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    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    Imaginate jugar Warband en el 2020 que solo quedan brasileros y los vaporeso pendejos crotos esos
    No puedo defender a un tipo que se cambió de nombre 40 veces para que lo acepten y en más de la mitad de los años de warband que estuvo baneado, pero no quita que sos un pelotudo lore, ni das para lombriz, sos nada, un pobre tipo literal, ni para bardearte. No le podes discutir a nadie, andá a tratar de ser alguien en la vida, salí un poco de la pc, alto garrón tus viejos se comieron con vos.
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    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    Imagine to accuse someone of cheating that loses against a chilean


    lmaoing @ masenmanco
    Imagine to accuse someone of cheating that loses against a chilean



    lmaoing @ masenmanco
    AWWWWWWWW, esa fue la ultima war amistosa que jugamos con ct antes de que desaparecieramos y estabamos peleanddo entre nosotros, xq no pones la de las ligas que nunca pudieron ganarme, los amistosos no los cuento yo juego con música y a media maquina papá
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    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    I found few clips more. Thanks to people who write coherent 🙂
    Y un beso a los haters. 😘

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    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    Are you accusing me of cheating on the official taleworlds forum as you do not want me to act in my defense? I think it's a joke. American language? If anything, it would be speaking ENGLISH. America is a continent. Books don't bite, you ignoramus. No wonder they're all automated fatties over there, they're too lazy to click to translate a paragraph. Buscate y revisá tranquilo, no vas a encontrar nada porque no hay nada.
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    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    I'm not sure what your post is trying to convey. I have respect for players from all scenes, but let's be realistic, the South American scene is currently much weaker than EU. I don't think that's rude or disrespectful to say - the South American guys have only just started using this ruleset - but the fact I can play there with 220 ping and get top scores says enough. The Americans with ~150 ping can compete with the best South American players. This doesn't mean there aren't very talented players in South America, I'm sure with more time they will be as good as the other best players in the world, but let's be realistic about the current situation.

    EU and NA started on fastest in 2010 too; EU switched to Medium quite quickly and NA switched to Medium in 2013-2014, because everyone realises with a bit of time that it's the best speed for competitive play. EU and NA started with 10v10 too, with 5+ minute round times and with many rounds per side. But that was in 2010. We switched to better rulesets for competitive play over time. I'm sure once you have played it more you will realise that these modern settings are better.

    I don't know anything about who is cheating in South America because I didn't watch all the matches, but archers that flick/twitch into accurate shots over long distances are considered suspicious in EU; that type of aim is impossible to do consistently. I've seen some insane archer players in EU over the years, with a level of play that it's impossible to reach with cheats, but they were not doing flick shots which were locking onto targets without taking time to adjust their aim carefully. If Guacc can find and post more evidence it would be helpful, because one clip of Masenko doesn't prove anything.
    Thank you for the respectful response, I appreciate it because the other comments are not the same. Maybe I expressed myself wrong, I like this way very much, it is more compact and goes more to the point perhaps without many turns. BUT would you modify it? Yes, 3 rounds seem very little to me, I can not enjoy the game 100% when it gets interesting the thing changes sides, so I liked the modification of the Latin Cup or as they say, 5 rounds, 2 minutes and a half of time, not much longer than 10, but neither is as short as 3. I did not say that the way to play 10 vs 10 more rounds is better or much less, but neither that this new way we are used to is better, because everything depends on the point of view. I currently prefer this new but modified in some small aspects, and I do not come here to say that because I do not agree is a crap format this, because it would be disrespecting another community outside, I explain?
    The same with the time of the community, we have almost the same time of activity, in our case from 2013 to 2016 was the best because of the quantity of players and the quality of them. I'm still surprised how little difference there is in the levels of current players, it's all very even, it makes me think that there wasn't really much difference and I like that.
    With the theme of ping, I also when I play on NA servers always end up on top, and when I played against German and/or Romanian teams in the World Cup, I enjoyed it with 170 ping as if I were playing with 40, even my skills didn't vary, maybe I would have done more but I didn't feel uncomfortable.
    The two communities never crossed paths very much, and they are so old and no one has the word sacred for it. I cannot say that we are better, but neither can you say that we are better, or that the NA community is better. Everyone has ups and downs, and we theoretically share the same interests. So I don?t understand the comment of the otary that talks about candles and bringing light to others, so I realized 100% that they have as many pelotudos as we do here.
    If we exchanged serious and healthy ideas it would be much better for all of us, I hope that I finished this pointless empty discussion and if we have to talk it is for something productive.
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    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    Really? It seems to me that you have your ego a little bit up and never got it down. You have no idea what kind of game you're playing in SA. You guys play at medium speed. MEDIUM, YES, YES, MEDIUM. No more words, that says it all, if we wanted to do 10 vs 10 of all the best on both sides at 5 rounds per side and 2 maps, with ultra-fast speed as it should be, they would never accept. Like when they lose and blame it on pinging, they'd cry with excuses.

    PS : I'm talking to the kind of EU player like this guy who thinks he's eating the world up, and he swims in deep ignorance. Apologies to EU players with codes and no pride, it's not for you.
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    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    I'm going to put together a video soon when I have the time. i hope it will be enough to convince you

    @MasenkoO thanks for your post. can u post screenshots of ur sensitivity and dpi for us please?



    Depend i use 900 or 1150 dpi always


    This and other similar caps is the only thing I have from yesterday's war, I don't usually record myself unless I'm asked, nobody asked me and I didn't feel the need to do it since there was a streaming, I don't use any kind of traps, I'm uploading some small clips of the last ones so you can see that this is my way of playing and it's just luck/skills my thing, and especially using common sense.
    There are many arguments missing to acusing me to cheater, not only the Argentinean community tracked my game several times, but also the Chilean community a few months ago in a tournament organized by them, and they didn't find anything either. If you don't believe me, look for the administrators of those communities. I am not used to give explanations but I see the need since it is the global forum and they are making me bad reputation, when I am as legal as possible always and in all areas of my life.
    Good night.
    Edit: Add 2 improvised clips that I had on hand, I had another one that I uploaded to xvideos a few months ago but it was deleted
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    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    Well... I just read this whole discussion. Look I explain you, I play warband since 04/2010 and singleplayer one year before, I know a lot about warband. We are not very well known internationally until not long ago, because most of the previous years much of the community played in the pirate, so I understand that they try to accuse me, because I have been accused almost all the time I play this game, only that over time they realized that it is not so, I have a very particular way of playing, I like to risk a lot among other things. About those clips:
    1° I come following the horse and I lose sight of it but I knew it was coming at any moment, and they sang to me out of discord that I was leaving, as a reflex I do that, and I'm lucky enough to shock them.
    2 ° Same case, but in this one I always had him in my sights, only I was distracted so that he would trust himself, by logic I should have thrown him to the one next to me, but I saw that he was in much more danger from a crossbowman pointing at me than a 1 vs 1 next to me, I let him trust himself and I took advantage of the moment.
    ADD: I always use the "°" key and I use the sound a lot, obviously that always helped me, I don't say anything new.
    The Last world cup, my name was Wichi and I changed it to my name that I used every time it was this one, ask the clans that I faced, they even asked me for captures in the middle of the game and I agreed right away

    I stayed in the same clan ' Caballeros Templarios ' most of these years, except for half of last year when I joined ' Fenox ', to help them. A part of the community dislikes me because of the way I play, they have investigated me several times and never found anything

    The Argentine community always had good archers and personally I think they are the best, in the past and now also with the names of the guys mentioned above, maybe in archery activity speaking I must be the oldest and regular over the years, although before I played much longer and I'm far from being the best, now only a couple of hours a week at most.
    Right now I write from work, but when I'm at home I'll upload personal clips. The only thing I have at hand now are these videos that I uploaded to youtube some years ago. I'm a bit offended that I'm martyred without giving time to give my answer about this, but I'm totally against the traps, I don't even use graphic mods, nor sounds, nothing.

    PS: Rada went ahead of me and published the videos before haha

    If you have any other questions write to my, but don't attack me unfairly

    greetings, and good battles we had, I'm glad I played against strong clans
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    [NC2019] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Hi,  rename my nickname 'Wichi' for MasenkoO, please.
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