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    Need More Info Scene Editor Game will not load map if I edit it, this error appears:

    When I try and make any edit to the main map terrain or navmesh, I get an error message when you get to the training area and try to leave. I have tested this a few times, reverting to a backup version of my map fixed the issue but any edits to terrain bring this message up again:
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    Solved Scene Editor Custom map mains will not load in game anymore after update

    Solved. No idea how, but after about 30 different attempts it suddenly loaded it and haven’t had a problem since. No idea at all what caused it or why it’s now working.
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    Solved Scene Editor Custom map mains will not load in game anymore after update

    Yeah I can understand that. Is there anything that has been changed in this update on the main map? Have an assets been deleted for example like maybe an icon or model replaced with something else? No as there is no actual crash by the looks of things, the game is still running in task manager...
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    Solved Scene Editor Custom map mains will not load in game anymore after update

    My custom main map crashes when I try to start a new campaign, usually this can be solved after an update by opening the editor and saving the map in an up to date version of the editor. I have done this and it still crashes. I can load the map in the editor and save it but now it just crashes...
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    Solved General Mod tools do not launch in version 1.5.4

    When the mod tools are launched after the 1.5.4 update an error occurrs saying it cant find the launcher. I have validated steam for the mod tools and the main bannerlord game and it still does not work Here is a screenshot of the messege:
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    Patch Notes e1.5.4

    Mod tools no longer work There are also a lot of people on discord with the same issue. I get his error on launch, verifiying steam files didnt fix it. It says all files were validated.
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    BL 3D Art Game locking up with some items I’ve made with no pattern

    Some items I’ve made lock up the game in battle with no apparent pattern. For example one helm I made works fine with no issues, so I made a variation and removed a small part and now the game locks up randomly in battle. Both use the same textures (placeholders because spending days creating...
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    BL Scening Object/Flora limit

    I’ve also found some models don’t work at all on the main map for example and vice versa so it was trial and error to see what would would in scenes and what wouldn’t and I also found flora extremely buggy.
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    Add command to hide head (xml files)

    I’ve noticed you can use commands on an item in the .xml armors to hide hands and hide body etc, this allows for great freedom of creating armors without having to worry about clipping issues and allows for the creation of some cool armors. However using the command “hides_head” on an item...
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    BL Coding Way to Give Several Unconnected Hairstyles to Soldiers?

    Pretty sure they are in the “skins” file as that’s where I added new default hair color, scars and eyes. Not at home right now to check but I’m sure I saw it in there. Btw you’ll need to check which age range your changing hairstyles for as each type (child, teen, man, women) all have their own...
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    BL 3D Art New weapon is in the inventory but not visible in fight

    Did you solve this, im having the same issue?
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    BL 3D Art Floating helmet.

    Thanks for the tips, I guess it’s set to off as some people might want some weapons and armor to have a more “used” look or have variations where there are some more dull looking weapons or armor and some more shiny ones.
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    BL 3D Art Floating helmet.

    Hmm I’m not sure, the armors I’m working on are mostly dark coloured leathers so I’ve not gone as far as looking into reflections, sorry I don’t know much about that yet. However I am going to do a few weapons next so I’ll see if I come across anything.
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    BL 3D Art Floating helmet.

    Ok yeah I just checked the physically_based_bronze, it doesnt have skinning enabled so youll need to create a copy of it and instead place it in your own mod folder. One sec more details to come.......... EDIT: OK yeah you got it Honestly I dont actually know, all I know is that it works lol...
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    BL 3D Art Floating helmet.

    You many also need to enable skimming To do that youll need to open resource broswer and create a new material (or use existing one if you have one for your item, but you will still need a copy in your mod folder as you cant edit the base game materials) Right click on resource browser in your...