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  1. Experience Required for upgrading troops

    Hi, i'm loving the mod thus far, but one thing that is driving me crazy is how much is required for troop upgrading. Could somebody please tell me how to change this factor. I notice that there is a Realism upgrade that does x2 experience needed for troops. I have disabled this but it still...
  2. Strategy

    I've found circling the enemy with cavalry armed with firearms works pretty well. I'm looking foreward to doing it with reiters
  3. POLL: ATI card owners with drivers 10.7 or higher -- Graphics issues (WB 1.132)?

    I've been getting the same problem as stated above, with none of the fixes working. What has worked is just entering and leaving a town. After 2 tries it just fixed itself.
  4. Italian Peninsula Factions

    Hi, just an idea from previous games that focus on this era. Perhaps you should have the italian peninsular represented as the italian states and then have cities represent major states capitals, castles as minor states and villages as lesser ones. Thier opinions towards each other can be shown...
  5. TLD preview

    How about a battle line of gondorian soldiers 3000, strong, marching on Minas Morgal, where there is a horde of orcs 5000 strong :twisted:. The battle goes well untill Ecthelion, in all his "wisdon" charges into a band of Uruk Pikemen, getting killed and ruining the greatest army built in gondor...
  6. TLD preview

    in the mean time let us all go play TATW for med 2 and have fun there. /thread
  7. Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

    I have justed watched Conan the Barbarian + Conan The Destroyer. My first thought was that mount and blade would be perfect for a mod like that, so my question is, where is it? Any help locating is much appreciated, i tried search and no dice just mentions of people wanting it from ages ago and...
  8. TLD preview

    AHHHH! I can't wait for this! Im gonna go easterlings Right away!
  9. Sillmarillion Mod Recruting!

    It would have to be a big library... The Silmaril isn't really as big as LOTR, in terms of popularity. However once you read it LOTR isn't as great in comparison.
  10. Sillmarillion Mod Recruting!

    Could you please do The Last Alliance instead. It is better suited to this game engine and is still quite epic. Also if you are going go ahead with the silmarils, is it even possible to integrate Morgoth let alone the vast armies of balrogs and other lesser demons into Mount and Blade. Im dieing...
  11. The Last Alliance Mod

    Thats the one. Its been ages since i was playing lotr games.
  12. The Last Alliance Mod

    Are you guys gonna add the dragon and the northern peoples? goblins dwarfs etc. (at a later time of course)
  13. Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

    Thats before what im after. But close enough!
  14. Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

    Where o where is the LOTR mod? I saw return of the king last night and am dieing to play the M&B mod. Has it been updated? Is it still the old ver only or is there a 1.011 compatable version?