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    Moin René ! Alles gut bei Dir? Lange nichts gehört^^ Wollte mal hören, obs bei dir Ambitionen...

    Moin René ! Alles gut bei Dir? Lange nichts gehört^^ Wollte mal hören, obs bei dir Ambitionen für Bannerlords gibt? LG Magnus / Jonathan
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    [IR] Irish Rebels

    Good to see you're still playing! Good luck have fun:grin:
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    What's currently the best clan and what has been the best clan ever?

    CommanderSPQR said:
    Obviously Wonwokie people forget where they were born.
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    BladeCast_TV | »Streaming« #TheNextStep

    Get CommanderSPQR and you will be fine.
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    How skilled is the player above you?

    [SPQR]Eduard said:
    Winning...Loosing... as I said to some people before this game is meant to be fun... You guys started  arguing cuz someone wrote lesser "score" that Gibby expected... And I must fkin agree with Tyhke's Rating. Gibby is maybe one of the best right now.. But i've.seen better.. not recently.. but i did.

    "PING master" :grin: . You've got really good ping... and that helps you a lot... a lot... try to play with ping 70... difference is just too big... (sorry if it looks offensive.. its just my critic.)

    Overall... Gibby is excelent player for "today's" ratings.. 9/10.

    Pretty funny tho to rate one of the best duel kids around 7/10 in 1h duels, although he beat arni, who would be rated 10/10 most of the times.  :lol:
    NR: Surkan
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    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    Would that include that the referees choose the server, not the teams?
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    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    trot888 said:
    I'm sure it's a hastle but on closed 180 seconds is fine and maybe bump it to 210 on open? Having 1 minute to prepare on closed maps are fine but if you're in the wrong position (let's say by windmill in river village and the flag spawns in village) then one team would be extremely punished and if both teams are on the opposite side of the map from the flag then it's basically a cav duel for 'who can dismount on flag the fastest' with 180 seconds.
    Different round times for open and closed maps would be a good thing!
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    BladeCast_TV | »Streaming« #TheNextStep

    Viktor said:
    Rayden_ said:
    we want john cena, invite him please
    We will  never give up    hope.
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    BladeCast_TV | »Streaming« #TheNextStep

    Good stuff, I'm looking forward to another high quality production! :party:
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    Commons words from Freelancers' teamspeak

    RD 5min before the match: Can we ****ing start?!

    Zach: You guys can play sandi without me, I'm going for a smoke.. *coming back after the map* Did you guys win? Alright, cya, I'm going for a smoke then *leaving*

    Magnus (from germany): What server are we playing on? *NC_DE_1* You must be freaking kidding me! I cant find stupid german servers....

    RD or Mata does a headshot; Horace, Magnus, Anchor and Zach: Oooh...tasty

    Ciiges (starting to list down his kills), Zach: Yeah, yeah you're good  mate...

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    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    Prince Apollo said:
    River village is good as it is, You can push the windmill flag well from both sides if you wish. Who goes up the hill on a horse? You go round the side or up from behind.

    NEVER GO UP A HILL ON HORSE OK OK :party: :party:

    Its not about riding up the hill, but getting stopped by the fence... I think removing the fence would be a really good idea:smile:
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    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    Shemaforash said:
    Man river village has some ****ty flag spawns though
    As far as I know Reggae, who made the map, actually made some new flag spawns, didnt he? I'm not too sure if we are playing the reworked map atm though xD  :ohdear: Probably would be worth it to ask him anyway....
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    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    Colonel Horyse said:
    Wonwokies not young XD
    Look at our roster:razz: Barly any old wonwokies...
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    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    Hmm, it's sad this discussion hasn't taken place a bit earlier...
    People are arguing about Unity and Wonwokie being top tier clans, but now teams which are (no offense) way lower ranked got invited into the Eorpean Championchip Series... That doesnt really make any sence at all to me. I'm not from the old days, but I can imagine when Scar and Deacon started organising the ECS they checked out the scences clans and made the format fitting the scene. But we're not back in the days. The scene has changed.
    It would have been enough to invite 6-8 clans and leave the rest open for qualifiers...
    I can understand that some teams wont really have any fun competing if they don't even have a chance to pass the qualifiers..
    Anyway, it's sad this discussion hasn't happend earlier, although I think if some of the invited teams (not kurwa and stuff, but the lower ranked ones) showed balls and agreed to actually participate in the qualifiers, this would make things easy enough to still fix this issue...

    So I would suggest to think about this next time, anything like the ECS is going to take place (in bannerlords) or wherever...
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