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    Dark Ages Medieval 1066 Anno Domini

    can you show us the planed map ?
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    SP Native Towns Mania

    what is the lore for the new factions
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    Suggestion General The Community Needs Skeletons For 3D Models

    Taleworlds just give the man human and horse skeleton
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    Can't seem to find thugs

    I did find them in tavern
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    SP B Serf of Balion

    Very excited to your mod. the lords of Calradia was in the list of my favorite mods in warband i like the deep recruitment system and the extended fiefs management including the population system. i can`t wait to test and play Serf of Balion!!!.
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    Am I the only one that thinks the Characters look really weird?

    There is a lot voice acting will be add to the game. There is already tons of recorded voices in the game files from simple greeting to hole live store
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    Is "Enable Death" functional?

    80 days/year is too slow to see aging working properly i think 30 days is the right balance
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    How many hours do you currently have?

    56 H waiting for big update that contain additional features to the game.
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    Ehh refunded it.

    2020. Players defend Early acces games. Thats why we have this game in this state right now. 8 years of development...It looks like 1,5 years. And another year to fix it.
    i think they start working in the current version of the game in the end of 2016 considering that they were planing to release some form of game in that time.
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    Ehh refunded it.

    we need to keep this thread until release to see who is right
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    Beta Branch e1.1.0

    Every NPC is fat in 1.1.0
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    Alpha and Beta Branches in General!

    I think you need your school money back, cause you clearly didn't learn even the most fundamentals of math(s), a number can never have more than a single decimal separator, and as such this can't be one number, but is in fact 3 whole numbers, so yeah you are literally saying 1=10
    i did not say 10=1 i say 0.10 =0.1
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    Patch Notes e1.0.10

    Im waiting for 1.0.99
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