has become a different language from russian and a different culture a long time ago
    but probably your hope is more with modders i think, unfortunaly
    It hasn't "became", it was always different

    In the spirit of peaceful coexistence and sanctions, I propose the Russian language translation to be butchered with choice Ukrainian words, so no one would be offensively happy. Peace!
    Funny (no)

    This thread was always going to lead to a cycle of :

    Person A : Hey man, it's kind of similar to Russian.

    Person B : How dare you! I'm so offended!

    Person A : Come on, you are being too sensitive.

    Blah blah blah blah etc. etc. etc.

    In reality... I'm sure Ukrainian will indeed be added by mods. Like so many other things.

    This is Taleworlds we are talking about after all.
    He wasn't saying that the languages are kinda similar, but that Ukrainians should be sufficient with russian.
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    Ukrainian localization

    What's wrong with the english version?
    Not all people understand English on the level which is required to play comfortably.
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    Ukrainian localization

    There is English and Russian (which is speaken a lot in Ukraine) , i think even the presence of Russian language is already a big win and should be enough , at least for ukrainian gamers that do not speak english.
    (in the end you can always check for mods for ukr translation)

    But answering your question
    " it is possible Ukrainian language to be added? "

    Ofc it is possible , since there are different languages in the game , so i guess you wanted to ask if Devs will consider adding that language to the game, which is already a different question , not trying to be a pessimist but i doubt that it will happen , since even now we get a patch each 2+ months with so little content that it seems that modders are working harder on their mods then devs on the game itself)
    It is offensive of you to say that russian is sufficient for Ukrainians. It's the same if you've said: "Oh, you have your native language with 40 millions speakers? How about to play with the language, which was forced to your nation in colonial way? Many Ukrainians don't speak russian fluently or even understand.
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    Ukrainian localization

    I have seen previous thread, which was blocked. This thing interested me too, as I am from Ukraine. I just want to know, if it is possible Ukrainian language to be added? Yes, many Ukrainians understand russian, but I think a lot of our people would like to play the game with the Ukrainian...
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    Key Mods to Make Bannerlord What it Should be....

    Thank you, I have searched for such list
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    Thanks but...! (Clickbait)

    +++ we need a roadmap for the future updates!
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    1.7.0 is the BEST PATCH EVER MADE IN 2 YEARS

    No new chicken nor duck textures or new haircuts 2/10 at best my dude
    No cataphract speed change from 0,025 to 0,0252 0/10
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    1.7.0 is the BEST PATCH EVER MADE IN 2 YEARS

    Its not a bug. its bad design. they removed the flexibility of assigning specific units (or companions) to a new formation. the game now does this for you and puts your companions at risk.
    Not a bug, but still report it please :smile: They will probably fix this feature, if you will speak about it
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    1.7.0 is the BEST PATCH EVER MADE IN 2 YEARS

    Except for the fact that my companions are locked in the infantry unit and I cannot find a way to get them out. Some of them don't even have proper armor yet and are dieing.

    The new battle system is pretty bad. It has complicated the hell out of things and not made it any more flexible. The game now decides in which formation your companions will be and which units will join a particular formation.
    Write about that in the bug report on this forum
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    1.7.0 is the BEST PATCH EVER MADE IN 2 YEARS

    At this rate they might release multiplayer server files by the year 2025
    MP is still bad and dead, unfortunately
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