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  1. Forest kin perk not stacking with Battanian cultural trait

    odd. It isn't working for me

    Tried switching party scouts and nothing
    Do you have over 75% infantry to activate the perk? Also ranged units do not count as infantry.
  2. Forest kin perk not stacking with Battanian cultural trait

    The perk works correctly with the battanian culture bonus.

    From a quick test with 10 infantry and 10 horses.
    No forest kin perk: Forest -1.47 & Culture +0.73 = -0.73 combined.
    With forest kin perk: Forest -0.73 & Culture +0.37 = -0.37 combined.
  3. Family members need a bit of skill boost...

    edit: additionally, note that the AI does all their battles in autocalc, and IIRC there is still a vastly lower xp reward in autocalc'd battles than in those played out live. If someone can confirm or refute that based on current code, please do say so.
    Simulated battles only generate 10% less xp, but lords and companions tend to get more kills in them compared to real battles.
    The big difference is the xp reward based on the defeated unit tier. Tier 1 & 2 give less xp than in real battles, tier 3 & 4 roughly equal and tier 5 & 6 give more xp in simulated battles.
  4. Family members need a bit of skill boost...

    Since the ai is not as capable as the player in combat they need a xp multiplier to level up at the same pace.
    The mod Leveling Rebalance gives ai characters 10x xp with melee weapons and 5x with ranged. The mod does require a new game however.
  5. How do you level up your companions?

    If you do not mind using mods, Leveling Rebalance increases the combat xp for companions by 10x when using melee weapons and 5x when using ranged weapons.
    Downside is the mod requires starting a new game.
  6. Need More Info Need help, which mod is causing my game to crash while smithing.

    This forum is not meant for mod related issues. Go to the modding forums and list all the mods you are using, "I don't know a bunch of mods" is not useful information.
  7. How do I kill myself?

    Corporal punishment has a chance to kill your character.
    Increase your criminal rating with a kingdom you are not part of until it is over 30 and then try to enter one of their towns. Then select to speak with the guards and select corporal punishment to pay for your crime. Repeat until dead.
    Edit: oh, and the easiest way of gaining criminal rating without causing a war is to extort villagers, but never fight them.
  8. NPC too weak, up level too slow, skill point max capped

    NPCs need a combat xp multiplier which is very easy to implement. I even made a personal mod that does just that.
    From my own testing i found that a 10x multiplier works best for melee weapons and 5x for ranged.
    Also a 5x multiplier works best for simulated (auto resolve) battles since NPCs score more kills in simulated battles than real ones.
  9. BL Coding XP gain rate in arena

    You are free to upload it if you wish.
    And you do not have to bother with giving me credits.
  10. BL Coding XP gain rate in arena

    Strange, it builds just fine on my end. Even copy pasted the code from your post.
    Guessing there must be some configuration that is causing the issue. Best advice i can give is to explore the settings and maybe you will stumble on cause of this error.

    Or you could upload the entire project folder and then i could take a closer look at it.
  11. BL Coding XP gain rate in arena

    Since your goal is to just alter the xp values, i would recommend using the transpiler to snipe the specific values you want to change.
    Link to transpiler documentation.

    In your case it should look like this:
        public static class ArenaXPOverride
            static IEnumerable<CodeInstruction> Transpiler(IEnumerable<CodeInstruction> instructions)
                var codes = new List<CodeInstruction>(instructions);
                int num = 0;
                for (var i = 0; i < codes.Count; i++)
                    if (num == 0 && codes[i].opcode == OpCodes.Ldc_R4 && (float)codes[i].operand == 0.9f)
                        codes[i].operand = 1f;
                    if (num == 1 && codes[i].opcode == OpCodes.Ldc_R4 && (float)codes[i].operand == 0.33f)
                        codes[i].operand = 1f;
                    if (num == 2 && codes[i].opcode == OpCodes.Ldc_R4 && (float)codes[i].operand == 0.0625f)
                        codes[i].operand = 1f;
                return codes.AsEnumerable();
    Hope this helps.
  12. BL Coding XP gain rate in arena

    The proper way of modding is by patching existing code on runtime using harmony.
    I suggest looking around the forums for documentation and tutorials on the subject.
    If that fails you can always peek at working code from another mod to figure out how to use harmony. My mod "Leveling Rebalance" has the source code included with the mod, so feel free to use that as an example.
    Edit: And you also need a C# decompiler such as dotPeek or ILSpy to look at the game's code.
  13. BL Coding XP gain rate in arena

    DefaultCombatXpModel in TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.DLL.
    Though i'm pretty sure a mod already exists that increases xp gain in the arena.
  14. why we don't?

    It's just that the chances of death are low. 2% for each character if I remember correctly.
    The player character can never die in battle. Here is a snippet from the method "GetSurvivalChance" inside DefaultPartyHealingModel.cs:
          if (damageType == DamageTypes.Blunt || character.IsPlayerCharacter || character.IsHero && !character.HeroObject.CanDie())
            return 1f;
    For those who do not understand C#:
    If the character has been downed with bunt damage, then the survival chance is 100%.
    Or if the character is the player character, then the survival chance is 100%.
    Or if the character is a hero (companions, lords etc) and does not have the CanDie flag, then the survival chance is 100%.
  15. Game not starting

    What are your pc's specs?
    The only things i can think of that could cause the crashes are:
    1. Not enough memory.
    2. If your cpu has a integrated gpu, it could end up being used instead of your dedicated gpu.
    3. Out of date gpu drivers.
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