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    Bannerlord was a grift

    Oh I played bannerlord for 1.6k hours (even more when I think of code digging and writing). I just realized I'm not normal lol.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    That's just incoherent. To say that you can't complain about the lack of speed on anything is absurd. For example: you order a pizza. They say the delivery will take 30 mins. It shows up 3 hours later. Then you complain and your mom says "Well, you're arguing about something that should have happened but it turns out in another way? There are a lot of historical forums where such a discussion would fit better..."
    First of, who say you can't, I'm not your mom.😏.
    2. You are right I would be complaining about 3 minutes before I think "well I can't change time and **** happens sometimes"(regarding your pizza statement)

    This thread is from June and if you are still complaining about something/things in the past, well like I said, that just seems odd to me.

    I mean you make your point clear when you opened this thread, don't you think it's time to move on? If you would use your effort at other places where you could actually achieve something, it would be better(personal opinion/exp). Or have you achieved something with this thread?
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    Nobody expected the Early Access to be good or complete. The point is that it shouldn't be in early access, or if it is, it should have been a decade ago. The fact that the game has been in development since 2010 and is still in "early access" and the early access moves at a snail's pace is the issue, not that we spent money on EA and are disappointed. You are missing the entire argument.
    So we are arguing about something that should have happened but it turns out in another way? There are a lot of historical forums where such a discussion would fit better...

    This here feels odd...
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    the Jawaal are at war with the aserei , but they are not red on the campaign map and i cannot attack em , but they killed 2 caravans before

    you can see the party in the bottom left
    Maybe because they work for the empire now? And as long as the Aserai has no war with the empire, they normaly must stay neutral. It's funny that there is no blood feud as soon as the mercanary clans join another kingdom but if they leave the contract....
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    The implementation of banners and standard bearers

    First, you all have to "find" and recruit sword sisters or huscarls(yes these units are hidden in the troop book of grudges), cause they are the units who will wear your banner for ya! It's just a guess though😝

    Backtotopic: Good to see they do something on this matter for you guys, though I don't get hype
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    Are initial relations between nobles and notables set yet?

    Why can't we have a system where notables who don't support you lose power over time and are replaced, but the player always has the option to replace the notable if they don't want to wait. It would be faster but it would make it so you can't recruit from that village for a certain amount of time (maybe a week, maybe few days?).
    It makes it so the system will correct itself without player intervention but it also makes it so players can micromange if they want. That way it's not overly complicated for new players but if someone wants that complexity it's there.
    Replace by execution with a relation hit to the former supported clan... sounds somewhat good.
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    Are initial relations between nobles and notables set yet?

    Yep, number 1 could be a solution but it all depends on the numbers which comes with it.
    How much power they(notables who are not supporting you but you have 100 relationship with them) should loose daily? Weekly? What is with the replacement? Will they directly support your clan or do you have to increase relationship again so that they will become supporters?
    Power has also influence on the recruitment, I. E. Tier of troops. It can be a backfire for someone who want replenish his party but can only hire recruits because of the loss of power lvl of the none supporters(who should vanish by a specific threshold)

    So think this through when you plan to implement it.
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    How many of us even still have Bannerlord installed?

    Still installed but not playing anymore. 1.6k hours is enough time I put into this game and support the development. It's time to play other games for enjoyment until this game gets finished.
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    Low Tier units vs High Tier units


    There's the old commander's saying, "Quantity has a quality all its own".
    But quantity causes frame drops😉
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    Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    Yea the vanilla xbows reloads too fast, it's like a machine gun lol. You mod looks more realistic. Link? Lol
    Here our little conversation started, but it can be that @Dabos37 found some new parameters(look at site 5 till 6)

    Thread 'Archers and Crossbowmen performance insanely good in 1.5.5'
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    Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    Also a consideration: the Armour material flags in the xmls are only used for the sound it makes, but maybe it can also be taken into account for absorbing dmg like a percentage modifier against the 3 dmg types.
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    Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    That's for adjusting meat-soak, though. Doesn't help to make armor actually work...
    True, in that case use bannermans option. Personally I think that there are to much weapons with an "overkill" attitude that ruins the combat.
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    What do you think about throwing axes?

    Javelins are also better because of the penetrate through shield perk which makes axes just a no go. Before that you can even break sea raider shields with one hit(horse charge and the right perks), so a clearly "no" to the axes. Even with the 3xdmg to shield perk they can't surpass a high tier javelin(jereeds).
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    Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    I'm not saying I agree that a blanket damage nerf is the best option, but it's something that can easily be tested (with dnSpy) to see how it would affect battles and different troop types in order to know for sure how it would feel.

    In the method CalculateRawDamageNew there is a value you could simply change from 100 to 50 to halve damage from all sources (or to 70 for a 30% reduction, etc):

    You can see how that change affects the curves for damage inflicted after armor reduction here. Or if you prefer to see it presented as a percentage of overall damage absorbed by armor, here.

    Some of the results might be counter intuitive to what you would expect because of the way armor can negate some amount of cut and pierce damage that falls below a threshold. For instance, just from a quick test, 150 Elite Menavliatons absolutely murdered 150 Palatines because the Palatines couldn't dish out enough damage on the approach.

    Unfortunately, I think this change also reduces the amount of XP you'll get from combat, since the damage you inflict serves as the basis for XP gains.
    Or just open the monster.xml look by the id"human" and change the "absorbeddamageratio" from 1.0 to 0.5 to half the dmg. Since we know that the dmg will be multiplied with this variable(return num*absorbedDamageratio). Just for those who don't wanna work with dnspy.
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