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  1. Bug or just dumb AI?

    That's not really fair. The staff surely deserves to get paid.
    Most people, including myself, are upset with the leadership and the direction they are taking the game, but it's not fair to take it out on the developers and artists etc. Just look at my man mexxico here. A true hero.
    dunno wat they are actualy doing but it looks like -snip- tryin to write code. i'll remind you


    In September 2012, TaleWorlds Entertainment announced that the game was in development and released a teaser trailer for it.
    2012 dowg, 8 years of development. and what we got?
  2. Bug or just dumb AI?

    This mod allows you to make guard parties that will patrol around your villages.

    How to Deinstall

    You can safely enable and disable the mod. But make sure to call back all your garrison guard parties if you don't intend to use this mod on your save file anymore.
    yes, arigato for dis. mod makers are the ones who realy deserve to get paid. not TW.
  3. Big issue with AI in Campaign Map

    When I'm roaming around with 50 men as a mercenary, and I find a 100 men enemy army, next to a 200 ally army, I start chasing the enemy but the genius 200 ally army decides to stop following me allowing the enemy to absolutely destroy me. This would be better represented with a picture but I'm pretty sure every single one of you have experienced this crap before, and it's the most enfuriating thing about this game rn in my opinion. Sometimes it's even worse because if I'm chased by let's say 2 lords with 80 lords each, and an ally of 300 it's RIGHT THERE I just don't get aid, they don't go back to help me, they just do their **** as if I didn't exist at all. Please, fix this stupidity because it's annoying and the game pace would change a lot.

    Another issue: Eternal chases. This is probably the worst too:
    When I chase an enemy and they just get into my factions territory, they literally run next to OUR towns freely while they escape from me. How stupid is that? Why doesn't a small militia recognizes I'm chasing this person and gets out to stop them? That would simplify EVERYTHING and would improve the gameplay also making difficult for you because you can no longer enter a Faction territory as if it was free real estate, please consider making changes to the AI in the map because it's an annoyance having to take account that you can't count on the AI to do its job at all
    i dont see u suffer enof
  4. Please rework Leadership, Trade, and Steward

    dud whole perk system is a mess. totally crap.

    There are TWO fixes you need for next patch. If it's the only two you make the community would still be happy.



    You will make both the SP and MP communities happy with JUST THOSE FUNDAMENTAL FIXES. PLEASE JESUS GOD PLEASE.

    Also side note which you are hopefully already working on... your matchmaker isn't working.
    waaat this all crap, check this out instead
    >fix gad dem armor
    >fix gad dem blacksmith
    >fix gad dem leveling system
    >fix gad dem companion leveling system
    >fix gad dem medicine leveling system
    >fix gad dem X
    >fix gad dem Y
  6. My theory on why the Khuzait are always the dominant faction in the game. (And maybe why Battania always seems to get beat up as well)

    latest versions I've found Battanians to be very powerful. Sturgians are the whipping boys.
    ye strugia sak dat kak dip every time i start new game
  7. Shall we talk about the paper armors?

    >Shall we talk about the paper armors?
    shall not. tw will ignore this anyway
  8. TW please, please fix this.

    i want ai lords ask me to join my kingdom. want them beg before me and offer money n s4it
  9. Bug or just dumb AI?

    thats why i never go into creating my own kingdom. because of these dogs who will fight u 6 vs 1, because of stupid friendly clans who decline peace propose, because of stupid companion parties who never defending my villages and always suck cock every battle they got invade into
  10. My theory on why the Khuzait are always the dominant faction in the game. (And maybe why Battania always seems to get beat up as well)

    Khuzaits are a real pushover in 1.5.8. Im thinking it has something to do with this:



    Would not like to try building up a party in that area. In my game the most powerfull faction is steppe bandits :cautious:o_O
    jesos christos watta hell?
  11. fix ur game

    noice graphiq
  12. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    finaly gad demmat!
  13. Patch Notes e1.5.7

    Fixed a bug that caused the Sturgian Female Nobles to fight in battles without their armour
    oh you
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