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    MP dying real fast

    It's really telling when there are 3x more Steam friends playing Warband instead of Bannerlord.
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    Hotfix to Queuing System

    Fingers crossed. I just wanna duel. Pls
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    Will they actually do something for the current broken multiplayer?

    As someone who almost exclusively plays multiplayer, this truth hurts. A lot.
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    Korpi - Suomalainen peliporukka

    Karkuun voi juosta, mutta pakoon ei pääse!
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    it sucks

    How does Bannerlord have more depth in combat? It's not like directional shield blocking or uphit changed from swing to thrust really affects your better-than-average player. Of course there is chaining the hits but realistically it only has an effect if the first swing lands, meaning that...
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    Petition to implement the classic Battle game mode into Bannerlord

    This feels the same as Valve saying: "Yeah, we'll remove rounds from Counter strike have little to none respawn time and set 5 premade classes for each side". Essentially making the game a bit more complex team deathmatch. I just don't see the reasoning behind all of this. Having a singular...
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    Damnit Fietta, you must come back for Bannerlord say the least!
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    Nations Cup 2016

    Meikäläisel onnistuu viikonloput, tosin pääosin lauantait aika haastavia niistäkin. Pahoittelen, valtio ei vaan oikeen anna aikaa.
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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 12 - The Passage Of Time

    I'm still a bit sad not to hear anything about multiplayer. While I love the sp in Warband with all the mods, multiplayer is the one that keeps me playing.
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    Nations Cup 2016

    Sen mitä intiltä kerkee niin voin mukana olla!
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    [WNL5] Cards - discussion & applications These any better?  :lol: E: Also fixed WNL2 final place, we were fourth back then.
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    [WNL5] Cards - discussion & applications

    1) Nickname: Lt 2) Nationality: Finland 3) Primary class: Infantry 4) Secondary class: - 5) Screenshot with your warband character: 6) Tournaments in which you've played (include your teams):NC2012, NC2013, NC2014, NC2015, N5aS2, N5aS3, ECS KURWA (2nd place)...
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    ECS Statistics

    I can relate to that Tardet.. You have better K/D though :o. LT      0   2   0
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    please help mne, SERIES?!

    Few hours back there were 5500 players on Warband's servers.
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    A closer look at the ECS Final Four, and what to expect from the Semi-Finals

    Great article! I really hope ya'll will continue making these!