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    NW Completed Life Gaming Events Tuesday & Friday

    Regiment name: 12th Light Infantry
    Events that you'll be attending: Tuesday and Friday
    Primary Role: Light
    Secondary Role: Skirmishers
    Leader's Steam profile URL:  Regiment name: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059875370/
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    NW Completed 1stNOG Saturday Linebattles [NA] (Applications being Accepted)

    Regiment Name: 12th Light
    Leaders Steam: [Beard] or [12]Bubblepop
    Amount of men: 8-12
    Special Unit Required?: Light Infantry
    You have read the rules and agree to adhere to them? Yes
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    NW Completed JSC Sunday LineBattle

    Regiment Name: 12th Light
    Number of Soldiers: 5-10
    Preferred Nation: Russia
    Class Type: Light Infantry
    Steam Name: [Beard]
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    NW Completed [NA]Pyrots Weekly public Linebattles

    Regiment name: 12e Grenadiers
    Events that you'll be attending: Sunday!!!
    Primary Role: Line Infantry
    (Secondary roles)Special unit reserve: N/A
    Steam profile URL: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012039598/
    How many active members do you have? 8-15 (if all goes well)
    Do you accept all the rules stated above? Yes, all of the rules!
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    4y IRG

    Hello! We are new and looking for members! We are looking for 1 or 2 people that know how to lead a regiment, As well as regular Recruits! If you want to join Comment below or Add Me [Beard] on steam!
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    4thGuards Recruiting

    Hello! Iam glad to see you here! We are looking for ANY new possible members Our Goal is to Get a Mature Regiment. Ranks
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    NW Completed The Royal Army Tuesday Zombie Apocalypse Event

    Yes, Sir :twisted:
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    96th Recruiting, Arty, Infantry and Cav

    Good luck 66e and have fun! :grin:
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    Guide to Organizing and Overseeing a Napoleonic Wars Line Battle Event

    Thanks for making this, it really hepled me and my regiment, and nice orgazing i could skip reading some parts and I would get it!
    Thanks again :mrgreen:
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    10th Legion of Foot, Recruiting EU and NA members!

    Thank you all!!! I wish luck to you all!
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    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    Samilou said:
    We are a small, experienced and mature Warband clan; the Noble Order of the Platypus. We have several members now fairly experienced with Napoleonic Wars. We are based on the Paradox Interactive Forums and possess our own 32 player server and 16 client capacity TS3 server.

    We are between 3 and 5 players interested in joining an existing regiment as a group.

    We all speak english unhindered, as second language. We are based in Europe and will thus require the regiment we join to be based in Europe as well, we will also require the regiment in question to be both mature, active and English-speaking. One of our members (a very intelligent Frenchman) has a special request that we do not join a regiment based on the United Kingdom, however, I believe he may make an exception if the regiment in question looks promising enough. We also prefer the regiment not to be too large, due to the difficulty of being noticed, hampering the social side of regiment membership.

    We are the 10th Legion,we are new as well but we really need members, we are EU based and getting teamspeak 3 and NW server really soon,add jhoogend on steam (if you have it :wink:)
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    10th Legion of Foot, Recruiting EU and NA members!

          Hello, We are the 10th Legion of Foot, We are looking for any players, New or Veteran we will except you. We are quite new, but we do have a ts3 and NW server which will help us arrange Line battles, Sieges, Etc...                                                                          ...
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    NW Completed The Royal Army Tuesday Zombie Apocalypse Event

    Great event overall,until i got driven over by admin horse with ban hammer =/
    Tip for next time: Dont let admins have ban hammers :/  :mrgreen:
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    NW Completed The Royal Army Tuesday Zombie Apocalypse Event

    10th Legion
    3-6 people
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