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    Theories on why Americans don't like this game?

    Maybe because of the server locations and bad connections people have. Do we have data on how the singleplayer player base does compared to multiplayer in europe and the us respectively?

    Could also be a cultural thing where europeans feel more connected to the middleages.
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    1K Win Badge When?

    I think there could just be a badge for your exact win count.

    For early access I think adding another grind badge shouldn't be a thing because they will no longer be available and some people (me) have already done the math to find out how much they have to play in order to achieve the 750 badge at the end of early access (roughly 1:20h each day for one year) while still keeping a realy life.

    Not to forget all the people who like siege and TDM more than captain and skirmish and would be excluded from all the badges.
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    How to approach Xbow?

    Longer readying time for xbows, especially after kicks.
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    What is the actual reason we can't get server files?

    I can imagine that they have a lot of hardcoded stuff that would lead to crashes if custom servers were allowed. Remember that TW reverted friendly fire in siege because it seemingly caused connection losses from the lobby.
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    Cavalry is overpowered

    Can we make horses just act more like living beings? E.g. They could try not to run into walls on their own but also shy away from pointy things on eye hight. A 0.2 second delay to player commands until the horse obeys would also work in that direction.

    Also a chance of throwing off or at least stunning the rider when the horse is reared or hit for a lot of damage would be nice. A horse dieing in full gallop should also feel a bit more like a car crash without airbag to the rider.
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    Make Peasant class optional in TDM and Siege

    I dunno how to feel about archers having absolutely no restrictions to them. Even with the way the economy works, archer spam often turns Bannerlord into a tactical shooter.
    At the same time you will always be able to spawn with shield and spear at the same time so archer spam and cav span should be a lot less terrifying.
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    Inf op, cav useless

    time to change the topic title

    They did it:love:
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    Inf op, cav useless

    Make inf run faster than cav. Cav is already tankier and better in melee.
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    Siege Skala Landings

    Care to elaborate why on 1 way barricades are such a terrible idea?

    Top of the keep would be ideal with a couple of 1 way barricades as shown in the screenshot.
    If it is just in the keep, creates an easy choke-point for attackers to close and keep defenders in spawn.
    One way barricades aren't a bad idea but the place in the screenshot is far too clote to G.
    That said the dast defender spawn is too far away from action and too open for harassment from the attackers, especially when the defenders have no money left for anti cav units.

    What culture is this castle supposed to belong to? The shrine at E, the look of the keep and the orange treeleaves suggest Sturgia in autumn. The brownish grass suggests a hot and arid weather so that it feels more like Khuzait or even the Empire.
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    1.5.5 Balance and Further Changes

    Another Potential Solution to Consider:
    An idea that has been thrown around the community, originally suggested by Brandis in an older forum post, would be to Limit the distance the player captain unit can separate from his/her respective Ai units. A reasonable distance would be about 10 paces/steps or less so as to ensure that a player captain unit has to stay with his/her troops and couldn't run off on their own to engage in the exploitation of enemy Ai units with the above mentioned strategy as they would also have to risk losing their Ai units in the attempt as well rather than just a single unit, which would discourage players from using these "cheesey" strategies in favor of more organized and command based gameplay.
    Maybe one could also introduce a harsher punishment for commander deaths like a long respawn time or "follow only" as soon as the commander dies and the remaining squad is essentially leaderless.

    Of course most people would be happier abount an AI that is able to react propperly and proportionally to the dancers at hand. Maybe some losening of positional restrictions could also help. I found that a charge order in the right moment can be quite helpful to deal with cav that tries to pick on stationary infantry.
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    Captain mode - Skirmishers Fastest infantry units?

    For most ranged classes the running speed is deliberately lowered in order to prevent kiting. I think for skirmishers the low amount of ammunition should be sufficient to prevent that and I would be fine to have them as the fastest infantry in game.

    On the other hand clan warriors are a light infantry class, so catching up with skirmishers is not too far fetched.
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    Make Peasant class optional in TDM and Siege


    Has been brought up often enough and I think it deserves being tested in a balance patch.

    PS: Can you add a survey to the thread for a quick overview of opinions?
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    1-4 will switch between weapon slots, although some UI that showed which weapon slot each weapon was in would be nice.
    Thats trivia. I also mean because it's cumbersome to switch to the other side of the keyboard to reach the numpad. Maybe one could introduce a double scroll that lets you pick the third weapon immediately without a second animation.
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    Slight buffs for peasant units?

    Then you take brigand or varyag, whats the problem?
    That's speaking in sikirmish terms. OP is probably talking more about TDM where you are often forced to play a peasant class. Die once as berserker or dei twice as brigand and there we are. Varayg is usually not available.

    Rework the gold system si that we are never forced into pendant classes
    I think that would solve the issue for TDM/Siege, no need for a separate class system.
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    A petition to reintroduce friendly fire

    I'm quite certain that they will reintroduce it once they find out what caused the crashes.

    For TDM and siege I would highly prefer self damage over foreign damage for friendly fire.With a random matchup an chaotic circumstances the damage should be taken by the one who caused it so that he learns to be careful without making innocent teammates suffer.
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