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    Ambushing the enemy!

    Amazing! Great job with these videos, keep em coming.
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    SP Native Explorer! - Source Code Released

    So impressive how you were able to make the otherwise very tedious village looting so immersive!
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    How famous is the above player?

    Been gone a while so no clue.
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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    jacobhinds said:
    Speaking of which it would be pretty cool if they separated horse head movement somewhat and let it sway a bit more freely. So when horses are charging you get something like this:


    Might be hard to get right though.

    Looking at that, I just realized how much more frightening a cavalry charge is with swaying horse heads lol.
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    SP Medieval Hispania 1200 (RELEASED)

    Love the mod so far!  :grin: Just a few quick questions. How does one get his army those banner men and are the Santiago and other special troops upgrades from the mercenaries?
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    Congratz man!
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    The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    Its the map of calradia, maybe we all emigrated there?
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    Bug Reports and Suggestions

    This is a suggestion not a bug. Does anyone else prefer the archer animation from the prerelease over the current one that I feel is a bit overused.
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    Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    Too Beau!!!
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    Congrats finally, much needed love given to this part of the world.  :grin: :grin: :grin:
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    I just fired up the game and I honestly think this is by far the worst thing associated with the franchise so far. At  least viking conquest was functional and delivered on a lot of new things despite having a ton of shortcomings. This game has literally no scenes, not even palace scenes. I don't know wtf happens when I start a land battle, I spawn inside a castle with a weird battle start timer and my men can't be controlled and they stand still while the enemy teleports all over before the battle technically begins. I can't even see when I fire cannons from ships because there's no explosions and barely any noise. I can go on and on. I don't even know what this game will be able to offer me even when its "fully" released. Only thing I can remember is the ability to swing from ship to ship but the icons go away after one guy uses them.
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    Where can I sell/drop off prisoners?

    Teofish said:
    Perhaps there should be someone at every Military Depot you could "turn over" POW's to.

    This is a great idea, would be great for players who use prisoners as a way to regularly get some side income.
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    Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    He's put out a lot of OSP so far. Tbh, i hope he doesn't release some of the more unique features as osp yet until the mod gets a lot of publicity and support. Just my two cents.
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    Why isn't the shield wall an actual shield wall?

    I myself am highly disappointed that the formations were not changed from PBOD. We all play warband for the battles and barely and new features for battle formations were added. :cry:
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    An excellent review I found on steam.

    Wow, this should be the game's steam description lol.
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