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    Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Good day everyone,

    Old Brytenwalda player giving a try at VC, and already have a weird question: is the supply wagon from Brytenwalda gone? It was really useful to manage your inventory, party and prisioners all at once.

    Edit: just learnt about the Follower's Camp. That should do the trick I guess...
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    The future for the Brytenwalda team

    There are no words to express how proud I feel. This is the least that Taleworlds could do to recognize the effort and dedication put into the best mod for Warband.

    Congratulations to the team :smile:
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    How do disable "Work on farm" button?!

    What lord boy 54 means is that the button should be relocated a bit to avoid misclicking on it when you exit the village. I've done it a zillion time too.
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    Troops Experience

    SaxonSpooner said:
    in real life even a begger could kill a king.
    Not a mean looking, armored from head to toe, heavy axe wielding, northern king...
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    Polished Landscape quick question

    Would someone upload the fix to a non-russian site? Or post instructions on how to download it?

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    Im so confused

    Go to "Library - Downloads" and see if M&B is updating.
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    Battering rams

    Adorno said:
    I feel confident the scene is made correctly, incl. entry points.
    I'm sorry for the off topic, but, is that Polished Landscapes? It's gorgeous...
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    BUG Reports v 1.393 (Read first page before post)

    Marcus Tullius Cicero said:
    2. Huge fps drop in field battles and sieges even after applying the measures given in the related help thread here. As some already stated this is a bit strange because any other mod, including  native, I played, worked without problems even with the battlesize changed to 600 and all video settings on maximum.
    Ditto. At first I thought it was caused by some tweaks I made to battlesize and waves threshold in battles, but I reverted the changes back and still have an absurdly low fps and frequent freezes.

    torwi1 said:
    "Direct X Runtime Library not installed"
    Reinstall or update your graphic card drivers.
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    How does naval battle work?

    Push "L" key -> Concepts -> Read on.
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    BUG Reports v 1.393 (Read first page before post)

    Thorgil said:
    3. Different topic: beer (also wine, ...) now brings morale, which is great! ... but it never runs out! (which is also damn great, but "a bit" unrealistic)
    That's an old issue with the way food works in the game: Consumables always "nourishes" your troops, so, you can have an infinite barrel of booze, or armies that can survive with an alcohol-only diet. Personally, I'd prefer to consume beverages normally, and try to have solid food in the inventory at all times.

    motomataru said:
    ?? Didn't have that problem with either Wandering Bard or Kingdom Bard. For Kingdom Bard, "Leave" is the third option in small print... Another marketing technique...
    It took me a while too to realize that the "songs? go to hell hippie!" answer was the only leaving option. I'm amazed that bards don't rush out the hall when I enter...
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    Reputation loosing factors?!

    Usually, reputation don't decreases by itself, maybe had something to do with playing a female character, but I never played one, so...
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    Reputation loosing factors?!

    To rise reputation with towns and villages, you must do quest for them, win tournaments that take place in that town, and behave politely.
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    Brytenwalda [how to increase morale?]

    Soldiers from factions you are at war with, or you have a low reputation have a moral penalty; but it decreases slowly.

    This is, by far, one of the most realistic features of Brytenwalda.
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    BUG Reports v 1.393 (Read first page before post)

    motomataru said:
    makute said:
    I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I noticed that in some villages, the recruitment cost is 10 scillings per levy, and in others rises to 30 scillings.
    It depends on how much commoners trust you. Player skill persuasion helps. Unfortunately, the price function is not in the menu that tells you how many can be hired (sigh). I'll fix that...
    But I only noticed this behaviour in 1.393, in previous versions the cost of recruits was always 10 scillings. So, I assumed it was a bug or a new feature.
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    There is already a couple of random events that works that way. In one, you can recruit (or kick) a priest that starts to follow your army; in another, a small group of bandits ask to join you.

    And in another one, a beggar ask for some food, and the game gives you a few options, if you offer him...
    to join your army he becomes an "Old Hero" with awesome stats (460 in every skill) and equipment.
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