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  1. TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    I've seen the UV on male/female face. Carelessly done, if you ask me which you won't ... Will that be adjusted or are we stuck with that?
  2. SP Fantasy Hammerlord

    Been away some days. OFC, I'll show something tomorrow, 1-4 LOD and some better UV than Taleworld manages. ;)
  3. Official 3D Art thread - Bannerlord

    Seem you take me for some idiot when you answere. Yes, I know .obj don't export rigging (been using .obj from early 90:s) What other format? What software to export it? Point me in that direction if you know. From Bannerlord, that is. Not some rigging which will never work in Bannerlord, I can...
  4. [Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer

    He don't seem to answere if there is a problem. I've solved my problem with OBJ. files through loading-saving down in some other software. The .OBJ-writing is not right in this this softwar thou.
  5. Dark Ages Medieval Textures

    Anyone being able to adress this compressed tile-texture they are using? How to override it? I don't like that crappy texture they use as female/male variant. Looked at that UV (the 3D-head), It's awful, still, just to adress that texture (not PBR).
  6. [Tool] xLord - xml editor

    Nice! I hope this works when I'd like to edit my own troops-tree, a mod. ?
  7. SP Fantasy Hammerlord

    I still want to help on this mod, no payment, I buy that. Just because Warhammer is one of 2-3 games from table top games that still "warms me" ;)
  8. SP Fantasy Hammerlord

    You do not have any skill in 3D, you say, I have. I have no skill in programming C#, some in easy scripting thou. You can make any 3D-model, from nearly any 3D-software to work in Bannerlord as long as it's .obj or better .fbx compatible. New models (non-stationary) crave a knowledge about how...
  9. Official 3D Art thread - Bannerlord

    No, I mean "rigging", for movement, animation of joints. "tpactools" don't export OBJ in right format but that I've solved, nothing to do with rigging thou ... :)
  10. Official 3D Art thread - Bannerlord

    I meant "rigging" as of bones that move ;) You know how to implement movements in a rigged 3D-char?
  11. Official 3D Art thread - Bannerlord

    Nice work! The UV seems a bit stressed but really nice work. Rigging, you say it's "skinned to the Bannerlord skeleton". Do you mean "skeletons" as rigging bones? I have no idea where to find and implement bannerlords rigging in models.
  12. SP Fantasy Hammerlord

    My skill is not really from game-industry. Been working 3D-design and 3D-visualization for too many years :smile: I prefer using Lightwave 3D but can ofc use Maya too. Did work freelance (about a year) for a gamecompany in sweden 2003. Making 3D humanoids. Their game never hit the market thou...
  13. 3D modelling tools question

    Lightwave 3D, most because I'v used it since start. I sometime use Maya (it's Autodesk) ;) but prefer modelling in Lightwave. UV painting I use Photoshop or Substance Painter.
  14. [Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer

    Nice work! Problem I have. Those OBJ files won't open in Lightwave modeler (2019) but opens in Substance Painter 2. I always use LW to edit OBJ files.
  15. SP Fantasy Hammerlord

    *edit Says 1981 on the pakage I bought.*