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    WB Coding how to make customized items appear in the market using modsys?

    module_item (singleplayer) ["flintlock_pistol", "Pistola vieja", [("flintlock_pistol",0)], itp_type_pistol |itp_merchandise|itp_primary ,itcf_shoot_pistol|itcf_carry_pistol_front_left|itcf_reload_pistol, 230 , weight(1) |abundance(100)|difficulty(0)|spd_rtng(73) | shoot_speed(185) |...
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    WB Coding How to fix naked female lords?

    You must assign civilian type items at the beginning of the code in troop, then the battle armor follows, for example: in this order: [Horse, Bodywear, Footwear_in, Footwear_out, Armor, Weapon, Shield, Headwaer]
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    WB Coding ModSys compiling problem

    export_dir = "F:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/MountBlade Warband/Modules/IND_CHILE_5/"
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    WB Coding Female lord problem

    This should not be ... tf_female|0, you should put like this tf_female,0,
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    WB Coding what is the difference between kingdom_ _reinforcement_A and B and C?

    It seems to me that they are the troops that the lords can recruit in their armies, so if you look at the troops that c (kings) have they are knights and they are better than those of a, (vassals) who are only recruits and a little more... this says in module_party_template # Reinforcements #...
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    WB Coding Command Voices

    You can only modify the codes through Module System ... or installing a mod that already has those modifications P.S. the original game doesn't come with that tool
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    WB Coding how to make musket melee become visible?

    you must make sure that the resource where the musket model is, is called from module.ini of your mod, for example: If your resource where the musket is, it is called "my_firearms" you must add it to the resources folder of your mod and put the line load_module_resource = my_firearms at the end...