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    How can I recruite Templar brother knights?

    Templars are usually in Tarsus, I believe. Nowhere else in the Crusader States, in my experiences.
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    Most factions of Christendom grumbling?

    I'm working on gaining fiefs and relation with lords in order to break off at some point, but I'm not King yet, so I can't send the faction itself a gift. I've pondered the Crusade option, but the Crusader states are incompetent and at war with everyone around them. Also, I'm not sure if I'll be making money from my fiefs when I go on a Crusade, since I know that the system kind of forces you to become a lord of the Crusader states when you embark.

    PS: Thanks for all the help thus far! It's most definitely appreciated.
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    Most factions of Christendom grumbling?

    Thanks, Orobos. I appreciate the help. However, I do have one more question. If I become friends with the Pope, would you imagine that the factions of Christendom would become friends with me again? Or would I have to make peace with all of them just as I did with one faction. Because, to be honest, there are quite a few factions that I'd have to pay 3k+ to in order to make peace.
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    Most factions of Christendom grumbling?

    Good evening. I'm a vassal of the Sacrum Imperium Romanum (Holy Roman Empire) in-game, and my faction recently went to war with what I assume is the Papal States. While we were at war, the Pope came up and attacked me, naturally I fought back, and surprisingly won. I catpured him thinking the...
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    Possible to coup an existing faction leader?

    I think the best way to stage a coup, would be to take fiefs until your king tells you "Here's 900 gold instead", then break off keeping your fiefs. Before doing this, you should get a really good relation with all of the lords of your faction, so that they'll be more inclined to break off with you. I'm pretty sure how that works, as it's my plan for taking over the Crusader States later on in-game.
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    Name length

    I'm pretty sure the NPC's have those long names because you can name them yourself when making a mod. However, I'm also pretty sure that, just like in multiplayer, the singleplayer names have a limited amount of characters.
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    Possible to coup an existing faction leader?

    I... was just wondering this earlier today.
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    7y Preobrazhensky Leib Gvardii (Recruiting NA!)

    I'll definitely be there for training tomorrow.
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    Cavalry Tips

    I love playing cavalry. Sadly in my regiment there's not too many yet, so I have to lone wolf it. People say it's botched, but I don't believe it. The amount of kills I'm able to get compared to infantry if I play it out right is much more.
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    7y Preobrazhensky Leib Gvardii (Recruiting NA!)

    Another point, hell yeah.
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    7y Preobrazhensky Leib Gvardii (Recruiting NA!)

    dox said:
    Remember, event tommorow guys!

    I'll be there. What time?
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    How famous is the person above you?

    ^ Not sure...


    Just to see. :grin:
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    Aesthetically Presentable Troop Trees Project (v3 - Work in progress)

    I'm using the unfinished development version or something like that. I don't have this troop tree... but I'm in the Teutonic Order. I want to get the higher tier troops, but I'm not sure exactly how... :grin:

    EDIT: Nevermind, apparently I got different troops now that my relation with the town increased or something. Not sure what happened, but I'm getting actual Order troops now.
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    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Installing the SVN version of Anno Domini 1257

    Edward B. said:
    Sorry to trouble everyone, but I have read through this entire thread, checked the User Account Control, and am still having problems.

    When I first try to use Tortoise, it gives me this message "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\dev1257 is not empty! Are you sure you want to checkout/export into that folder?

    There is no "dev1257" folder in the modules folder! So I don't know what it's talking about. If I go ahead and click "Yes" then Tortoise acts like it is downloading file, but after 10-15 seconds, displays this message:

    Checkout from, revision HEAD, Fully recursive, Externals included
    Can't make directory 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Mount&Blade
    Warband\Modules\dev1257': Access is denied.

    I checked my folder and the owner of the folder is listed as Administrator and I have full administrator rights to the folder. If I right click on Tortoise and try to run it as an administrator, I get this message:

    TortoiseSVN is a shell extension. That means it is integrated into the Windows explorer. To use TortoiseSVN please open the explorer and right-click on any folder you like to bring up the context menu where you will find all TortoiseSVN commands. And read the manual!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Same error. Need some help here, please.

    EDIT: Got it! Simply extract the thing to desktop, instead of your warband directory. I have this problem when downloading modules directly into the warband folder as well. Just extract to desktop, then copy/paste or cut/paste into the warband modules. :wink:
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    Changing the banners in-game?

    Caba`drin said:
    In your camp menu you can always change your banner (so long as you have one).
    If you mean create a custom banner, then there is no in-game way to do that as of yet, but you can use any image editor that can deal with .dds files (The GIMP, Photoshop, etc) and go into your ...\Modules\Floris\Textures\ folder and edit the files with _banner_ in their name.

    Ah perfect! I couldn't find them before, but now I have them. Thank you, I enjoy playing with my Crusader banner. ^^
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