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    SP Native Medieval Blood, **** and Iron - a total troop overhaul

    Hi all,

    I am the author of Blood, **** and Iron, a troop overhaul which seeks to thread the line between historical accuracy and lore-friendliness. I have made an effort to ensure that each faction has a unique feel to it with its own strength and weaknesses while also remaining balanced.

    Each troop tree was rebuilt from the ground up and modeled after various 11th&12th century factions:

    - Sturgia: Based on what I thought a Scandinavian kingdom would look like had it remained free from the influence of Christianity and Feudalism to a lesser extent. I plan to add a Rus inspired secondary troop tree in the future to represent the cultural split within the faction that happens later on in Bannerlord lore.

    - Vlandia: Based on Northern French armies in the 11th/12th centuries

    - Battania: Based on 11th and 12th century records of the army of the various Welsh kingdoms, specifically looking at the Battles of Mynydd Carn and Crug Mawr as examples of staged battles fought by the Welsh prior to Norman and English colonization.

    - Empire: Based on Komnenian era unit types and army composition influenced from 11th century sources with a light touch of Late Western Roman. Each Empire faction will have access to various "auxilia" units to reflect cultural diversity of the Empire. All imperial factions will have access to the same auxilia, but to varying degrees. All together, the total roster for Empire factions contains 36 new units.

    - Aserai: Based on Fatimid Caliphate's use of slave armies and ethic specific roles in its military before and during the First Crusade. The Aserai will have access to a mix of Aserai infantry, Abid swordsmen, Suriun archers, Kutama horsemen and its elite Mamluk mounted warriors. While not as well armored as their counterparts, they make excellent use of skirmish cavalry and have a secret weapon: the Naffatun (Greek fire thrower)

    -Khuzaits : Based on the Khazars, a prosperous Turkic Khanate which is one of the few example of a settled Turkic people. Their armies will be a mix of Khuzaits holding on to the old way of life and the skill of horse archery, Feudal Khuzaits which are beginning to forget to the old ways and turn towards melee cavalry. However, the brunt of their foot soldiers will be Vaighirs (modeled after the Volga Bulgars), the people which originally lived in the Eastern parts of the Empire and which were conquered by the Khuzaits when they fled a greater threat to the East which still looms over them.

    Please check out the Articles section for more details on each faction and the philosophy behind them.

    Thanks for reading this, feel free to share!

    - DF
    Wow this is great how have i not seen this sooner?
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    Documentation World Map World-mapping for Bannerlord

    >mfw someone releases thorough documentation on new modding tools
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    Bannerlord Worries

    Wow, an image with less than 2 jpeg repetitions. Shut up and take my gratitude.
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