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    SP Fantasy Legacy of the Dragon (v1.13 released. Original Soundtrack, All Races Playable - High Fantasy)

    Uploaded a new version:

    • Vampires as a separate race.
    • Halflings are a Dwarven subrace now.
    • Some scene updates.
    • Different mission template for player lairs.
    • Some start options are changed.
    • Some menu items are changed.
    • Lahabese are now called Lahabids.
    • Companion lords can recruit troops.

    • Female ghoul skin.
    • New demon skin.
    • High persuasion can help increase lord/vassal relationship. (This is a placeholder for a WIP script I'm going to include in the next version.)
    • Credits update.
    • Minor menu update.
    • Ability to view troop trees from the reports menu.
    • Minor strings, troops and scripts update.
    Although it is a rather small update, it will not work with save-games from previous versions.
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    SP Fantasy Legacy of the Dragon (v1.13 released. Original Soundtrack, All Races Playable - High Fantasy)

    Arcane Library is the official Legacy of the Dragon wiki.

    Arcane Library, the official wiki for Mount&Blade: Warband high fantasy module Legacy of the Dragon is now accessible.

    It contains information regarding the kingdoms, races, monsters, creatures, factions etc of the game world.

    It is still a work-in-progress and I will continue to expand it further.

    Also, join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/R8mY82VFG6
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    SP Fantasy Legacy of the Dragon (v1.13 released. Original Soundtrack, All Races Playable - High Fantasy)

    Hi all,

    just dl_ed and played some. This is an impressive effort. But I lack the option to disable companion defections. I have thousands of hrs Warband experience from day one and think that this is an imperative. Either that or a companion relation chart to simplify build of stable parties.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
    All the companions are okay with each other so the option is not really necessary. You can have every companion in your party without any penalties. It is totally up to your imagination what kind of party you're going to have.
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    SP Fantasy Legacy of the Dragon (v1.13 released. Original Soundtrack, All Races Playable - High Fantasy)

    Published a new version (1.13). Legacy of the Dragon now works on Linux and Mac too.

    • Banners are centered, placeholder banners replaced with actual ones and some other updates.
    • Linux/Mac compatibility.
    • Occasional leaving a scene crash is fixed.
    • New weapons, armors, mount.
    • New quest: The Grail and the Lance.
    • Aslanian, Baegerian and Tomuzian troops wear their royal colours more.
    • Lore updated.
    • Troops, strings, dialogs, items updated.
    • Noble characters start with a courser.
    • Half-orc lords spawn with steppe chargers.
    • Hints updated.
    • Scenes update.
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    WB Other Crash when leaving a scene/Pressing Tab

    Wow. It looks useful.
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    WB Other Crash when leaving a scene/Pressing Tab

    So I had two problems.

    The first is, game would start on crash, at "loading map file", this happened sometimes on windows (1 out of 5 times) and every time on linux and mac and making it unplayable.

    The other is sometimes when you're trying to leave a scene, it would crash to desktop. This happened on windows (not sure about linux as you couldn't even start the game).

    I'm 90% percent sure they are related as it often happens on windows when you alt tab back and out.

    Now, this:

    There are 2 invalid items in the guy. (Town 10 is 'Shattered Skull')
    Values look like face codes. You may have pasted face codes to where items should be in the module_troops.py. Check this guy.

    This worked. Fixed this troop, switched to linux and the game successfully started. It was this one troop. Can't believe it was something this simple.

    Regarding the other crash, it usually shows up after playing a little, so I will have to test it. I'm pretty much sure it's fixed too, if not, it was the lesser of two dragons anyway.

    Thank you so much. I will add you all to the credits.

    RecursiveHarmony, Eärendil Ardamírë, Swyter and phallicassortment. Thank you all for helping me track down the problem.
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    WB Other Crash when leaving a scene/Pressing Tab

    Title. This doesn't happen all the time but sometimes the game crashes when changing or leaving a scene or pressing tab. Disabling load textures on demand helps. What might be the problem? Edit: This only happens when playing my mod.
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    SP Fantasy Legacy of the Dragon (v1.13 released. Original Soundtrack, All Races Playable - High Fantasy)

    Released version 1.00:

    • All races playable. The reason some races are tagged "unplayable" is because you will experience some problems playing them such as gender related string errors, your character not fitting in the notes window, having to use cheat menu to find right items etc.
    • Fixed a bug regarding castle guard troops.
    • New items and a new spell.
    • NPC name changes.
    • Attempted to fix Linux/Mac crash. Please test and let me know.
    • Increased all caster NPCs and troops' power throwing.
    • Updated NPC weapon skills.
    • Strings update.
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    Ability to choose which companion follows you into town / Companion relations

    At the moment it's the first companion you hired/the one who's been in your party the longest. It'd be better if it was the first companion on the party list. Also I couldn't find a way to increase companion relations, an option to give them gifts or some other way to increase relations with...
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    Soldiers cheering after hideout duel

    When you duel with the leader of the bandits in a hideout and defeat him, it'd be great if your men cheered.
  11. Maelubiyet

    Practice Fights and Tournaments are little bit too bloody

    I guess it's kinda cool in tournaments but in practice fights blood feels too excessive. Fighting with blunt weapons of course may result in bleeding but not in the same extent as an actual battle.
  12. Maelubiyet

    Add an new viking faction called Norse

    I think Norse are already over-represented in M&B games. They even had their own DLC.

    I like that in contrast to Warband, Bannerlord has a more "eastern" feeling, with Empire based primarily on Byzantine, Vikings of the game are based on Kievan Rus', even Vlandians have an East Germanic feeling to them. So I think adding a Northumbrian Viking influenced faction wouldn't go well with the rest of the game. So I say nay to Nords. Sturgians, with their minor factions and Sea Raiders are enough.
  13. Maelubiyet

    Could the 3 Empires Have diffrent looking troops slighlty

    Them having same troop tree adds to the civil war atmosphere. I think it should be kept as it is.
  14. Maelubiyet

    Keeping your weapons in a Lord's hall

    You get to keep your weapons in a Lord's hall even if you just met him. Feels an unlikely practice for the era. Maybe it was overlooked?
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    SP Fantasy Legacy of the Dragon (v1.13 released. Original Soundtrack, All Races Playable - High Fantasy)

    Published a new version on MODDB.

    • Soundtrack update.
    • New companion.
    • Dragon bodies are not lootable anymore.
    • New location: Werewolf Lair
    • Ability to become a werewolf.
    • A passage to Naserid Sultanate to make campaigns easier.
    • Minor banners update.
    • NPC home strings fixed.
    • Lore change: Aejdarian League and Eastern Horde.
    • Sword of War doesn't have a scabbard anymore.
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