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    Unresolved Unable to give companions equipment if they have their own party

    You are unable to provide new equipment to a companion once they have been given their own party. I'd expect to be able to speak to a companion if they're in the same town as me, and have a dialogue option to give them new items. You are still able to manually allocate their skills, so I assume...
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    Prophesy of Pendor Livestream with Saxondragon

    Yeah that was my bad, I posted about it on Facebook a few days before but forgot to do it here. Sorry!
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    Prophesy of Pendor Livestream with Saxondragon

    Juust ended, sorry belatedly realised I didn't say a time, my bad! You can find the video on my archive on Twitch though if you want to get caught up :smile:
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    Prophesy of Pendor Livestream with Saxondragon

    Soooo I've found myself in Michigan and I'm staying with the main man himself; Saxondragon. I managed to persuade him to join a stream, so come hang out with us as we play some Prophesy of Pendor! If you've got any questions for the creator of the mod, this is a great chance to ask directly...
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    Most useless skill is.... and how to improve it

    I actually like tracking, its useful from finding isolated enemy lords and destroying them. Likewise Jatu / Noldor warbands for cash. It's not something I train myself, nor do I invest points in it, but I do miss it when Diev is not in the party.

    Persuasion is the one skill I never find myself using. I don't like doing quests for lords, and I don't run parties with conflicting companions (beyond the 1 "allowed" with a friend).

    Obviously, my quip about riding comes from my preference for infantry armies, but I can see the same argument being true of Athletics (which for me is a must-have skill) for those who prefer cavalry-heavy armies.

    You make a very good point about Horse Archery though, it is pointless above 6 (7? I forget).
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    Which unit do you hate the most?

    Horses. Any horses.
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    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    This should get its own announcement! Nicely done MM :grin:
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    [NEWS] New Moderator!

    Well deserved :grin:
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    Shadow Wolves

    They were very much designed as armoured berserkers. Maximum DPS with little survivability. I'd suggest mixing them in with shielded units, or else giving them a separate category and holding them behind your main infantry line.
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    How viable is this?

    HooTmAn said:
    well you just have to be so good that you still can be evil ;DD

    They're called the Dawn...
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    An issue about the lore of Mettenheim in wiki

    Long time ago since I wrote that, but if I recall my idea correctly, basically Mettenheim was independent for roughly 100 years prior to the events of Prophesy of Pendor - which would coincide with the dates given on the wiki (this gave them time to assert themselves a little and build up a power base to actually rival that of Barclay and be recognised as their own entity rather than just a wayward colony).
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    Dev Blog 3: Prophesy of Pendor 3.8 -1/15/17- CHANGELOG ADDED

    Articulo34 said:
    salystoar said:
    brandeeno said:
    Damn. You just added another week.
    So that's how it works  :grin:
    Don´t you dare! :meh:

    Noted! :wink:
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    What have you got against crossbows?

    Crossbows are also good for players who want a ranged weapon but do not wish to sink skill points into Power Draw (or Power Throw).

    That said, there is definitely a positive payoff for those who do invest in PD.
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    Prophesy of Pendor Stream (Complete)

    Best of luck to you! Unfortunately I won't be able to watch, but I know from experience how awesome and supportive the POP community is for stuff like this! I'm looking forward to hearing how it went :grin:
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