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    SP Fantasy [WB] The Veiled Stars | the Lord of the Rings [WIP] + Theoden's Armour p411

    nothing is going on so there is nothing to be caught up on

    a wizard is never late nor is he early

    especially when he ****s off and doesn't tell anyone where or why
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    A singleplayer manual

    capture every castle between Yalen and Narra, then use Yalen
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    Crazy Suggestions Thread

    Every time I look at this thread I think it says Crazy Bad Ideas. I might be right
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    Legio XXI Rapax [Recruiting] [EU/NA]

    It was a great success until half our line left.

    rip rapax, lasted 1 event
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    Legio XXI Rapax [Recruiting] [EU/NA]

    yay..can't wait..
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    Legio XXI Rapax [Recruiting] [EU/NA]

    Don't lie
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    Legio XXI Rapax [Recruiting] [EU/NA]

    with his alfa legion icons, but nobody listened to him
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    Legio XXI Rapax [Recruiting] [EU/NA]

    Look who's back in town

    Now how many of you has my sim raped?
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    Legio XXI Rapax [Recruiting] [EU/NA]

    It does appear everything has descended into homosexual mayhem. I'm back tomorrow and I don't want to come back to find jizz all over all the channels of the teamspeak server.
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    Legio XXI Rapax [Recruiting] [EU/NA]

    You must become strong impi warrior
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    Legio XXI Rapax [Recruiting] [EU/NA]

    Taken recorded videos of our shieldbattles, I can ask him what his channel is and whether he wants to join the legion again, or while I'm away you could seize the initiative.

    DISCLAIMER: WE WERE ONCE AND STILL ARE RETARDED, it may be for II Traiana but don't be picky:

    Now where is my prize, where the wives at
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    Legio XXI Rapax [Recruiting] [EU/NA]

    we need to teach this guy english, that's not how you ask for directions
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