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    Do you have to start new game with E 1.10 Beta?

    TW should really say something about it not being savegame compatible in the patch thread. There's a lot of people reporting bugs that are caused by using old saves as if it was something that needs to be fixed.
    Gotta agree there. I know it's implicit that a new branch will mean a different game, so it is most likely old things won't work, but it would be nice if they gave a heads up first. I didn't opt into beta yet precisely because I suspected this, and then decided to start a new game anyway, go figure...

    @Figulus I'd assume so. The beta branch is very different from the main game. I suggest moving your normal saves out of your saves directory and storing them somewhere on your pc until you switch back to the main game.
    It is a nice suggestion, and please do that, but keep a close eye, because they may not work on future patches, depending on how heavily they work in the new branches, and how those changes are implemented into the stable version.
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    Beautiful but fat?

    Whey protein and all-carb diet works, according to Calradians.

    I almost opted into the beta. Glad I didn't today, next week I will.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    I saw on a PC Gamer (?) today or some game journalist site that they mentioned that TW are reintroducing autoblock.
    There you go. Can probably close the thread now :razz:
    Kek'd here. The journalist seem to have spent the time and read most of the thread. Interesting. Though he is citing exactly what the intelligent forum member said: contacted TW, got the answer.

    Still glad to know that TW will most likely make it happen again. And sad that people keep responding to the thread as if their personal enjoyment of the game should be reenacted by others.
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    Can AI understand if their/enemy troops have shields

    I believe, for now, all infantry troops are being classified into the same group. Mayhaps TW should consider reworking the formations to place specific shielded troops in front, and non-shielded behind, OR, simply split between different categories of troops - Shield Infantry and Infantry, so we can manually position each. FOr now, it is like grouping horse archers and horsemen together.
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    Add steam workshoop to your game

    They will.
    It's that all mods now are completely unsupported and "unofficial". Since TW is making daily patches for now, any one mod is most likely pointless, for eventually, all current mods will be broken. TW hasn't yet released the mod development tools, which they will soon enough, and I am sure they'll also launch the Steam Workshop with it, if not, they will soon after, if not even before. Don't worry about that, TW has been very kind to modding in Bannerlord, it's just that the game is very far from finished, and so are the friendly and compatible tools to develop mods. It'll be a matter of months, but it will happen.

    My advice? If you really want current mods, stick to Nexus. It's a good and reliable source. I much prefer it to ModDB.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    anything less isn't the ideal true experience.
    The problem remains, sir, that you believe you know what should be an ideal true experience for the game, whereas such thing is entirely subjective. Armagan's view on the game might not be the ideal true experience for Callum, for instance. As it shouldn't be. There is no such thing, you are preaching religion to us, as if there is one ultimate form of experience, one final form of entertainment idealized for every single player that ever plays it, and unless each one abides by that final form, they are not having the "true experience" of the game, thus they enjoy it less than you do.

    Again: your fetishes are not universal; granted, a lot of people might have them, but they are not equally loved, nor should they be universally imposed on others. Just because "challenge", "skill" and "getting better" are things you consider fun and the "ideal experience" for Bannerlord, doesn't mean it is. It may be for you, but not for everyone else.

    Congratulations on what you can or cannot do on the game. Just don't go on preaching what you consider best to be the best thing ever, and the "ideal way to play". It is a game. If I want to, I will mod it, would that not detract from the "ideal intended experience" as well? Since it would not be the idealized version by someone from the dev team. That argument is completely invalid, and totally subjective.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    Just to clarify what I'm saying is just speculation but there's SO many unfinished things in this game I really think autoblock is under that section.
    I suspected as much, and that is exactly my feeling too.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    I'll be serious for the first time in this thread. Realistically, Taleworlds is planning on having autoblock for SP but is possibly still being worked on due to the combat changes.
    Thanks for the info there. It was what I was hoping for. Still hoping they might make a separate autoblock for shields and for weapons, just because.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    The only thing I'm saying is that the autoblock-enabled metagame and balance shift compared to the one without autoblock. As I said, something's gotta give since there is presumably only one set of weapon stats yet two forms of effectiveness based on the chosen blocking options because the same weapon/build/composition have a different effectiveness based on the blocking option chosen.

    That said, I don't like the idea of just saying 'screw it, here's autoblock' because the system can be built on to make melee more enjoyable overall and if blocking is always as simple as a right click then the game is limiting its own potential.
    What you are embarking on, logically is the Slippery slope fallacy (link added as someone, I believe it was imgran, has done before). You believe and defend not having an autoblock feature, despite constant request and the accessibility opportunities it has, just because MAYBE, WHO KNOWS, TW might "nerf something because autoblock makes the game 'easier'"? That's precisely the tradeoff with autoblock: it makes blocking easier, It's not a balancing feature, it's not made to cater to lazy people, while still maintaining the challenge of the game.

    It's like placing a goddamn escalator BESIDE a staircase on the subway entrance/exit. "Oh, you're a weak person because you take the escalator instead of just going over the stairs". And you're defending not placing anymore escalators because "maybe the gorvernment will feel it makes people too lazy to walk and go up flights of stairs, so we are removing and prohibiting all forms of escalators on the country, so people get better at going up stairs."

    That's your argument, I reckon. And I stand against it, for all of those who want to have the freedom to choose between walking up stairs whenever they want, or just pressing a single button on the mouse to defend from incoming attacks whenever they want, instead of being forced to have "adrenaline pumps" while sitting in a chair in front of the computer at 4:43 in the morning.

    EDIT: quoted the wrong thing, my brain is tired
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    A (semi) complete list of all cut content I could find in the files

    Calm down sperg, its cut content as its literally cut at the moment from the current game version, probably because its not working properly yet, so they decided not to implement the features = cut them.
    I fail to see how its clickbaity.
    It's features that are going to be added, but were CUT, atleast for now.
    Because people are inclined to interpret headlines. That's what the mainstream media and buzzfeed have done to the current generation. They read the title, interpret it and run with it, barely even paying attention to what's actually written. Buzzword: CUT = THEY TOOK IT OUT OF THE GAME AND IT IS DONE, OVER!

    Maybe they need something like "suspended features", which might lead them to interpret that Erdogan is suspending TaleWorlds' building or something. I can't really care anymore.

    Regardless, the very fact that it even exists is enough to change player behaviour. I only discovered it after leaving a campaign running for an hour for modding purposes, but seeing a big "You character has lost stats!" screen was enough to make me remove that feature instantly. It made me realise that in native you are actually running on a timer and have to keep track of time, even if that doesn't really mean anything in the long run. I can then only imagine how this impacts player behaviour in Bannerlord when you are staring at the void of inevitable death for the entire game.
    Precisely this. I can't even remember where I wrote the same thing - the pressure it puts on players knowing they will inevitably die. Personally I like it, because I want to enjoy the clan aspect, more than the individual character. Not all people want this. I'm not even sure I will enjoy this forever. So I'm pro-choice. Give the person the chance to choose whether they want it active, or not. Makes EVERYBODY happy. Except douchebags, but only twitter cares about them.
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    I want more music!

    I am also astonishingly curious about it. The soundtrack really touched me for the most part. It felt... Good. I would like to suggest a future patch, or even DLC, with more music. TW can hire the same musicians and make more tracks, with the same themes. It could be awesome, though cost-intensive, probably. I haven't played it nearly enough to have heard most of the tracks, but they felt really good. Much, much better than I expected, and trailers and gameplay videos make absolutely no justice to how good the music actually is in-game.
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    Shady Community Hub Bans?

    The context doesn't make you look any better, it makes you look worse. (A) Humor doesn't translate well over text because text lacks the necessary inflection and (B) you made no stylistic attempt to indicate it.
    This. Except:
    A -You're wrong. Yes it does, but you have to be a competent writer of more than just colloquial sentences and everyday slang and mannerisms. So what lacks here is the finesse of the OP, who did not write accordingly with his intended sarcasm, most likely because of being used to internal-joke types of communities and chats. Do not blame the language nor the medium here, as one can read humour quite well, if it is well-written. Which it was not.

    B - You're right here. Everything I said in A.
    Again. I bought Rimworld, Kenshi, and Project Zomboid while they were in early access. And 7 Days to Die. Plenty of which I left positive reviews for. There is no ideological viewpoint against EA, unless someone really, really wants to read into it as such, while not paying attention to anything else I wrote.
    Problem here is that you expect from Steam moderators the same treatment a Distric attorney or lawyer would have with you, digging your past. They are time-constricted to act solely on the singular thread and post for which you were banned, not to meticulously search through your generous or mischievous history. I agree it was overzealous of their part, as you were not doing what you were banned for. However, as stated by Callum himself, this holds no long-term relevance for you on the TaleWorlds forums, and attests some bad moderation on the Steam forums, which are famously badly moderated. Unfortunately, I've got to tell you: wait it out, and maybe try to appeal to Steam support for this. It is not a problem with TaleWorlds, nor with Bannerlord, but rather with the Steam discussions. If you feel this damaged your Steam account, please do contact Steam, otherwise, wait it out.
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    A (semi) complete list of all cut content I could find in the files

    Fun fact, Warband never required your character to die of old age.
    Not-so-fun fact: Native module made your character basically useless after a set time, If I remember correctly it started at 764 days, or something, essentially, 3 in-game years. Which is worse? Without out-of-the-box/outside of the game player intervention, your character was as good as dead. Either that or spamming character import.

    What matters here is the choice. Give us the choice to enable/disable it.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    Mayostard/Mustardayonnaise/Mustmayostardayonnaise are the condiment lover's condiment


    *Warning - Mayostard will expire before Mustardayonnaise

    It's worth pointing out that the argument that 'ITS ONLY SP SO WHY SHOULD YOU CARE' doesn't always hold up when design decisions start being made based on the metagame or popular opinion. The reason is that it presupposes that people actually know what they'd enjoy more which isn't always the case. It also cuts off future design avenues. Imagine for example that TW wanted to expand on the melee combat system in some form and make it more fluid and overall more skill-based and enjoyable, but autoblock just made it redundant.
    No it doesn't. They can still do whatever they want. All they need to do is place a tooltip on the autoblock feature, and a quick tip on the menu, saying "the new X mechanic is better played with autoblock shield and autoblock weapons disabled, try it out!".

    Freedom to choose: player chooses if they want to opt in or not, the devs can still do whatever they want, giving users freedom, also gives devs freedom. It may sound less rewarding spending money and resources on a "new feature" that "only a handful might use", but if it is a feature, it is a feature nonetheless, all they have to do is advertise it. Don't like it? Don't use it. Are curious, or DO WANT? Use it.

    That's the beauty of the ON/OFF system.

    Speculatively, though, they did spend the better part of a decade tuning their combat system for this, so I doubt they would made any major changes now.

    The reason is that it presupposes that people actually know what they'd enjoy more which isn't always the case. It also cuts off future design avenues.
    So, the basic argument here is:
    The game is more fun for me because I can learn something new [blocking] and it feels satisfactory blocking manually. Try it for yourself and you'll have as much fun as me.
    Now you want to force them to keep their reflexes up, just because
    you think having good reflexes for a virtual game is more fun? Maybe we should stop comparing personal opinions here, and thinking on the bigger picture, something like the collective good, like the choice to have it ON or OFF?
    I'm starting to get pissed about this.
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    Please don't remove aging and generational gameplay.


    Perma-death is an option for COMBAT, not for age. Your character will still die from old age. I like this, I support this. But still, I want the option to disable it (and with it, disable your fertility, perhaps - no heirs, so no crazy shenanigans from the AI or unexpected events, maybe get into it and make your character find the "immortality stone" or something, it's really easy and cheesy to do, but it might just work and that's what matters). I don't think I'd ever disable perma-death, but I'd like the freedom to choose it, especially since many people don't like the idea of losing their character. No matter how long your character lives, it's undue pressure knowing the clock is ticking every waiting minute you spend trying to heal, if you want to enjoy that specific charcter, and not the whole clan business.
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