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  1. Resolved I can not launch the game

    Sorry that I have not seen this note earlier, if it would have been so, I would have this fixed way earlier. I downloaded the fixed launcher mod yesterday as I read it would fix the problem of cant ticking mods in the launcher. After the deleting of the mod in Vortex the files were still in the Bannerlord folder but they were 0 KB great. As I was looking trough the Bannerlord folder I discovered them yesterday, wondering why they were 0 KB but not questioning even further. Everything is now working properly again!
    Thank you guys for the help, you did a great job.
  2. Resolved I can not launch the game

    Thanks for the quick responses,
    I reinstalled the game as you told me to do, still I am unable to open it via Steam. For some reason, I can now open the game over the Bannerlord.exe file on my D drive ( D:\SteamLibary\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client ) which was not possible earlier. I dont have much time now to test if the game runs without any problems but I made a battle in one of my campaigns and walked a bit over the map and it seemed like the game was running without any problems. Still the problem with the launcher is there and I was thinking that I may have overseen a folder but I dont think so. I remember to have installed the mod modlib and that there was a button in my laucher which was something like open mod list or so, I dont remember exactly, and when I tried to open it the Launcher was crashing but I could restart it, maybe it has something to do with that. This was shortly before the whole game and launcher were unable to run.
  3. Resolved I can not launch the game

    Summary: Yesterday the game worked properly but today I tried to install some mods via vortex, but this did not work at all as I could not activate them in the Launcher, where the boxes could not be ticked. I tried to fix this issue by moving vortex from my C drive to my D drive. After that I...
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