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  1. Resolved [1.5.7] "Gift Settlement" Function messed up

    Here you go:
    In X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\SandBox\GUI\Prefabs\KingdomManagement open the KingdomGiftFiefPopup.xml in Notepat++ (or any text editor of your choice) and replace both occurences of "StackLayout.LayoutMethod" to "LayoutImp.LayoutMethod".

    Took me an hour to find (with no knowledge in Bannerlord modding or TaleWorld's software design), including time to install Notepat++ and learning about why the Win10 search index is so much worse then in Win7.
  2. Weird battlefield AI behavior.

    One behavior I immediately noticed when I told my troops (as usual) to "stay here, I take them myself" against the first or so pack of looters. I ride around them on my horse, take out my bow - they run toward my troops ion the distance. I switch to the sword - they turn around and run to me. Switch back to bow, they turn again towards my troops.I thought this was funny. But yeah, from an in-universe point of view stupid.
  3. AI problems and seige weapons

    In siege battles there is this "delegate on" by default. Also some of your troops get assigned to special groups for lifting ladders and so on. But the solders will do that anyway when they are close.

    One option to have some control (that I did not realize in the first sieges, too) is to Shout 0-> F6; F1->F2 at the beginning of the battle for "Everybody: Delegate off and follow me!" and once you are in good position you can order them around with hold location / follow / charge orders.

    That alone did not really make sieges enjoyable for me but better at least.
  4. Sieges kinda suck

    Too easy for the attackers, too hard for the defenders.
    Siege engines on the defenders side are pretty useless, because battering ram and siege tower need only 30s to reach the gate and walls and then you can't do anything.

    In my opinion ladders, siege tower, battering ram - this all should be spawned much further away to actually give chance defenders to use siege engines effectively and have the chance to destroy at least one of those things.
    Ladders should be carried and then placed right under the walls.

    And of course, garrisons should be bigger and actually we should command those people if there is no one else with higher rank than us.

    Anyway, foundations are really good just needs a bit work here and there.

    My experience for now: I could conquer 3 Western Empire Castles but had no chance whatsoever to conquer one of their cities, there were just to many defenders.(But I think now that I created more parties in my Kingdom I guess I might be able to take one if there is a war again)
    Now the Battanians have almost lost and I want to vulture one of their castles too but I just bounce off.
    I try to take the ladders -> Everyone of my men die while I pick out like 10-15 men from my ladder then their archers kill me, too.
    I try to build a siege tower -> Half my men die while pushing the siege tower to the wall, the other half die while trying to take the wall (pushing me down from the bridge to the wall while doing so)

    The point is: My men die without taking down any Battanians. Their archers have infinite ammunition, the melons somehow attract arrows, at any breach, there are enough defenders that you just cannot push through and every attacker is struck at by several defenders at once.
    ->Even 200 Defenders are to much when they all shoot infinite arrows at you from the safety of their melons

    I'd love to take the defense side of a siege battle, the advantage is so great, I'd probably take on the enemies main army just with my retinue alone. But the only time I actually managed to be at a castle before it was besieged, the enemy actually broke the siege of after a week without attacking. And if you can't read the mind of your enemy and he arrives at the siege first your only option is to sacrifice like 90% of your army to break through, which is not really an option either.

    I think besides a ranged damage nerf that should be good across all battles, the individual attacker AI needs to be improved in order to not be so suicidal and pushing physics have to be improved, so attackers can actually gain a foothold on the wall if they jump into the defenders shield first. And joining a defence should only sacrifice like 10% of the current value of troop, or, with good tactics maybe none at all.
  5. Auto-block in singleplayer

    Sorry babe, this is totally bull****. Btw when you block, you do not simply tap a little at the right mouse button, but you keep holding it, until the enemy blow lands at your sword. Probably thats why you are unable to block. Besides it is totally learnable skills to the extent of blocking faints aswell. You will get better and better at it eventually.
    Yeah Babe... No, the direction I tab; the Mouse Button I hold. I also tried control by mouse movement in the options but that worked even worse. If I was releasing the block to early, I would not be able to block with a shield would I? Or block with a 2-handed weapon in Warband for the last 8 or so years.
    Of course, there is a learnable component to it, the faster you read the opponent, the faster you can start to block. But the reaction time goes on top of that. Just like with my piano metaphor above, just because your hands are big enough, you cannot automatically play the piece, but if they are not, training alone won't help.

    And I can speak from both sides, if I just think back a little more. Just 20-something years ago, my reflexes used to be better then they are now. That if not a thing I "unlearned", it's something I just got physically worse at
  6. Auto-block in singleplayer

    I just registered to say, that out of my points I still hope for in this game, Auto-directional-blocking is the most important.

    Reflexes are not a skill. When I kite an enemy group into the right formation so they don't stone me to death, when I charge at their exposed members on the edge of the formation, at what point I release my spear-thrust, those are skills. I can learn that. I may not do it perfectly at first but then I experiment, try it just a little bit differently until it works and then it feels great. Blocking not so much: I know, that when my opponent attacks from a certain direction, I need to tap into that direction and then press the block button. And I don't manage at first and then I try the exact same thing again and I still don't get it and I can try the exact same thing over and over and it does not work and then I really don't need people who do the exact same thing I try to tell me: "just learn how to do it", because they can do it and enjoy it. It's not a skill, it's reflexes, basically a physical attribute. You would not tell a short person to "learn" how to reach the highest shelf without a ladder because you don't need one either. You would not tell a person with small hands to learn how to play a piano-piece that requires a certain finger-spread-distance.

    Now, I see how reflex-based games have their place and I don't go into those games and tell the designers they need to make it more tactical but Mount and Blade is otherwise fine and it really is just this small feature that is missing and it should not be declared WAD that way because some people would like the game to be more reflex-based and not just for them but for everybody for some reason I'm to liberal to understand.
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