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    How many battles do you lose?

    Depends on the troops I have and my mood, but generally I control the outcome of every battle through cheats and save-scumming. I try not to, as it's not really fun, but then again it's also not fun to gather and level an army of troops only to lose them due to a mistake with the game or even user error - no exception I don't like it. RTS Camera helps in this regard, I can just control another troop if I get knocked out.

    The XCOM level rng on the dialogue is the worst, though. Small guild doing it for the campaign, but for this, nada. I save-scummed the hell out of XCOM 2 unironically too.
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    Longest Battle?

    Does resting in my settlement in-between constant battles with all the piss ants that attack my village count? If not, probably like 25 to 30 minutes.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    "I have genuinely learned how to provoke people on an internet forum and I like it, it really works for me" ... "I have absolutely no intentions EVER of even remotely trying to ... "

    Yeah, sounds like you're dealing with some personal issues, having trouble perceiving yourself to others? Afraid to hear what people have to say about you or just the things you say? Either commit to being an *******, or don't. There's no middle ground. It's almost insulting to see.
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    Catch 22

    Who designed this stupid thing and why are they allowed to live?
    Baffles me why anyone would decide to help you after hearing this.
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    Fixing the campaign gameplay one mod at a time.

    It needs like 30 more mods as a minimum for it to be tolerable. Maybe my tastes are to extreme levels?

    Edit: bad habit of not reading threads thoroughly.

    Yes, I have seen kz14365 and his mods. Very good stuff, I've already added him to my personal list of "Mod Authors Who Make Brilliant Mods", and which priority when I look for new mods. I'm glad he's also working on a Freelancer template.
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    Thanks for 500 hours... SO FAR (personal post, pls ignore)

    Let's make a deal: I stop posting here and you stop posting there. If you can keep such a deal. :smile:
    Fun and games aside, I hope you aren't actually going to let some random gamers on an internet board tell you what to do.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    Haha, the last 10 posts pretty much said how I truly felt but couldn't express personally. Yep.

    They have every means to fix this now. It baffles me why they won't.
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    Remove the feature that half the army cheers when enemy flees or make it configurable

    I don't want my troops cheering when there are still enemies to wipe the floor with. Whether or not my army is allowed to mess around, cheer and ignore troops should up to me, the commander. It shouldn't be an automatic design choice. Players do not have control over it, and they SHOULD.

    Thank you.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    Here is a video I created of my clan and I playing on the Warband mod “Persistent Kingdoms” from Monday to last night.
    Seeen it.

    Yeah, I randomly stumbled upon your profile on here last weekend, saw a mention about some adventures on Persistent World, watched the first video.. well.. ended up watching all of them. Not really into PW, but they were entertaining.
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    Spear Bracing (1.6.2)

    Are you (or anyone else) noticing a difference in the campaign though?

    I just fired up an old save and went into battle, I didn't notice a big difference but I'm fighting a mixed Imp, Vland, Battanian force of mostly infantry, so it might be the troop trees involved.
    Can't say, haven't exactly started a campaign or anything yet. I just went on there to grab some info on the files out of curiousity. But if I had to guess, I would say no and that Realistic Battle AI for 1.6.1 would offer more of a difference than ~10 to 15 troops on native using spear brace with limited weaponry against AI that.. probably shouldn't charging straight into infantry holding their pointy ended polearms towards them.
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    Spear Bracing (1.6.2)

    There aren't enough troops with 230+ length polearms to impact battles in a normal playthrough. 230+ length is really, really long. I think only Vlandian pikemen have them by default but I haven't gone through all the troops yet.

    I guess you could just recruit nothing but Vlandian pikemen but that gimps you in a lot of other ways.
    Out of curiousity, I decided to go through the crafting pieces, spitems, npccharacters files to see check out these kinds of things. I'm not sure if I was grabbing the right info but it's late to play but if someone could confirm these it would be great.

    In terms of vanilla weapons and troop using them, I have found two weapon parts in total right now that are length 230, and when it comes to length between 240 and 295.. there are 7 to 8, but a lot of them don't allow bracing.

    Handles used in polearms that are 230 length exact and can brace
    spear_handle_8 - eastern_spear_5_t5, empire_polearm_2_t5 (I exclude the voulges, glaives and such obv)
    spear_handle_21 - southern_spear_3_t3, northern_spear_2_t3
    Handles used in polearms that are 295 length and can brace
    spear_handle_7 - vlandia_pike_1_t5 / thamaskene_pike_t4 / fine_pike_t4
    Handles used in polearms that are under are between 230 and 295 length but can't brace :/
    spear_handle_6 - western_spear_2_t2 / western_spear_1_t2
    spear_handle_22 - eastern_spear_3_t3
    spear_handle_23 - highland_spear_3_t3
    spear_handle_24 - (lances who woulda thought)
    spear_handle_25 - triangluar_spear_t3 / western_spear_3_t3
    spear_handle_26 - northern_spear_4_t5 / sturgia_polearm_1_t5 wait this is no spear
    spear_handle_27 - western_spear_4_t4 / highland_spear_4_t4 / wide_leaf_spear_t4 / simple_pike_t2 / military_fork_pike_t3

    Troops with weapons that have 230 length polearms and can brace with them
    Aserai Footman
    Aserai Infantry
    Aserai Mameluke Regular dismounted
    Sturgian Solder
    Sturgian Hardened Brigade
    Sturgian Spearman
    Sturgian Veteran Cavaran Guard
    Sturgian Militia Veteran Spearman
    + some minor faction troops like the Sturgian Skolda dudes or whatever

    Troops with weapons that have 295 length polearms and can brace with them
    Vlandian Pikemen
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    Spear Bracing (1.6.2)

    Whether it was influence from BestMods168 or an eventual feature, this is very good to see and that while it was a small patch, this is looking to be a good foundation for bigger stuff. I approve.

    That being said, I will not be able to experience this for a while as I don't play beta patches. Back to my 1.6.0 hole. Might do some renovations for 1.6.1 stable.. it'll take a few weeks ya feel.
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    What do you do in a medium-long campaign when NOT at war?

    I'm honestly never bored with combat and looting. I like to go after bandits, I like to handicap myself, I like to cheat in battles (one of my favorites is just grabbing a party full of javelin throwers and watch as they spam hundreds of javelins into the air), I like to have a party purely of companions, I like to join tournaments, I like smithing, etc.

    A good chunk of it is just modding/cheating, honestly. If there isn't anything to do.. well.. that's where those two come in.
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    Siege retreat - dead realism

    It's an exploit; in games of this scale there were always bound to be some. Just look at Total War and all the issues that has....
    True, like the whole thing about blood and gore in a Total War game being sold as DLC ultimately to make more money on top of already charging 59.99. At least TW over here doesn't take out basic features and sell them as DL-... Hmm..
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    Siege retreat - dead realism

    Once this game is more developed 👀 .. uhm, I feel that they should add something where if you retreat more than once or so in the same battle, your troops should lose a chunk of morale at the very least, if not straight up losing some of them as a cost to retreating.
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