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  1. [BUG] video memory leakage, frame freeze/stutter

    Armagan said:
    Monk said:
    I get the lag in this video on occasion, but the more frustrating stutter I get is the one where the frame seems to stick until you either apparently crash or as I do alt-tab out and back in. Bug sucks...bad, and it's made the game overall significantly less appealing for me. I know it's likely to get fixed, but I find myself playing less now because of it.

    That does sound like a video memory issue. Did you try lowering texture detail all the way down to the minimum?

    I haven't been able to play the last few days, but I'll see if I can't try it on the lowest texture detail soon and post the results.
  2. [Suggestion] Poll to stop polling?

    Wouldn't be hard to have a server setting with minimum time between polls for admins who care about such a thing.
  3. [POLL] .720 Couching vs .7XX, Good or Bad Stats

    Just going to toss in that after playing .720 for a while longer I've become somewhat "used to" the current lancing situation. It's definitely harder than before, but frankly it's doable. What I'm most distressed over with horse combat is that horses feel so pathetic when up close to infantry. that you can't easily turn the horse knocking away infantry and all seems more bothersome. That and the issue with not having horsemens versions of the weapons (i.e. the normal weapons are too short to make them properly usable on horseback in many cases.)
  4. US_Sx Servers down?

    If anyone hasn't learned the trick yet for servers disappearing off the list just switch it to lan servers and then back to internet and they all pop back up. Still wish there were more fast US servers. I cry every time I see guys with 7 ping on the euro servers. Best I've had is 100+.
  5. [BUG] video memory leakage, frame freeze/stutter

    Elthore said:
    hey, odd thing is I dont notice any of the freezing in singleplayer, even with battles set to 100 players. Wonder why. I cant say ive tested with 5 different battlefields in a row though. The testing I did with MP took me more than a hour, and it is something I have had a suspicion about for a long time too. Can someone confirm or deny these findings? Because I can repeat these results and reach the same conclusion.

    EDIT: Just to clarify, I am speaking of this problem. Tylertfb created a video of it:


    I get the lag in this video on occasion, but the more frustrating stutter I get is the one where the frame seems to stick until you either apparently crash or as I do alt-tab out and back in. Bug sucks...bad, and it's made the game overall significantly less appealing for me. I know it's likely to get fixed, but I find myself playing less now because of it.
  6. [SUGGESTION]Seperate Horse Armor

    Faranox said:
    Who can afford armor for themselves and their horse?

    Ah, and with this we kill two birds with one stone. Horses get turned back into what they were intended to be and historically were and also cost a lot more. So basically you save up to get the horses and gear which are...*gasp* like they should be. Light cav is great at hit and run and harassing tactics for tactical breaking of lines and heavy cav is there to maim all but the best defenses (wall of spears etc.). Personally I'm 100% in this camp.

    Frankly I'm disappointed we seem to be moving further and further away from realism in favor of "gameplay". Two things which frankly I don't see any reason to be in conflict with one another if simply handled properly.
  7. US_Sx Servers down?

    This sucks. Does anyone know if there are any US servers coming back up? As awesome as it is to get destroyed with my 250+ ping on all the euro servers and all...
  8. [BUG(?)] Warband frames repeating, graphics stuck

    Not just you. I submitted a bug report on it and someone else did as well (I noticed and linked the reports). Only started for me in .720 whereas before I was smooth as butter. Other issues have also cropped up in .720 that for me did not exist before such as a laggy stutter sometimes when moving in quickly against infantry while mounted.

    But the one you listed is the worst by far. Sometimes I can go a whole map without a problem, while at other times it's every 5 minutes or less. The only "fix" I have right now is to alt-tab out and hope I can alt-tab back in before I'm dead. (Normally this does not work as the bug seems to crop up when you're in combat).
  9. M&B Warband Beta version 0.720 is released

    CryptoCactus said:
    Okay, just reporting:

    (note: the lag I'm talking about is not the all-around poor fps Halycon et al are talking about, afaik)

    When I'm on a horse, about half the time when I approach an enemy, especially a foot troop, the game lags terribly. As in, a good four or five seconds of me and my horse just randomly skipping around all over the place. Rubberbanding or ice-skating or whatever you want to call it.

    This still happens when I have everything on lowest settings possible. 800x600, everything at 0%/off, LOD disabled, everything. My FPS stays pinned at 200 (my max setting) ALL the time.. except this one particular scenario (horseback, near enemies). It usually happens the worst when I actually touch an enemy with the horse itself.

    I tried to fraps it, but fraps causes just enough lag by itself to make it hard to distinguish. Still tinkering with it though, so..

    If I can get a good vid of it I'll file a bug report on the tracker.

    I'm getting a lot of this as well. Last build was totally stable for me, but now it's really rough. I also get occasions where the screen totally freezes and I can hear the guy who can still see what is going on hacking me to bits. Alt-tabbing will reset it though, so if I can just do that fast enough...no, couldn't do it.

    Graphically I'm having a lot of issues now but it was rock solid before. I'm curious to know if we helped or hindered more people with the graphical "fixes". =)
  10. [POLL] .720 Couching vs .7XX, Good or Bad Stats

    Not sure why anyone thinks cav was op in last build. Seems to me that if cav was laying the beat down that the losing side would just start to use more polearms (which were...wait for it...in many cases specifically designed to help take down cavalry) and eliminate the advantage of the horses and couched lances. Personally I enjoyed fighting against cavalry before 720 but now it's just an easy kill. To suggest that every troop type should be equally as capable of defeating every other makes there little point in having differences between them at all. Personally I find this a downgrade to the fun of cavalry though I agree it's nice to see some variation in weapons they are using. Either way horses are WAY too easy to kill in almost all cases. That there is no horse barding option has always been strange to me.

    Seems that much of this could be resolved by adjusting they way things are priced and how a player gains money in game.

    Right now I see little reason to use a lance anymore and I just played a few hours tonight and did a bunch of couched killing. The problem is, unless the opponent is unaware of your attack or so overwhelmed that he can't adjust his path it's next to impossible to run him down with a lance. Sure that's great if your idea of a balanced game is to make one weapon mostly useless, but frankly I see ten times a problem with the two handed weapons being nigh godlike.

    I play all troop types by the way, choosing the one I wish based on how the game is going and what I think the team "needs".
  11. 1.010 Backward compatibility

    The good news is you can always do an install into a clean directory and then have both versions so you can finish up your 1.010 game without breaking it and still enjoy the new 1.011!  =)
  12. Mount&Blade Version 1.011 is ready

    I used the full installer with no issues.  I used winrar (you can get a free copy if you need a .rar unpacker).  I downloaded it from the rapid share link in the first post.  If you're having an issue make sure your two files were fully downloaded and change the .rar program you're using.  I installed into a clean directory and created a new guy and am enjoying vanilla again.  I may be wrong but did we get a new feature where enemies can take things from you when you lose a fight?  Some bandits stole my armor!  I've never had that happen before - maybe I was just lucky.  =)
  13. Compilation of 82 little tweaks to the text files to change your gameplay(links)

    I'm guessing it would be impossible to make lords from other factions join your faction without the mod tools.  What about adding new lords to the game?
  14. OSP Code QoL One Stop Tax Collection Mod - Collect taxes from all your holdings by visiting 1

    Yeah, I was more or less referring to the quest you can get to collect taxes for lord X.  It would seem potentially possible to add that into the game so once you are the marshal, for example, you can ask them to go collect taxes for you as payback. =)  To be honest though, I'd love if there were lesser lords and things of that nature so you could see a development in the game's characters.  Death could really happen etc.  I know there are some mods with this idea so I'm hoping to someday see them come to fruition.  I'd love more options in the political game of M&B...but for now I'll get back to conquering the world.
  15. OSP Code QoL One Stop Tax Collection Mod - Collect taxes from all your holdings by visiting 1

    I'd like to send out the other lords to collect my taxes for me.  Why do it yourself when you can order someone else to do it for you!  Man, I can't wait for the modding tools.
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