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  1. In Progress horse rope glitching/stretching

    Summary: in any mutliplayer mode the horses rope is glitching/stretching as shown in image. How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  2. Do you want more complex features, such as proper formation behaviour in Bannerlord?

    Title says it all, do you want more complex features such as but not limited to proper formation battles?

    In this thread I am providing comparison between vanilla game, vanilla game with Realistic Battle AI module only and Realistic Battle AI + Combat module. This does not mean I am suggesting that RBM should be integrated into vanilla game in 1 to 1 ratio, I am simply providing example of how more complex features could look like.

    Vanilla behaviour:

    Commentary to video:
    As you probably can see, the battles are extremely fast and formations during battle move in unnaturally coordinated manner. Soldiers are esentially pushing their friends into death, it all looks very unnatural and suicidal.

    Vanilla + AI module:

    Commentary to video:
    Even the AI module alone significantly prolongs formation combat. This is because soldiers in formations are no longer pushing at each other, instead they wait when there is no place to go in fornt of them (like normal people that dont want to murder their friends by pushing them into enemy blades) and addtionally they are more defensive. Essentially they muster their courage, step out of the formation, go poke once or twice and retreat back into safety, we think this is more believable behaviour for people that want to survive in the first place. Also you can notice that when legionaries fight they dare to poke each other much more because they are more powerfull. However when legionaries face army of looters they backpedal to avoid being overwhelmed.

    Full RBM mod (combat rebalance + AI changes)

    Commentary to video:
    Combat clearly takes longer then in previous cases and gear and skill of units actually means something. Formation behaviour is similiar to previous video with the exception of javelin throwing that actually happens now. Also due to more protective nature of armor with combat module the battle takes even longer.

    Another example of complex feature:

    Another complex feature that many people demanded in the past, more control over your troop formations represented as playable mod here:

    Improved custom battle that would have memory of your last choice, more customization of your formations, ability to test units without interference of player or enemy AI lord, etc. Again already accomplished in the form of mod:, download version that works in 1.6.2 and 1.6.3 here.

    I also believe that many people would enjoy more complex diplomacy:

    And obviously more factions, settlements in more sensical positions and many fatures such as travelling by sea: done here and here
    This is what we want taleworlds, take note!
  3. In captain mode, make units/troops follow you by DEFAULT at the start of round!

    In captain mode, i'm fed up of pressing f1 and then f2 to select "Follow me" command EVERY SINGLE time the round starts! just make the units/troops BY DEFAULT follow you at the start of every round in captain mode!
  4. please make Units/troops wear the new customized armor!

    please make the units/troops in captain mode wear the new customized armor that you buy from the customization tab! i was so god damn disappointed when i realized my units/troops weren't wearing the new customized armor that i just bought, i FULLY expected the units to wear the armor that i...
  5. Need More Info Can't play multiplayer - BattleEye blocked loading of file

    Summary: Bannerlord was working fine today, but when i booted bannerlord just now, over and over it gave me the error of battle eye blocked loading of file and bannerlord multiplayer won't start.....! but bannerlord singleplayer works. i have reinstalled battle eye via the games files but it...
  6. Resolved Units/troops don't wear the new customized armor! (Captain mode)

    I think it only changes look of the commander, not of entire unit.
    It has to be a bug, like seriously, it would be so god damn dissapointing to play for hours grinding loot to buy armor for the units and it only changes the players character... like seriously that aint no feature, thats a bug, like when i bought the armors i FULLY expected my units to wear it as well, what the hell, its such a let down
  7. Resolved Units/troops don't wear the new customized armor! (Captain mode)

    Summary: I bought some new armor in the customization tab and i noticed the units/troops in captain mode AREN'T WEARING the customized armor! How to Reproduce: buy any new armor in customization tab, play captain mode and you will notice troops aren't wearing the armor you bought. Scene Name (if...
  8. Resolved LOGIN FAILED - couldn't receive login result from server

  9. In Progress I don't hear any idle animation sounds for soldiers

    Summary: The new update 1.6.2 supposedly added idle animation sounds for soldiers but i hear nothing from my soldiers in captain mode, its the same as before, no sound. My settings for sound How to Reproduce: Play captain mode and you will hear nothing from your soldiers. Scene Name (if...
  10. Need More Info At the "end of battle" screen, game always freezes.

    Summary: At the "end of battle" screen after having finished a game of captain or skirmish mode, where it shows the score and stats of the match, the game always freezes and it doesnt leave the game however the characters are still moving (their idle animation i guess), so its like the game...
  11. Resolved LOGIN FAILED - couldn't receive login result from server

    YUP they updated the game! new 1.6.2 and 1.6.3 update, cool stuff
  12. Resolved LOGIN FAILED - couldn't receive login result from server

    Do you guys think they also releasing a 1.6.2 update? :razz:
  13. Resolved LOGIN FAILED - couldn't receive login result from server

    Seems like everyone else is also having this issue lmao, taleworlds is probs having issues with their servers
  14. Resolved LOGIN FAILED - couldn't receive login result from server

    Summary: I launched bannerlord Multiplayer and the login failed for the first time ever, it says: "Couldn't receive login results from server." How to Reproduce: launch bannerlord multiplayer and attempt to login Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: WINDOWS...
  15. In Progress Horse rope glitch in captain mode

    Summary: The rope that the player holds whilst riding the horse seems to be glitching out at times, like maybe a physics issue or smth, but the rope on horses is glitching out, like stretching out. I wasn't able to get a screenshot of it How to Reproduce: Ride any horse in captain mode and u...
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