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    Need More Info Mounted Archer Skill Trait

    Same thing is happening for me
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    Add Settlement Building

    I would say that having a more, maybe less confrontational way to declare your kingdom would be a nice touch lol
    +1 to this
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    Resolved Game Crash on "offer" to Convince Lord to Join Faction

    Update: I stopped besieging the city and was able to complete the offer without crashing.
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    Resolved Crash when sucessfully convincing Lord of Besieging Army to Switch Sides

    I am currently besieging a city and when the lord or that city comes to attack me I convince him to join but when I hit "offer" on the trade screen it crashes.
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    Resolved Game Crash on "offer" to Convince Lord to Join Faction

    Summary: I'm besieging Pravend and the owner of Pravend comes up to me with a huge army. I convinced him to join my faction and gave him enough gold but when I hit "offer" in the trade window the game freezes then crashes. How to Reproduce: Convince him to join then hit "offer" in the trade...
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    Add Settlement Building

    Maybe you can build an hideout where you want,then upgrade in a fortified village,then in a castle,then in a fortified city.
    and then... in the first megalopolis of calradia!
    you can choose the the style of the architecture ec...

    Clearly you need a mechanic to help manage the size of the place ...
    The size and number of inhabitants or the improvement could depend on the renown or on your criminal level xd.
    Inside you can take some recruits related to the culture of the place initially and with each upgrade you can add a new culture.
    When you make the megalopolis you unlock the ability to CREATE your own culture and customize the troops of that culture.

    Custom troops and culture would be sweet!
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    Add Settlement Building

    They could even incorporate some sort of quest line into this if they wanted to go further.
    I love the idea of incorporating a quest line.
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    Add Settlement Building

    This would be a really nice addition to the game, but I think it should have a relativelly big number of ruins to settle

    I think having too many would make the map pretty crowded. I was thinking ruins on the outskirts that aren't prime land but could still be used to meet the "make your own faction" requirement.
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    Add Settlement Building

    Maybe a main bandit hideout as a somewhat run down castle you fight bandits for so it’s strategically placed and you must gather men to take it and then can keep it as a fief after but perhaps no village is attached
    This makes the most sense to me - what do the rest of you think
    That would be great. Although I would include a run down village that people start settling once you clear the bandits. This way the player would use all of the same techniques as capturing a city from a faction (siege, village management, etc) but would be able to do it in an RP friendly way.
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    Add Settlement Building

    This is a feature that many Warband mods added, and I it SHOULD be in the base game. Having a settlement makes you much more flexible; you can garrison infantry and take on a cav party to go questing, for example. You can store valuables without having to worry about ruining your game if you get captured.

    It could be as simple as when you beat a hideout, you have the option to take it over.
    Taking over a hide out would be a great idea as well, but I think it would have to be a specific, intentionally placed hideout. Right now hide outs spawn so close to other settlements and I think if you build your own you would eventually want to grow into a city. But I really like the idea of beating bandits to secure the land.
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    Add Settlement Building

    Problem: In order to start your own kingdom you must either be an unprovoked aggressor or a dishonorable vassal. This creates huge role playing issues and makes it unnecessarily difficult to start your own faction. Solution: Add two or three destroyed/ruined settlements that the player can...
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    Campaign: XP in Arena/Tournament

    +1 I think that this game needs the feeling of perpetual progress. Everything should feel like it is helping you reach a goal and it's silly that tournaments don't count as training skills. Someone who spends their times fighting in tournaments should get better at fighting!
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    Remove Skill Caps to Improve Leveling

    General problem: Leveling is slow. It feels like a grind. Needing attribute and focus points to advance beyond a certain skill level also slows down leveling. Solution: Remove the level cap for all skills. Attributes should give bonuses to the skills they govern while focus points should...
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    Smithing Needs Refining

    You get new weapon parts when you smelt corresponding weapons.

    I smelt everything I get but still no luck.
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    Remove the "wait till nightfall" thing for attacking bandit hideouts...

    Agreed, I think it would be good to have the option to attack immediately but face more resistance.
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