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  1. [WNL7] Sign Ups & Introduction | Open

    In more ways then one.  I haven't played competitive warband since 2016...
  2. Warband Epic Event- Sign Ups! (Mount and Thrones)

    Name: Darin Faction: Rhodoks Roll: Soldier
  3. [UNAC S6] Rosters & Substitutions

    Please add to Rebellious Defenders: Octo ID: 1992024 Beefy Nuggets ID: 763556
  4. [UNAC S6] Rosters & Substitutions

    Add Squeaks ID: 1419408 to Rebellious Defenders please.
  5. [UNAC S6] Rosters & Substitutions

    And also change our team name from Defenders of Faith to Rebellious Defenders.  Thanks!
  6. [UNAC S6] Rosters & Substitutions

    Please add Courtney as co-captain of the DoF team.
  7. [UNAC S6] Rosters & Substitutions

    Roster for Defenders of Faith: Also, we'll be changing the team name sometime in the next couple days if that's OK.  :)
  8. [UNAC S6] Team registration!

    BANNER: TBA NAME: DoF (will be changed most likely) REGION: Land of the free CAPTAIN: Darin CO-CAPTAIN: TBA ROSTER: Just posting now so I don't forget and miss the deadline.  I'll have it fully updated by the 4th.  Also, happy April fools!  :party:
  9. Javby: Warband Rugby | 1.4.2 Released!

    Just going to leave this here  8-) I apologize for the sloppy editing, I'm rushing these highlight videos out.
  10. [NA WMT] Week 6 Fixtures

    DoF NA vs rW isn't 100% confirmed yet but we're looking at 6 pm EST on Sunday.  Again, this isn't confirmed as of yet but it should be by tomorrow.
  11. [NA WMT] Week 5 Fixtures

    DoF NA vs DoF EU 12-2
  12. [NA WMT] All Star Teams (New Poll, Please Vote)

    Nice!  Like I said, just making a joke.  When I first read the post that's the first thing that I thought of, couldn't resist :3
  13. [NA WMT] All Star Teams (New Poll, Please Vote)

    I'm from Oklahoma... Bubs is from New Jersey (I'm sorry...) Alejanbro is from New York... :facepalm:
  14. [NA WMT] Week 4 Fixtures

    DoF vs rW scheduled for Tuesday at 6 pm EST.  Roberta can post to confirm.