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  1. Stagnation? Problem!

    Asking the Tavern Keeper for who has work for you generally also gives you a good idea who has the 'Hit Caravans to provoke War' quest, as he/she will advice you to stay away from him.
  2. Quick Questions/Quick Answers thread

    It seems it's working now, I guess I just had to beat a certain amount of groups and I just got too afraid it wasn't working :)
  3. Quick Questions/Quick Answers thread

    I'm certainly enjoying this mod, great work! Just one question, sorry if it has been asked before, but I couldn't find info on my problem: I've completed Chapter 1 and it says that every time I destroy the dark armies or their Allies, I will get Certificates of Knight / Warrior. What do I...
  4. 0.400 is out (now 0.401)

    I managed to get the first link working via IE, but I don't really get the Mod yet. I figure I need some time to learn it. I do get some weird message about Province being set to Zero and that that shouldn't happen when I try and sponsor my mission. I also don't seem to be able to command my...
  5. 0.400 is out (now 0.401)

    Thank you very much! I'm eager to try this mod out, you always amazed with Sicily :)
  6. 0.400 is out (now 0.401)

    I'm having difficulty downloading the file from Mediafire. Would it be possible to get an alternate downloadlink up?
  7. How and Where Do You Like To Start Your Kingdom?

    I'm not 100% sure on this, but if I remember right you can ho to the Tavern and ask the Owner for work in the Realm. Usually they mention a Lord having work but suggest you avoid dealing with him. Thats the guy with the questionable quests for War Provocation (And others perhaps). I really don't...
  8. Lordless playthru? Yes, please...

    Just found this and read through it all in one go, even though I was planning to head to bed. Nice work and keep it up! Really enjoying this playthrough and testing, makes me want to start up PoP again, but I have no time for that :evil:
  9. Archers don't shoot!

    There goes my moment of glory ;)
  10. Archers don't shoot!

    I searched through the Forum for you (Sally defenders ammo), and here is a reply on the same issue from Treebeard (Original topic: Siege Bug?): Getting 2-3 shots sounds about right. [Note, I don't have any actual experience with this myself, only what I read from others]. From reading the...
  11. Archers don't shoot!

    I'm not 100% sure on this as I've not been part of sallies very often, but I believe Archers have very limited ammo when the defenders sally out (I guess being caught unaware?). Your archers are probably switching to sword and shield because they ran out of arrows. Sallies only happen when...
  12. Well, i have some problems with Noldor

    I believe a Noldor group spawns in those forests every pay-day. The moment you pay your wages, check those forests for Noldor. They do have the tendency to get killed off at times. To get to their Castle, improve your relations with the Noldor. Quifgen (Whatshisname, the Noldor trader in Laria)...
  13. Companion disappearing during diplomacy

    As suggested, wait a day or two. If she hasn't come back then yet, then there is a bug going. 0 days just means less then 1 whole day to go.
  14. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Just keep them in your inventory and they eventually heal up again yes :) I generally keep two good horses with me for that very purpose.
  15. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    You can check your companion missions somewhere, but it takes about 3 days for him to return. If the Kingdom refuses, you will have to first wear them down a bit and start winning the war (Make sure you also have enough Right to Rule) You get their Armour and a boost in Relations, that's all...