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  1. [Suggestions] Deep Character Creation.

    Since the DCC mod is de facto dead i realy, realy, REALY need its functions in vanila. It's a must have mod and allows for way better immersion during campaign by editing your character and NPCs any way you want for a specific themed playthrough.
  2. Patch Notes e1.4.2

    Thirdly, don't pick a fight anywhere, OK? not worth it.

    Then please change your nickname :xf-wink:
  3. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    Don't know, but I think being able to buy a Castle or a City should be quite "uncommon"

    Why? Everyone knows the basic principle of wanting something and giving something in return. I didn't have to go to school to know that i wanted a Nintendo entertainment system. So i asked my parents if they would buy me one. An adult should know that, if he wants a castle, he has to ask the owner. Does this mean he knows what the castle is actually worth? Of course not. That could come with experience in trading, resulting in a perk giving the player a discount.

    Right now bought fiefs are locked behind an artificial wall of forced builds and an inhuman, tedious grind. It doesn't even make sense from a balancing perspective since you would still need the coins to buy the castle / city and the army to keep it.

    Another thing i am missing are messengers. Why do kings/emperors still have to run behind nobles just to barter their defection? It's annoying and meanwhile your castles and cities are being besieged and lost because AI vassals aren't worth a damn as long as you don't have A LOT of them just so someone might have the bright idea that defending a castle instead of raiding a village is propably the better choice. There is already a mod that allows sending messengers and i wish this feature would be implemented into the game.
  4. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    I don't think that's a bug. Afaik the companions that lead them get the trade XP. Will check, but expect that you need to do the trading yourself.

    That's not how i understand the ingame description of the trade skill. And i am not alone, the majority of players considers this a bug IMO. Please clarify and fix the ingame description about operating caravans. If the player indeed has to do the trading to level the skill, i recommend increasing the % of SP gained per trade. If the games purpose is to be fun i can tell you that doing trading for days is not! I tried to ease the pain with some tournaments when in a city, but still it took days and my character was already getting old when i could finaly buy my own fief. The thing is you need the skill if you want to found your own kingdom without being at war with everyone around you immediatly and get overrun. The way it is in 1.4.2 and i suppose 1.4.3 it kinda forces a social 10 trade 5 build. Using the same build over and over again just to be able to trade fiefs is getting old.

    Alternatively allow trading fiefs from the start or at least much earlier and turn the 225 perk into a discount perk.
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    We have a fix for the trade issues in the works.

    Does this mean you will fix the caravans not gathering any trade XP bug as well? I am about to rather hang myself than grind trade to 225 again. Last time it took me real life days of just buying low and selling high, it's tedious and almost manslaughter!!! 🤮
  6. TW is looking for usefull Employees

    Save the word for when there is actual trolls.. Don't create an atmosphere where everyone is branded a troll just because you're tired.
    I was recently given a warning with 0 legitimacy because I was thought to be a 'troll'.. Ruining my 8 year spotless record for the same reason.

    The real problem is people who see 'trolls' everywhere, its basically a confirmation bias based on first impression.

    Hmmm... *gets his troll slayer axe ready* Let's see how you are dealing with sunlight :xf-wink:
  7. Complete lack of Immersion

    What I really dislike about roleplaying in Bannerlord is the lack of impact of relation with other lords. In warband as I went along doing quests for Delinard I felt like my charachter was geniuene friends with him, we fought in battles together, went on campaigns and when I created my own kingdom he came to my aid. Same for enemies-there was always at least 1 lord that really disliked me, always raided my villiges etc.

    However whenever I play Bannerlord I find it lacks that element. Whenever it is due to nobles not being the main quest givers anymore(pls make more quests for nobles, especially rescue prisoner)clans being more important than indivduals, or the fact that relation just doesn't seem to effect anything.

    I don't know anything about Warband, but i second your idea. However, i think TW has more important things to do. Fix the bugs, finish the perks, implement new functions (like marriage for your children), new quests and THEN they can take care of immersion stuff. Right now the game is still missing too much of its core elements. And i am an immersion addict!!!
  8. TW is looking for usefull Employees

    If you, TW, are not capeable of developing a game like this, PLEASE sell the Brand Bannerlord to Ubisoft or another Big Company so they can fix and develop it otherwise the game wont be finished before 2025 .

    Hell yeah! :facepalm:This month: The warhorse DLC. Get your own named warhorse, just 2,99! Next month: The big digg DLC. An arsenal of head crushing pickaxes, just 3,99! Or buy the season pass now at the reduced price of 29,99! Buy Ubisoftpoints 10% off! 🤮

    Are you braindead??? I am glad this is a game without annoying microtransactions! 😍
  9. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.2

    So the 1.4.2 stable includes the code refactor, meaning most likely none of the mods will work anymore?
  10. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.2

    Care to explain the difference between 1.4.2 beta and 1.4.2 coming on monday?
  11. Who's your secret crush?

    However if a lady drops that "Sorry I just don't find you attractive line" - I'm out. I don't care it's just a game; I ain't hanging round for that...

    Just call her an easy to have gal, leave the room and start besieging the castle or town she lives in. Karma is a b...east. And the crush is whoever has the right traits and perks i want her to have and survives my plastic surgery session via the "Detailed character creation" mod :mrgreen:
  12. is there a mod or a way to nerf horse archers

    Fighting the Khuzait can get nasty and requires preparation. I usually focus on imperial units because i love their sturdyness and hate taking casualties.

    1) Palatine guards close to the border of the map, if possible on a hill (loose formation)
    2) Legionaries towards the front (shieldwall)
    3) Cavalry either behind the guard or flanking them on the opposite side of the charging horse archers

    Example: (LEG = Legionaries/Melee infantry, PG = Palatine guard/armored Archers, CAV = Heavy cavalry, KHA = Khuzait horse archer swarm, KI = Khuzait infantry)


    The horse archers missiles don't do much against Palatine guards, meanwhile they are getting shot to pieces. At some point they will either get close or even charge into melee, that's when i order my heavy cav to counter charge. Thanks to the loose formation they have an easy passing into the melee fight and enemy missile fire tends to be less lethal. My legionaries usually shred the Khuzait infantry without any trouble and once their cav charges my guard they are done due to their heavy armor and my cavalry countercharge. Putting some Menavlions into the mix helps a lot though.

    The most important thing is: NEVER EVER CHASE RETREATING KHUZAIT!!! The Khuzait are using fake retreats, just like the Mongols did. After butchering their initial assault the power bar tends to look good due to the casualties,but in most cases there are a lot of more where they came from. If you allow your troops to chase them, they end up in the Khuzait spawn zone fast, get surrounded by spawning reinforcements and are finished. Instead hold your ground, let your infantry charge, slaughter the enemies in range and call them back. Meanwhile use your "Hold fire" command to prevent your archers from wasting their ammo on scattered enemy infantry. Their job is to shoot horse archers, so wait until enough of them are in good range and maybe even standing still, wasting their ammo on your heavily armored shieldwall. Once the horse archer blob is big and delicious enough let loose a couple of arrow barrages until they retreat, then hold your fire again.This way you essentially grind down the Khuzait until their morale breaks. Knowing how many enemies you have to fight overall helps too, so you know how many are in reserve and if what looks like a full out retreat is a fake retreat or indeed due to army losses and shattered morale. Then you can order all of your troops to give chase and hunt them down. Fighting Khuzait is tedious, but not impossible. In my current playthrough they controlled almost half of the map, but with the mentioned tactic i slowly grinded them down with an army of just about 700 good men.
  13. Which faction has the best troops and why?

    I really hate when this happens because of the spawn locations and starting distance in the village maps.

    But this time it was realy helpfull, their annoying horse archers couldn't escape imperial justice :mrgreen: Dumb savages
  14. Cant get kids

    Thanks for your reply. I tried parking in a town and just letting the time spin for about an in game week and still nothing. Tonight when i get on I will try the governor of the settlement tip and see if that works.

    Maybe try some nice jazz, prepare a good meal (not the dogfood you feed to your troops), light up some candles, prepare a bath of rosewater and let the magic happen. Or start chopping off the heads of imprisoned nobles, women like Ira may get horny watching men die...

    Sorry, i had nothing of use to add. The way you are doing "the thing" it should work. My spouse got pregnant as part of my party as well as when she was a governor and i leveled smithing in town. Though currently kids are useless anyway imo.

    Edit: I think it took about a year until she was pregnant.
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